Chapter 91- Entrance Exam Part 3

Over twenty youngsters immediately followed the instructor.

The space within the entrance exam hall wasn’t small, and it seemed that it could hold up to a hundred or so people at a time. There were also five more batches of students that entered together with Shen Yanxiao’s batch. They were all separately brought to places that were pre-partitioned long ago, in order to carry out the contents of this test.

Shen Yanxiao’s group was brought before a row of tables that had all sorts of things laid out on it.

“Now, I shall demonstrate the method to make a clear-headed medicine all the way through only once. Do you all have the self-confidence to see it all the way through?” The expressionless tutor said, before immediately starting to work with the medicine refinement tools before him. The pure sparkling crystal bottle that was within his fingertips, along with one medicine herb after another, was rapidly refined by him into a half-filled bottle full of a dark-green medicinal solution. He carried out the process step by step. The twenty plus students gazed steadily at the tutor’s each and every movements,  deeply fearing that they’d miss out on just a tiny bit.

After several minutes, a perfect first-rate clear-headed medicine appeared before their eyes.

“Now then, all of you have thirty minutes of time to work it out. After thirty minutes, the people that have passed will remain, and the people that don’t pass are to immediately leave the Holy Roland School.” The tutor’s deep and low voice echoed.

The twenty plus new students were immediately completely shocked.

After one drill, he wanted them, this random group of people, to manufacture out the clear-headed medicine by themselves? This was a joke. Although the clear-headed medicine was said to be classified as one of the most simplest of all medicines, in regards to these new students who couldn’t even be considered as apprentice pharmacists, this was simply them just running into misfortune.

However, everyone knew that the Holy Roland School’s examination had always been something this sick. They didn’t dare to retort, and only strived to rely on their memories in order to test out their fortune.

As soon as the tutor’s words were said, the twenty plus new students immediately gathered before the pile of medicine refinement wares, and began to turn them upside down.

All of the herbs were already properly placed on the side, they only needed to operate in accordance with what the tutor had done just now, that was all.

A dream was awfully ample, but reality was awfully bony.

Him only demonstrating once simply wasn’t enough for them to have distinctly remembered every single detail, and a great majority of them, in quick succession, had huge errors appear as they started to work. However, in order for them to enter the pharmaceutical branch, they could only brace themselves, and continue on with their work. In any case, everyone’s standards were pretty much the same anyway. No matter if it they were right or wrong, so long as they followed the tutor’s words and continued on to complete it, it was alright—even if the one they made wasn’t successful. The others, however, weren’t getting anywhere. As long as the one that they’d made was slightly better when compared to the others, then it was alright, for they didn’t believe that the tutor could still have all twenty plus of them kicked out at once.

Lou De was standing to the side as he watched this batch of new students, who were repeating the manufacturing work he’d just done in the least possible order of manner. He tightly locked up the wrinkle in his brows from getting any deeper. Although these new students were already striving to clearly figure out what they’d just seen, when they’d actually started doing it, it was still a spectacle too horrible for him to endure.

Suddenly, Lou De discovered something very interesting.

During the time where all of the new students had been occupied with moving the wares that were in their hands back and forth, there was one person who stood motionless before the wares from start to finish.

it was the little bastard who had both an extremely ordinary appearance, and a petite figure that was extremely unremarkable amongst everyone. He continuously stood before the table, as his quick-witted, large eyes looked here and there, at every kind of ware that was on the table, and yet, he didn’t move his hands.

Lou De raised his brows, but still didn’t say anything, and only lifted his head to look at the time.

The thirty minutes flashed by in the wink of an eye, and a great majority of the twenty plus youngsters had completed their entire work. However, the outcome they received was one that had people unable to bear looking at it.

The clear-headed medicine that Lou De had manufactured was a pure dark-green colour, and didn’t have a trace of impurity. Even if it was the simplest clear-headed medicine, it was sufficient enough to reflect his superlative skills in manufacturing medicine.

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