Top 40 Completed Books Clicks Ranking

Disclaimer: This is done on the Saturday so the figures will not be that accurate. The novels that are not in the ranking can be due to the fact that the novel is not finished, finished for a long time ago or is at another novel hosting site.

  1. World Defying Dan God-Solitary Little Thief 40227 clicks
  2. The Official Route-Dreams Entering Great Desolateness 26941 clicks
  3. Emperor of the Mysterious Heaven-Evening Rain Dust 23010 clicks
  4. Nan Er Xing-Drinker 22155 clicks
  5. Assassin Landlord and Beauty Tenant-Lao Shi 11810 clicks
  6. Most Strongest Special Bodyguard-Nanyang 11039 clicks
  7. Zhan Long-Shi Lou Ye 10746 clicks
  8. Juvenile Medical God-Zhu Mei 9943 clicks
  9. Glorious Times-Genuine White Fungus Falling 9860 clicks
  10. Top Seat-One Lonely Sword 9821 clicks
  11. My Beautiful Teacher-Ram de Night 9670 clicks
  12. Shu Nu Di Fei-Ye Ling Chi 9133 clicks
  13. Wang Pai Te Gong-Fertile Eggplant 8319 clicks
  14. My 26 years old Female Tenant-Ultra-Big Tank Kobe 6849 clicks
  15. Ambiguous Expert-Purple Cloud from East 7168 clicks
  16. War God Asura-Kindhearted Bee 7050 clicks
  17. Cheng Hong Nian Dai-Brave Mounted Soldier 6717 clicks
  18. We Are Brothers-Genuine White Fungus Falling 6654
  19. Mai Kitsune Waifu-Ram de Night 5785 clicks
  20. Virtual World:Unparalled Under the Sky-Shi Lou Ye 5152 clicks
  21. Campus Ultimate Hegemon- Lue Hen 4539 clicks
  22. Government Network Under The Heavens-Lights From Foreign Lands 4451 clicks
  23. Ordinary Man’s Counterattack-Brave Mounted Soldier 4414 clicks
  24. Emperor Path Till Seniority-Disarrayed Trail 4306 clicks
  25. The Unwritten Rules of Chariman Cou Gen-Fish Song 4131 clicks
  26. Assassin’s Reborn Online Game-Beneath Newbie 3742 clicks
  27. Devouring The Heavens-Xiami XL 3718 clicks
  28. Rebirth of the Most Strongest Expert-Worried Sunset Customer 3694 clicks
  29. Battle Emperor-Ao Tian Wu Hen 3660 clicks
  30. Sin City-Yanyu Jiangnan 3652 clicks
  31. Huadu’s Secret Agent-Sky威天下 3568 clicks
  32. Refining God-Liu Ya 3559 clicks
  33. The Unpublished Book of the Female Pet of His Majesty, the Devil-小山茉莉 3505 clicks
  34. My Wife is a Beautiful CEO-Ram de Night 3398 clicks
  35. Rebirth of the Everlasting Rebellion Against the Systems-君然公子 3333 clicks
  36. Ultra-Cultivator Bodyguard-Opium Pipe 3170 clicks
  37. Matchless National Scholar-Brave Mounted Soldier 3044 clicks
  38. One Addicted Kiss-Na Lan Hai Ying 2936 clicks
  39. The Sweet Love of the Personal Servant-澎澎丰 2829 clicks
  40. No.1 Immortal in 7 Boundaries-Liu Ya 2810 clicks

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