Chapter 96- Camaraderie Part 2

The person in charge of leading Shen Yanxiao to the dormitory departed after saying a few sentences. Lin Xuan quite good-naturedly helped Shen Yanxiao sort out her stuff.

Of the three-person dorm room, one of her roommates was an ‘obedient child’ cliché and as of the other one…

Shen Yanxiao looked towards the slim-figured adolescent whom had simply been laying on the bed all along, browsing the pharmaceutical book that he was holding ever since she’d entered. Although he’d been extremely serious towards fixing his attention onto the book in his hands, Shen Yanxiao was truly unable to treat him as that kind of good, studious student.

Where did there exist a bookworm that would wear a high-top horse-skinned shoe, and lie on his bed with his legs crossed?

The adolescent’s appearance was extremely outstanding. The wheat-coloured skin was matched by a pair of eyes that were as sharp as a falcon’s. Even if he were merely laying down on the bed, it nevertheless caused people to perceive his unrestrained-ness.

“He’s Tang Nazhi—one of the youngest young masters of the Black Tortoise Clan, which is one of the big five clans.” Lin Xuan had taken notice of Shen Yanxiao’s line of sight, and with good intentions, opened his mouth and said.

The Black Tortoise Clan’s young master? Shen Yanxiao slightly raised her eyebrows, for she still remembered what she’d previously heard, more than a few pieces of information pertaining to this dear friend from those gossiping youngsters—this guy who suffered defeat in every battle, yet had regarded the pharmaceutical branch as his own lifelong target.

It seemed that Tang Nazhi’s luck this year wasn’t bad, for he’d finally been able to pass the pharmaceutical branch’s exam.  

In fact, it really wasn’t that Shen Yanxiao didn’t know anything at all about Tang Nazhi. After all, she too had once gone to the Black Tortoise Clan during that period of time, in order to ‘gather’ funds; so long as it was a room with an important member of the Black Tortoise Clan, everything would be ‘gathered’ by her in passing. Merely, she didn’t know what things she’d taken from Tang Nazhi at that time.

Although she’d concealed a certain identity of hers for her arrival at the Holy Roland School this time, she still had the identity of a branch member of the Vermillion Bird Clan. The interrelationships between the big 5 clans were very subtle, and as of now, she was unexpectedly allocated to a dorm room with a gentleman like this. She herself didn’t know whether any issues would rise up someday in the future.

As if he’d perceived Shen Yanxiao’s line of sight Tang Nazhi, who’d been burying his head in a book all along, lifted his head up. Slightly facing his chin upwards, he looked at his two lightly-built roommates. His pair of eagle-like eyes caused Lin Xuan to subconsciously pull back his head.  

Tang Nazhi’s gaze slightly paused for a moment when it fell upon Shen Yanxiao’s body. Immediately, he raised his eyebrows, and suddenly stood up from the bed. With large strides, he walked towards the two roommates of his.

Lin Xuan stared at Tang Nazhi who was gradually approaching, and his legs couldn’t help but slightly tremble.

Rumour had it that this young master’s temperament wasn’t that good. Although his own family circumstances were pretty good, in the presence of the Black Tortoise Clan, he was akin an ant. He could only silently pray that this young master from the Black Tortoise Clan hadn’t come looking for trouble with him.

Tang Nazhi’s footsteps halted in front of Shen Yanxiao. He was obviously merely a sixteen years old adolescent. However, standing before the thirteen years old Shen Yanxiao, he was nevertheless taller than Shen Yanxiao by a full one and a half heads. His pair of sharp eyes that were brimming with unruliness towered above as they gazed at Shen Yanxiao.

“I recognise you.” Staring at Shen Yanxiao, Tang Nazhi said. That wild and unruly voice was exactly like the impression that he gave people.

“Oh?” Shen Yanxiao was considering a method to get along with Tang Nazhi, for what she’d come at the Holy Roland School wasn’t only the pharmaceutical branch  She was still hoping that someday in the future she could slip into the other branches in order to steal the fundamental books of the archer and warlock specializations, thus she certainly didn’t want to create some sort of disagreement with this young man.

Scuffling was a small matter, but if it was to delay her in advancing in rank, Xiu would indeed go ballistic.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 96- Camaraderie Part 2”

  1. He recognizes her? As what? Vermillion Clan’s miss? The thief? The person seen in the auction house? As a female? Talented? Equal? This phrase is too ambiguous…(If that is the correct word…)
    I guess I’ll see…

    Thank you!

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  2. She herself didn’t know whether any issues would rise up someday in the future.

    She’s living in a dorm with 2 males for possibly a couple years. Either her shirt will rise or his shorts. Does no one notice the absence of an Adams apple?

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