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Alchemy Ranking

Alchemist Apprentice

Alchemist Junior

Alchemist Senior

Alchemist Master

Alchemist Grandmaster

Alchemist Advisor

Alchemist Ancestor


Alchemy Flame

  1. Yin Yang Flame- more balanced flame
  2. Yin Flame- more used in battle & water based pills
  3. Yang Flame- more used in battle & fire based pills
  4. Golden Spark Flame- best flame in blacksmithing artifacts
  5. Hazardous Violet Flame- best flame to make poison pills and deal poisons in fight
  6. Turquoise Nature Flame- best flame in making pills but has no battle prowess
  7. Ordinary Flame (Rancer)- turns out to have been the ‘underdog’ flame




  1. Blood Clotting Pill
  2. Blood Regenerative Pill


Pill Grading

Rank 1 to 10

1 being the lowest quality while 10 being the highest quality

Rank depends on the mastery, techniques and the level the alchemist is at


Alchemy Ingredients