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I did not know that doing the glossary is such a pain. I cannot believe that I have written so much critical info in the story. I am so tired. The glossary is updated till some parts in Chapter 8. For the characters, I have not written their cultivation level for I will just find the latest one and just fill it in. Probably will take some time for me to update the glossary up to the current chapter.

Chapter 17- A New Potential Rival

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Chapter 17- A New Potential Rival

Rancer’s POV

It is a good and comfy sleep as I wake up to find that most of my fatigue has subsided. Doing some light exercises as I am trying to get use to my tiger form as soon as possible. It is just so weird for me to move awkwardly in my tiger form. I walk out of my room and then I see this tigress. One word says it all. Beautiful. The ears colored pale yellow with some hint of pale red makes me want to nimble that ear. The eyes are like the devil’s seduction, so alluring it can drag out your soul out of your body. The body colored golden-yellow carrying a hint of majestic aura making the male tiger want to be step on by this tigress. The tail with stripes makes the whole set complete. Wait a minute. This is not supposed to be me. I am not such a perverted person. Blame it on my animalistic urges of mine. Yup! I wonder every male suffers this problem of mine. How can I still take off my eyes from Jeslyn and look at another girl? Continue reading “Chapter 17- A New Potential Rival”



Zern says, “Let’s go, brothers. Today, is the day we shall seek the ultimate peace for humanity.” Zern pushes the gigantic gate that appears to be super heavy. In front of them, lays a man sitting on the throne. This man bears this bored look and says in a sarcastic way, “Finally, the humans have arrived.” All of them starts their attack onto this man.
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Chapter 16- The Divine Tiger Sect

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Chapter 16- The Divine Tiger Sect

Rancer’s POV

On our way to the Divine Tiger Sect, Grandpa Dugo then feeds me with some history of the founder and he does not sound quite please. Apparently, the founder was already a step towards death. Grandpa Dugo sees his perseverance and his potential. Grandpa Dugo feels sad for this potential genius for the tiger species dying here. Therefore, Grandpa Dugo healed him and taught him a few techniques. Never would Grandpa Dugo thought that the founder will make a name in the immortal plane.
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Starting a New Side Project

Apocalypse ЯR


Apocalypse has happened and as usual the human persists to repel the invaders with the humans given the supernatural power.The power of contracting a spirit. Some being overpowered while some is under-powered. Nevertheless, the humans have survived at the cost of many lands and many humans. Times have passed as the humans fortify their city and their city starts to prosper. However, the city has a dark past, a history that many descendants of the survivors do not know. What is it? However, soon the start of the new chapter unfolds. Our hero has arrived but it is not just one. It is two. The hero of the past meets the hero of the present. ЯR.

Chapter 15- Preparations

Chapter 15- Preparations

Rancer is elated with the prize that he has found in the ring. the rest of the prizes are just consolations or bonus for him. Rancer takes out a pill and pops in into his mouth. Using his chi, he regulates the diffusion speed of the pill to maximize the efficiency. Bit by bit of the pills melts and diffuse into the blood. Every now and then, the blood with the medicine properties will have some contact with the dantian. The dantian will then absorbs the medicine property causing the dantian to shake. Although it may be minuscule but the dantian then constricts and compresses itself. The dantian then enlarges back to its normal size. The alternating compressing and enlarging last for an hour. Now, Rancer can feel that this pill truly lives up to its rank. The Rank 7 Consolidation Pill is a pill that helps in consolidating and stabilizing the cultivation of oneself. This pill has been a great help in saving Rancer’s time by cutting down the time he needs to consolidate his cultivating by nine months.
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Chapter 14- Jack in the box

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Chapter 14- Jack in the box

Han Chong grits his teeth as he strengthen his resolve. Han Chong draws in the chi madly. Mo Wu, Chen Da and Fo Shen sense that something terrible is going on as the density of the chi is waning in an increasing pace. Continue reading “Chapter 14- Jack in the box”

Chapter 13- Unexpected Ending

Chapter 13- Unexpected Ending

Rancer’s POV

The fight starts off with some unexpected arrival of some unknown people. I wonder what is happening to draw this amount of people reporting to the seniors. Hastily, the seniors start to move from their sitting position as if this competition is no longer that important. These unknown people starts leading the seniors and their direction appears to be the same. Could it be that some huge event is going on? Continue reading “Chapter 13- Unexpected Ending”