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Apocalypse ЯR


Apocalypse has happened and as usual the human persists to repel the invaders with the humans given the supernatural power.The power of contracting a spirit. Some being overpowered while some is under-powered. Nevertheless, the humans have survived at the cost of many lands and many humans. Times have passed as the humans fortify their city and their city starts to prosper. However, the city has a dark past, a history that many descendants of the survivors do not know. What is it? However, soon the start of the new chapter unfolds. Our hero has arrived but it is not just one. It is two. The hero of the past meets the hero of the present. ЯR.

Chapter 15- Preparations

Chapter 15- Preparations

Rancer is elated with the prize that he has found in the ring. the rest of the prizes are just consolations or bonus for him. Rancer takes out a pill and pops in into his mouth. Using his chi, he regulates the diffusion speed of the pill to maximize the efficiency. Bit by bit of the pills melts and diffuse into the blood. Every now and then, the blood with the medicine properties will have some contact with the dantian. The dantian will then absorbs the medicine property causing the dantian to shake. Although it may be minuscule but the dantian then constricts and compresses itself. The dantian then enlarges back to its normal size. The alternating compressing and enlarging last for an hour. Now, Rancer can feel that this pill truly lives up to its rank. The Rank 7 Consolidation Pill is a pill that helps in consolidating and stabilizing the cultivation of oneself. This pill has been a great help in saving Rancer’s time by cutting down the time he needs to consolidate his cultivating by nine months.
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Chapter 14- Jack in the box

It’s here guys. Sry for the late release due to some health complication going on. Do give a review and comment below about the chapters so far.

Chapter 14- Jack in the box

Han Chong grits his teeth as he strengthen his resolve. Han Chong draws in the chi madly. Mo Wu, Chen Da and Fo Shen sense that something terrible is going on as the density of the chi is waning in an increasing pace. Continue reading “Chapter 14- Jack in the box”

Chapter 13- Unexpected Ending

Chapter 13- Unexpected Ending

Rancer’s POV

The fight starts off with some unexpected arrival of some unknown people. I wonder what is happening to draw this amount of people reporting to the seniors. Hastily, the seniors start to move from their sitting position as if this competition is no longer that important. These unknown people starts leading the seniors and their direction appears to be the same. Could it be that some huge event is going on? Continue reading “Chapter 13- Unexpected Ending”

Chapter 12- Surprising Everyone

Chapter 12- Surprising Everyone

Rancer’s POV

This time it seems that I am fighting against Chen Yi. I manage to discover this contestant’s profile. It appears that this guy is the son of the grand elder, Chen Da of the Fire Revolution Sect. It appears that this Chen Yi is significantly weaker than Mo Ling as Chen Yi just recently make an entry to the second real. However, Chen Yi being the son of the grand elder Chen Da, Chen Yi is given a lot of common divine artifact just that I do not know what level of the divine artifact it is? The divine artifact ranking is also similar to the ranking of the alchemy herb with the grading from Common, Earth, and finally Heaven. The difference that Common Grade divine artifact has it its grading as well. Each grading has ten levels with Level 1 being the weakest. Continue reading “Chapter 12- Surprising Everyone”

God of Ring

Chapter 1- Denied

After seeking out the truth, Kong Yi decides that he will break into the Gods’ Pantheon. However, reaching the Gods’ Pantheon is never that easy or else many immortals would have reached it. The Gods have set up multiple arrays to bar any immortals to make an entry to the heaven. Kong Yi knows it is time to attain knowledge and strength to surpass the limits. Kong Yi visits his friends and seeks for their knowledge. First, Kong Yi visits Confucius, the Great Sage, unparalleled in knowledge. Kong Yi seeks tutelage from Confucius and beg Confucius to become his disciple. Confucius being the Great Sage clearly can through his intentions. Continue reading “God of Ring”

Chapter 11- Bout

Chapter 11- Bout

The price of entering the bout is 5 small chi stones. I wonder that is a lot. I pass this poster to Grandpa Dugo and I point it towards the price sections. “Okay, I get what you are trying to say. You can join it. Here are a pile of small  chi stones,” says Grandpa Dugo. Grandpa Dugo teaches me the denominations of the currency and the other functions that can be used beside its monetary value. Continue reading “Chapter 11- Bout”

Chapter 10- Country bumpkin meets City

Chapter 10- Country bumpkin meets City

Rancer’s POV

Wintermoor city. Although it may be a minor city, I am told by Grandpa Dugo that there is quite a population of people in this city. It may be called as a minor city but Wintermoor has a reputation and prestige rivaling the other major cities in the human continent. This mainly because Wintermoor is the only place that creates these limited merchandise for their climate and temperature is suitable for them. Therefore, many trade route are established and created for this purpose. Economically, Wintermoor may have been one of the top cities in generating revenue for the country but sadly, the environmental condition is too harsh for normal people or even the first realm level cultivators for the temperature may be extremely cold for others but since I have reached the third realm, such cold can hardly do anything. For Jeslyn, I can see that she is slightly cold. Once in a while, I will give her a piece of Scarlet Blaze Grass to chew on. The juice should provide her sufficient heat for at least three hours.

It is then I stumble across a group of Aqua Quartz Mushroom Continue reading “Chapter 10- Country bumpkin meets City”

Chapter 9- Discovery!…

Chapter 9- Discovery!…

Rancer’s POV

It is early in the morning when I have started to consolidate my power as I have continuously impacted a few sub-levels in succession causing instability in my cultivation. I have been warned by Grandpa Dugo not to impact the next sub-level for at least half a year for my cultivation or that in the future I will suffer a harder bottleneck for each sub-level that I try to breakthrough if I did. Now, that I recalled I should be around two years old. I wonder when Grandpa Dugo will send me to the sect. Immersed in my thought, I feel that the fire essence in the air is waning. Could it be a water-based Earthly treasure or an alchemy flame is borne? Continue reading “Chapter 9- Discovery!…”