Chapter 97- Camaraderie Part 3


“I’ve heard that Lou De’s been praising you.” Tang Nazhi’s indefinitely clear and shady gaze that rested on Shen Yanxiao caused people to be unable to grasp his way of thinking.

Shen Yanxiao stared blankly for a small moment, for at that time, apart from her, there had only been one other person left that had passed the exam in the entrance exam hall that she was in. However, at the time, she simply hadn’t taken note of who the other person that’d passed the exam was.  

Could it be that that person had been Tang Nazhi?

He’d heard Tutor Lou De’s praise towards herself, and thus, he was discontented?

If it was truly this, then Tang Nazhi’s mentality would be easy to explain. The disciples of the five big clans had always been extremely conceited, so how would they allow others to be much stronger than them, and even be of more importance to the tutor? It seemed that Tang Nazhi was planning to look for trouble.

Just as Shen Yanxiao had been analyzing Tang Nazhi’s mentality, Tang Nazhi suddenly lifted his palm and directly sent out an attack towards Shen Yanxiao

Seeing that Tang Nazhi was about to beat Shen Yanxiao up, Lin Xuan cried out in fear.

Shen Yanxiao mentally spurred the Dou Qi within her body so that she could give this mad gentleman, who didn’t seem to know east, south, west, or north, a lesson.

However, his sturdy and large palm unexpectedly fell onto Shen Yanxiao’s shoulder. A smear of an exceedingly earnest expression suddenly appeared on Tang Nazhi’s unconstrained face. With extreme seriousness, he opened his mouth and said, “Please give me some advice someday in the future regarding the matter of pharmacology!”

“…” Shen Yanxiao was dumbstruck.

Where was the feeling of them not seeing eye to eye that was properly discussed of? Where was the unfolding path of a rival classmate?

It was as if Tang Nazhi hadn’t the slightest idea that Shen Yanxiao had been thunderstruck by his words until her outsides were scorched and her insides tender. Minding his own business, he held up the pharmacology book with both of his hands and placed it before Shen Yanxiao’s eyes. With awful seriousness, he said, “We’re already roommates as of now. As both a classmate and a comrade of the same dorm, we should know how to mutually help and learn from one another. Someday in the future, if there’s a question that I don’t understand in the pharmaceutical field, I do hope that you’ll help me answer it. Of course, if there were any scoundrels that didn’t open their eyes and wanted to bully you inside this school, you can inform me, and I’ll make absolutely sure that that person is beaten up until he’s looking for his teeth all over the floor!”

“…” What the heck are you talking about!

Even if she were to dream of it, Shen Yanxiao, who was originally taking full precautions to battle with Tang Nazhi, would have never anticipate that this youngster, who’d seemed incessantly haughty, would unexpectedly run and discuss camaraderie with her, this kind of healthy and pure topic. This had Shen Yanxiao, who had a somewhat twisted worldview, find it extremely hard to digest.

“Your things haven’t been put completely in order, yet? You, there! Follow me and help her put her things in order properly!” Tang Nazhi pointed at Lin Xuan, who was already thoroughly petrified  and standing to the side, and instructed.

Lin Xuan, who’d been completely left out of having the equivalent ‘roommate status’ cried out with weeping face, and was filled with grievances by Tang Nazhi’s slavery.

Seeing such a huge disparity in Tang Nazhi’s attitude towards him and Shen Jue, Lin Xuan simply wanted to cry, but there were no tears, for wasn’t it properly said that they should mutually help and learn from one another? Why was it that when it reached him, it thoroughly became slavery!

Shen Yanxiao, who was to the side, stared blankly. Seeing that Tang Nazhi was having Lin Xuan put her things in order, momentarily, she truly found it hard to accept this theatrical scene. How is it that, even though I’m properly attending school, I’ve suddenly encountered such an overly cordial roommate?

However, it was very evident that a certain young master that had come from an influential clan didn’t have any talent in regards to putting things in order. The luggage that was originally already a complete mess had become an even greater spectacle that was too horrible to endure under his ‘evil clutches’. Contrarily, the pitiful LIn Xuan could only silently continue his assignment of putting things in order under a certain person’s arrogant gaze.

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  1. Bwahahahaha…… a truly unexpected development….. and oh boy, SY has a new crazy people by her side…. oh boy…oh boy….. i felt sorry for her (just a tiny bit)…. hmmmm….. but….. does he will be one of SY reverse harem?….i think not….. hahh~…… that is great, it make me laugh so hard that now my belly hurt…….
    Btw, thx for the chapter and please update more ’cause i like it so much~

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  2. yanxiao is a twisted and then met tang nanzhi that friendly toward her!!! lol
    maybe this is the moment when yamxiao really spechless and don’t know to do what!!
    and the miaunderstanding about her knowledge in pharmacy still ongoing!!! hahaha lol
    thanks for the chapter XD

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  3. Lol

    I wonder if she’ll have all of the upcoming clan masters under her thumb.

    Something a bit worrying though, he used “her” instead of “his” so… Does he know she’s a girl? Or is this a typo? Everyone else is under the impression that she’s a boy though, due to her disguise. Maybe he could see through her skeletal figure and concluded she was a girl… Well, who knows at this point.

    Thank you for the chapter!!!!

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    1. I have checked with the multiple raws sites but all of them used ‘her’. However, it is most likely a typo form the author’s site or Tang Nazhi know about it(which is pretty much unlikely because in chinese ‘he’ and ‘her’ have the same pin yin)

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  4. Thx you for the update

    Haha i thought there will be fight happening soon but alas this Tang boy being so
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  5. The pronouns are being used wrongly.

    She is in a disguise as a boy, hence when other ppl talk about her in school, male pronouns should be used, since they know the MC as male (so far) And when the MC talks to herself, well duh, female pronouns.

    Its NOt that hard to see. Please fix?


  6. Shen yanxiao keeps changing into a guy and then a girl. Shen Jue Is a guy. Shen yanxiao is a girl. When people are referring to SJ it should be he and him.


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