Chapter 87- Holy Roland School Part 2

Seeing the way that Qi Meng had a deferential attitude towards this youngster, Shen Yanxiao was able to more or less guess that the counterpart’s identity was possibly a certain young master of the Qilin Clan. Currently, she was still cooperating with the Qilin Auction House. Therefore, she naturally wouldn’t do such a dim-witted thing such as offending the group that was cooperating with her.

What’s more, it wasn’t like it’d hurt her to call him ‘senior’, for having one more friend would expand her options. After all, he was a student of the Holy Roland School and who knew, maybe he’d be useful to her in the future.

Shen Yanxiao’s ‘abacus’ echoed with ‘ka’ sounds as she calculated. She’d already begun to evaluate her counterpart’s worth of exploitation from these few words of dialogue, and was attempting to gain the biggest possibility of squeezing this counterpart clean.

“You’re actually taking good care of the business of our clan’s auction house, it’s just that, even now, I still don’t know what to address you as… I’m Qi Xia from the Qilin Clan, and you?” Qi Xia beamingly looked at Shen Yanxiao.

Qi Xia? From this period of time alone, Shen Yanxiao had actually heard more than a few matters pertaining to the other 4 big clans from Shen Siyu’s mouth. It’s said that the Qilin Clan was the fastest clan amongst the 5 large clans to establish their next clan head. And the person who’d long ago established their identity as the heir to the Qilin Clan was precisely this youngster before her eyes, also known as Qi Xia.

According to what Shen Siyu had said, Qi Xia’s gift in the field of trading was enough to ‘instant kill’ all of the merchants in the Long Xuan Empire.

After learning that the true identity of the youngster before her eyes was that of the future clan head of the Qilin Clan, Shen Yanxiao realized that what she’d seen was already no longer simply an outstandingly handsome youngster, but had become a walking mountain of gold!

“I’m Shen Jue.”

Shen Jue was the identity that Shen Feng had arranged for Shen Yanxiao to have when she left for the Holy Roland School. The affair of Shen Yanxiao having her mentality restored was only known by the main branch of the Vermillion Bird Clan. Because of the matter with the Vermillion Bird, Shen Feng had sealed every single piece of information pertaining to Shen Yanxiao from outsiders. A specific unremarkable identity from the younger generation of the Vermillion Bird branch clan was even arranged and given to her for her entrance to the Holy Roland School.

It was unavoidable that, at some point in the future, she’d meet Qi Xia in the Holy Roland School, so Shen Yanxiao naturally knew what to say.

“Two days from now, it’ll be the start of a new term—if there’s anything that you’re unused to in school, you can find me.” Qi Xia magnanimously opened his mouth.

“If that’s so, thanks a lot.” Shen Yanxiao naturally wouldn’t be modest.

“Which branch of the institution are you preparing to enter for the examination?” Qi Xia smiled as he asked.

“The pharmaceutical branch.” Shen Yanxiao didn’t have anything to hide.

After blanking for a while, Qi Xia then smiled and said, “A pharmacist will be very well-received. I’m looking forward to you someday becoming a high level pharmacist. When that happens, do remember to prioritize delivering your medicine to the Qilin Auction House. I guarantee that you’ll be given a very satisfactory price.”

“Of course, I will naturally do so.” Shen Yanxiao smiled as she answered.

The two exchanged a burst of conventional greetings, and Qi Meng, who was to the side, didn’t dare to utter a word. Even if he were to think until his mind broke, he couldn’t understand what was going on with his own clan’s youngster, why he was treating this ordinary customer this well. Previously, when Qi Xia had had him pay attention to this customer, he’d already felt very weird. And now, he’d unexpectedly still spoken about wanting to looking after his counterpart. This was simply unimaginable.

Although right now, most pharmacists were mighty figures that no one dared to approach, what kind of status did the Qilin Clan have? There were so many pharmacists that wanted to serve the Qilin Clan, that even low level pharmacists weren’t able to pass through the Qilin Clan’s threshold. This little customer was so young, and still hadn’t even entered into the pharmaceutical branch of the Holy Roland School. And yet, the young master was already this polite to her—it truly went against the third young master’s usual style.

Who knew what this little customer would develop into? Even if the third young master wanted to invest in someone with good prospects, this was unavoidably still too unreasonable.

Although Qi Meng had his own heartfelt opinions towards her, he didn’t speak them out, and could only stand to the side, and listen in a well-behaved manner.

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    1. The way it’s going so far, it seems more like they’ll be the ‘more than friend less than lover’ sort of relation.

      Basically 2 people who totally enjoy taking from others, and after calculating all the factors, they deem it’s better to cooperate to up their looting efficiency than to fight and both suffers (especially when she doesn’t mind letting the Qilin side handles the money, and he let her handle the looting) They get along so well that people might ask why aren’t they a couple, but it’s because they get along that well, that they also know that their relationship is not a romantic one.

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    1. One time it mentioned she didn’t use the disguise or forgot the second time so maybe she just stopped using it. It could also be a cause of the author pronoun not being specified in the original text which doesn’t translate well and since we know she is a girl the feminine pronoun is used in the translation.

      Thank you for the chapter!


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