Chapter 92- The Exam Depends On Luck Too Part 1

However, what was currently within the bottles that these people had made was mixed;  some of them were burnt black, while some of them had a straightforward and strange fine powder state. If Lou De hadn’t known that he’d told them to manufacture the clear-headed medicine in advance, then he truly wouldn’t have known just what these things held in this group of brats hands were.

Of the group of youngsters, some of them were scared witless, for they too were clear about the state of these things that they’d refined in a rush. There was no need to speak of helping each other, simply having no one poisoned to death was already an extremely fortunate thing.

However, this couldn’t be blamed on them either. Even if they were geniuses, it was still impossible for them to be able to perfectly complete the entire manufacturing process after seeing the counterpart’s work only a single time.

Everyone’s attitude was simply ‘you take a look at mine, and I’ll take a look at yours’. They were all paying quite a large amount of attention to each other’s completed product. Luckily, a great majority of their results were all roughly the same: the spectacle was equally too horrible to endure.

As the saying goes, the law cannot punish the many. They were somewhat gratified.

Actually, there was one person’s circumstances that caused everyone to expose a trace of a smile on their face.

My goodness! Within this group of theirs, there was unexpectedly a fool who hadn’t even manufactured anything. Just looking at the wares that hadn’t been moved at all, and those intact herbs on the table, they knew right away that the poor youngster simply hadn’t done anything. At this moment, everyone was sniggering, for although they hadn’t been successful, they could still be considered to have imitated the tutor’s manufacturing process, and had displayed their memorization ability. That youngster had had no other choice but to not manufacture anything, and they reckoned that the youngster simply hadn’t memorized the tutor’s movements, thus having no way to start manufacturing.

Under such an intense contrast, the youngsters who’d been originally incomparably dispirited over their finished products were immediately filled with confidence in themselves.

Lou De swept a glance over the unknown objects that were held within everyone’s hands, before his severe gaze finally fell onto the little guy’s body, whom hadn’t done anything.

“What’s your name?” Lou De asked.

“Shen Jue.” Shen Yanxiao beamingly replied.

All of the new students who were to the side were inwardly howling with laughter, could it be that this foolish youngster couldn’t see just how unsightly the tutor’s complexion was? And yet, he still unexpectedly still able to smile!

After taking a glance at the neat surface of the table behind Shen Yanxiao, Lou De asked, “Shen Jue, why didn’t you refine the clear-headed medicine in accordance with the request?”

Shen Yanxiao touched the tip of her nose then, shooting a glance at the few whole and intact herbs that were present on the table, she said, “Teacher, that’s because you simply didn’t give me the right herbs to manufacture the clear-headed medicine.”

Lou De’s complexion slightly changed, and the twenty plus new students that were on the side all bolted over.

Shen Yanxiao pointed at the herbs that were on the table and said, “Teacher, although the herbs that you used just now looked very similar to these, there were nevertheless subtle differences. Although the herbs that teacher used to manufacture the clear-headed medicine and the herbs present on the tables are both leaves that are slender type, the leaves that the teacher used had teeth-like edges that are like a sword, but these herbs present on the table have teeth-like edges that are more smooth and round. Although the difference is very subtle, they nevertheless are completely different.”

After Shen Yanxiao’s spoke, the new students immediately turned around and looked at the herbs that were left-over, and sure enough, the edges of the were relatively smooth and round. They then immediately turned to take a look at Lou De’s left-over herbs, and sure enough, the edges of his were a sharp, gear-like shape. These herb’s leaves were merely the width of a pinkie, and the shape of the edges were also extremely subtle. If one didn’t pay attention, then there would simply be no one who’d discover such a minute difference

After realising that this small adolescent’s words were true, the twenty plus new students’ complexion momentarily became unsightly.

All of them had come here to participate in the entrance exam for the pharmaceutical branch, therefore they’d definitely done a lot of studying prior to the exam. Although they were still unable to independently complete the refinement of medicine, they still had some understanding in regards to the most fundamental herbs.

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