The Strongest Magical Beast (Cleaning Process)

Summary 1

You all know all those wuxia and xianxia stuff where most of the MC gets a magical beast as a companion. However, this story will be different as the MC is an animal. Do follow through the story as you find out how an animal from a dirt weak climb up its rank and makes its name as one of the upper echelon in beast rank.

Summary 2

What does it take to be the strongest? Some says it is to be ruthless, talented, greedy and selfish. Then, how do you define that you are the strongest? When no one can defeat you anymore? However, no one has a definite answer to guide one to the path of being the strongest. So, do follow through Rancer in finding out what is takes to be the strongest and what is used as a threshold in grading oneself being the strongest but before all of that, Rancer has to overcome many trials and challenges.