Chapter 88- Holy Roland School Part 3

The two days passed by quickly. On the same day that Shen Yanxiao was about to set out to leave for the Holy Roland School, the two brats, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei, were also setting off. They’d already entered the magic and Dou Qi branches of the Holy Roland School as early as a year ago. However, because they hadn’t broken through to the 6th rank yet, they were currently still stuck within the outermost circle of the two branches. The pharmaceutical branch that Shen Yanxiao wanted to enter this time was located within the core position of the Holy Roland School, and there was a certain amount of distance between the branches that those two brats were located within and the one she was attempting to enter. Shen Feng didn’t wish for Shen Yanxiao to receive too much attention, therefore he had the carriage that she was actually riding on leave first.

The Holy Roland School would enroll new students during each spring and autumn, and during these periods of time, there’d certainly be a burst of popular craze in the Long Xuan Empire.

The enrollment session this fall had brought in quite a large quantity of students that wanted to enter the Holy Roland School. There were countless carriages before the entrance of the Holy Roland School, in fact it was so cramped that not even a drop of water would be able to trickle through the entrance of the school. The students that were currently bustling with activity were like densely packed ants as they walked on the public square of the Holy Roland School.

“Hey, did you hear? This year, the young master of the Black Tortoise Clan has come once again.” A few students that wanted to participate in the entrance exam were bored from the wait, and were gossiping together.

“He truly is unresigned. How many times has it been now? He should’ve turned 16 this year, right? I remember that he first began continuously wanting to enter the pharmaceutical branch of the Holy Roland Scholl when he was 14 years old. It’s already been 2 years, and there still hasn’t been a single time that he’s passed despite take the exam four times. It should be his fifth time taking it this time, right? And yet he still hasn’t given up?”

“Aiyo, it isn’t like you don’t know. Of the 5 large clans, there’s only that youngster from the Black Tortoise Clan who’s continuously been unable to pass the exam, and the Black Tortoise Clan certainly felt that it was losing face. Only because of that, did they allow him to repeat the exam again and again.”

“You’re correct, ah. I’ve heard that both the Vermillion Bird Clan’s youngest young master and young lady have already been admitted into the magic branch and Dou Qi branch. As of now, there’s only the that small young master of the Black Tortoise Clan still left stuck at the entrance exam. Why is he still taking things too hard on himself—still being insistent on entering the pharmaceutical branch and not taking any other entrance exam? If he relies on the Black Tortoise Clan’s strength, entering one of the other branches shouldn’t be impossible.”

“Who knows? However, within the 5 large clans, it seems like there still hasn’t been anyone that’s passed the exam to enter the pharmaceutical branch—this move of his is a risky approach.

“Wait a minute…why do I seem to remember that, within the 5 large clans, apart from that youngster, there’s still another person that isn’t in the Holy Roland School?”

“Haha, you wouldn’t be thinking of that disgrace from the Vermillion Bird Clan? Stop teasing us already, who doesn’t know of that girl who’s both not only trash, but is also an idiot. Let’s not even mention her entering the few main branches of the institution, for even the subsidiary branches of magic and Dou Qi are too much for her right? Is it possible that you’re actually hoping for the people from the Vermillion Bird Clan to let out that idiot to lose face?

A group of new students were happily gossiping about the 5 large clans, and had most of their attention was focused around the Long Xuan Empire. A petite figure was silently standing near them, and as the figure was listening to the gossip that was coming out of their mouths, a completely amiable smiling expression appeared on the mediocre face present.

“Is the pharmaceutical branch that hard to enter?” The person that had been standing to the side all along, listening to the gossip, suddenly asked.

The group of gossipy students had only just now taken notice of the fact that there was unexpectedly a little bastard at their side.

Just when had this person gotten here? How was it that none of them had discovered the person? This person’s presence was really too low, right!

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 88- Holy Roland School Part 3”

  1. i really hope that MC will drop off the **because im too pretty it will be pain in the ass so ill *ruin* my face and stay hated** act/thinking like just go with the godly looks and dominating thief style instead its not like one cant be a good looking thief yet do her jobs well :I

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    1. I don’t really it’s the whole being too pretty, just the fact that it’s something that causes alot of attraction. Too much attention on you when you’re trying to sneak about is not a great thing to have on her shoulders just yet. Possibly the act will stop once she is more powerful, or enough to fend for herself.


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