Chapter 94- The Exam Depends On Luck Too Part 3

Shen Yanxiao was secretly touching her nose for since when had she held fast to some pharmacist’s doctrine. She just hadn’t known how to use the medicine refinement wares!

In fact, although the exam candidates that had been driven out by Lou De were too sluggish in their observation, they had all more or less spent a large margin of effort towards preparing themselves. From the way that they’d worked with the different kinds of wares that they were familiar with, one could just see that they knew a thing or two even before they’d taken part in the entrance exam, and that they’d already more or less established a sort of pharmacist’s foundation.

Compared to them, Shen Yanxiao was a complete layman!

Although the Vermillion Bird Clan was domineering, they still didn’t have a pharmacist that they could wantonly take out. Shen Feng had wanted to find someone who could give her an exam-cramming session, but there simply hadn’t been a suitable candidate.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to refine medicine rather, she simply didn’t know how. Although Lou De had fully demonstrated it once, and even though Shen Yanxiao had roughly memorised it, she was still completely ignorant regarding the use of the alchemical wares.

She certainly didn’t wish to cause an explosion, and because of that single bit of carelessness of hers, have no fate with the pharmaceutical branch.

She’d only discovered the differences between the two herbs on a whim. In fact, she hadn’t even known what those two herbs were called from the start, as to her, they merely looked different, that was all!

She was akin to a blind cat finding a dead mouse. She hadn’t expected pretending to be unperturbed would end up with her passing the pharmaceutical branch’s exam. Shen Yanxiao truly didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry.

On the surface, she was still incomparably unperturbed as she received Lou De’s praising gaze, but in Shen Yanxiao’s mind, she secretly swore that, before she was discovered by the others, she’d think of a way to make it so that she thoroughly understood the fundamentals of a pharmacist refining medicine!

“Lou De, this last batch of mine was another complete failure. How was it on your side?” The tutor that was in charge of another batch of exam candidates took advantage of the short period of resting time after the conclusion had been drawn, and went to Lou De’s side to ask.

Lou De pointed at Shen Yanxiao, whom was at his side, and said, “It’s was okay, of this last batch, only this youngster remained.”

Chuckling, the  tutor looked at Shen Yanxiao and said, “Not bad. You have to know that the contents of the tests that Lou De is in charge of are indeed the most sick and you, a youngster, have unexpectedly satisfied him—extraordinary.”

Lou De pretended to consciously snort as he said, “That’s because they were too stupid. They weren’t even able to satisfy one of the pharmacist’s fundamental conditions, and yet they had the wishful thoughts of becoming pharmacists?” While he was saying this, Lou De glanced at Shen Yanxiao, and a bit of satisfaction appeared in his eyes.

“This youngster can still be considered to be not bad, for not only does he have a sharp eye, but he’s also very attentive in his observation. What’s rare is that he’s already begun following the pharmacist’s most important doctrine already. Someday in the future, after he’s been finely tempered, he’ll certainly have some extent of accomplishment.”

The two tutors were jumping in in the discussion with their opinions of all kinds of earth-shattering praises, all smashing towards Shen Yanxiao. Shen Yanxiao could only continue on maintaining the Mona Lisa smile on her face, and she could only ‘modestly’ receive these various kinds of praise.

However, she also took note of the fact that, although quite a few batches of exam candidates had been arranged for examination within the same entrance exam hall, there was only one exam candidate from the final batch left besides her within the entire entrance exam hall after the conclusion of the exam.

Of the hundred plus people that had taken the exam, only two people had passed the entrance exam in the end.

This was just how sick the Holy Roland School’s pharmaceutical branch’s exam was!! It was no wonder that those people had said that the exam here was known to be difficult.

It’s estimated that, of the thousand plus people that had come for this fall’s enrollment, at most, there’d only be several tens of people that would remain—that was it.

This kind of savage recruitment rate was even more frightening than the college entrance exam of modern times!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    At first, I was like, “How did Shen Yanxiao already know about refining medicine? Is it possible that she was an expert in her real life? That can’t be!”

    Then I realized that it was just luck and plot armour, lol.

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    1. The irony is that there are real people who actually conduct tests like this, with the logic that people who don’t know what they’re doing but pretend that they do are far more dangerous than people who just stand up and say ‘I don’t know how to do this’ and ask for help.

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  2. two O.o
    good graciousness.. remembering my old college that take as many student as they can to increase the income >.<
    can't wait for MC school life XD
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3

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  3. if the teacher know that yanxiao is an amateur and don’t know anything about pharmachist maybe they will bury themself or beat their head to thr wall because praising the student that pass the most difficult exam just with luck and sharp eyes!!! haha
    thanks for the chapter!! XD


  4. luck is also part of one own talent and anyway the school is supposed to teach them how to do think useless they dont know how a school is suppose to work in that world


  5. SO she passed using sharp eyes and an attempt at bulls***. Glorify the protagonists luck, thankfully the test was to see if they would try and blunder through the test lol…


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