Top 25 Subscription Ranking

  1. Dragon-Blooded War God-Feng Qing Yang
  2. Recreating Legends-Wei Jie
  3. Apex Power-Dreams Entering Great Desolateness
  4. Best Grade Wealthy Second Generation-Venerable Bestowal
  5. The Official Route-Dreams Entering Great Desolateness
  6. My 26 years old Female Tenant-Ultra-Big Tank Kobe
  7. The Personal Guards of the Goddess-Fertile Eggplant
  8. Overlord of the Mercenaries-Steps Thousand Sails
  9. The Alchemist God-Shi Lou Ye
  10. Female CEO’s Kungfu Medical God-坐墙等红杏 
  11. War of the Supreme Mysteries-风御九秋
  12. Personal Soldier King-笑笑星儿
  13. Ultimate Military Instructor-Liang Seven Young Master
  14. A Doctor as the King-方千金
  15. Female CEO’s Special Bodyguard-边塞之翁
  16. War God Asura-Kindhearted Bee
  17. Miracle Throne-Half-Drunk Wanderer
  18. In this life, where are the anchor?-燕敏倪 
  19. Top Seat-One lonely sword
  20. Good Morning! My Lord Husband-怡芊芊
  21. Dragon-Marked War God-Su Yue Xi
  22. Chaotic Sword God-Xin Xing Xiao Yao
  23. Great Qing’s Concealed Dragon-Clean Heart
  24. The Stunning and Furious Concubine is Not One to Piss Off-Shallow Trace Street
  25. Jin Shen Bing Wang-青光楚辞

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