Chapter 99- The Bookworms Are Too Savage Part 2

Shen Yanxiao already understood that Tang Nazhi regarded her as a genius in pharmacology that could guide him, but in reality…

Her understanding towards pharmacology couldn’t even compare with him!

In order to prevent herself from looking too bad after being exposed, and also because of her thirst for the pharmaceutical study, Shen Yanxiao began to accompany Tang Nazhi in burning the midnight oil!

After cramming hard for two days, Shen Yanxiao finally had more or less some understanding towards the aspect of pharmacology, yet she had to give the credit for all of it to her retentive memory skill, and also the abundance of the books that Tang Nazhi had stored up.

In regards to Shen Yanxiao’s ‘diligence’, Tang Nazhi was deeply impressed that a person that already had such a strong strength in pharmacology would unexpectedly still be this diligent, and this greatly stimulated his mood towards studying pharmacology.  

Therefore, within room 305 of the new student dorm of the pharmaceutical study, one could constantly see the room still brightly lit when it was the dead of night.

And that was how a revolutionary friendship between two troublesome fellows was mysteriously formed.

As for Lin Xuan who was also in the same dorm, it was as if he’d become invisible. Young master Tang had directly neglected his existence, while Shen Yanxiao was bothered by Tang Nazhi all day long, and was unable to get away from him. Night after night, the lamp was lit, which had also made Lin Xuan unable to sleep. He could only silently hold up a book with both of his hands, and stay before his table and gnaw it.

Within the period of two days, there was already a rumour spreading in the new student’s dorm!

In the new student’s dorm, in room 305, stayed three deranged bookworms!

Pharmacology was a profession that was rather fierce in competition, and there’d be a huge disparity in future business potential between the good and bad ones. The youngsters were originally still immersed in the fact that they’d passed their exam, but right after they discovered that there were three bookworms that were so diligent it could raise people’s hackles when it came to reading books on their own floor, the hot blood in them was immediately ignited.

In order to be able to earn money to get a wife someday in the future, a group of young and vigorous youngsters began to exert their utmost strength, and buried their heads into pharmacology books.  

The entire new student dorm now reflected exceedingly strange circumstances. During the daytime, not one person of the new student’s could be seen within the passageway, and just casually entering any one dorm room, one would also be able to see two to three new students burying their heads into the books—bitterly studying.  

These kind of circumstances not only made the tutors’ of the pharmaceutical branch pleased beyond their expectations, but had also even caused those seniors that had already entered the school to be under great pressure!

Why was it that each and every one of this batch of new students were as if they didn’t want to live anymore as they madly ate through their books? If it continued on like this, where would they, these seniors’s, face belong?!

A puff of invisible smoke quietly extended over the old and new students of the pharmaceutical branch.

As for the main offenders who’d directly brought about this situation, Shen Yanxiao and Tang Nazhi, they were nevertheless unaware in the least about this.

It wasn’t until the first day after the conclusion of the three days long of enrollment exam, when it was the group placement exam, that they sensed a trace of difference.

The two passed through the dining hall to forage for food, but when they passed by a certain old student to the side, they clearly felt a dense, extremely dense, murderous aura.

“Is this the pharmaceutical branch’s tradition?” With one hand carrying a lunchbox and the other still holding the Chinese Herb Encyclopedia, unable to make heads or tails of it, Tang Nazhi looked a glance at the senior that he’d brushed past, who had a fierce appearance.

Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders to loosen off some of the ache from her body. In the period of these two days, she’d practically spent all of her time sitting before a desk, cramming. The result could still be regarded as not bad, but today, all of the new students had all already been filtered out, for they were on the eve of participating in the pharmaceutical branch’s class placement test.

During every student intake, the students of the pharmaceutical branch would also be divided into 7 classes according to the 7 grade partitions—red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. The red class was ranked at the bottom, while the people from the purple class were the group of top students!

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 99- The Bookworms Are Too Savage Part 2”

  1. They unconsciously spread bookworm virus through the newcomer student~XDD

    Wkwk cramming method.. Remind me of my old school days on exams period.. Lol

    Thx for yhe chapter^^

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  2. Hmmm….. what if the mc goes to the purple rank with only her ‘luck’? I wanna see that!!! It will be too hilarious how she will have to study twice the hardwork for having the same ability with the other students in the purple rank~
    Btw thx for the chapter, i love it so much!!! 😍😍😍
    Please update moar~

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  3. hahahaha just because tang nazhi the bookworm that think yanxiao a bookworm too, then poor lin xuan get the title as a bookworm too.
    And~ the bookworm became a virus in pharmaceutical branch!!! lol
    even the senior bringing book and herb with murderous intent with fierce appearance, and that just because the bookworm!!! hahaha lol
    thanks for the chapter 😂😂

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  4. they are both gone get blue rank and Tang Nazhi will think this is good will from yanxiao
    while she is thinking how the hell she ended up in such a high class


  5. I love these infectious reactions. And this one is rather realistic. Person 1 having a genuine need, person too admiring and being competitive, person 3 being dragged in whether he liked it or not. various individuals seeing the results, having their jobs on the line, pushing themselves to avoid being left behind, otbers seeing this “norm” and followimg suit, finally those above to retain their dignity and avoid being “laid off” becoming more diligent. While each step doesn’t exactlt cause the other, it influences it enough, and the more it catches, the more it spreads. :p
    I’ve seen this happen in real life a few times actually, but not quite as desperately as you find in stories.


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