Chapter 85- Certain That You Have Blurred Vision Part 3


Apart from the Vermillion Bird Clan’s main branch in the imperial capital, there were still 3 more side branches within the Long Xuan Empire . Every year, all of the side branches would report their circumstances to Shen Feng. The money and treasures that were harvested by them had to be delivered to the main branch to be distributed. In fact, apart from the Qilin Clan, the other four large clans’ main branches that were in the imperial capital were all merely imposing existences. The ones that were genuinely making profits for their respective clans were the side branches.

This was just like the financial groups of the modern era, where the ones that were actually selling the products were the staff below—it’d be enough for the chairman to simply sit in his office and plan strategies.

Shen Yanxiao very quickly grasped a rough image of the circumstances within the Vermillion Bird Clan. Regarding her involvement, both Shen Yue and Shen Duan displayed an enormous amount of discontentment, but with the hinderance from Shen Feng’s suppression and Shen Siyu’s existence, they didn’t dare to publicly display any displeasement towards Shen Yanxiao. Moreover, from this period of time onwards, the Vermillion Bird had begun to walk around the interior of the Vermillion Bird Clan. However every time he appeared, he’d certainly cause a burst of disturbance.  

This was the Vermillion Bird that had disappeared for centuries and who had once again appeared before everyone. Everyone treated the sight of the Vermillion Bird as one of their lifetime’s biggest points of pride. It was to the extent that, every time the Vermillion Bird appeared, there’d be someone that’d attempt to follow him from the front or from the back, and attempt to stay awhile longer with the the mythological beast of folklore. So much so that even the dropped strands of hair from the Vermillion Bird would incite a group of people fighting over it in order to claim it and collect it so that they could give it to their late offsprings so that they could slowly look at it with marvel.

These kind of frantic idolizers couldn’t help but cause Shen Yanxiao to associate them with those frantic idolaters of the 24th century.

Only after Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei had returned, were they capable of smoothly getting out of the bed and moving about—after a full five days of rest. As soon as they were able to move about, they found out that Shen Feng had already hinted that Shen Yanxiao was to be the heir to be the next clan leader. For a moment, the two brats’ minds were at an incomparable loss. At that moment,  they realized that the idiot that they themselves had been accustomed to usually bullying had unexpectedly became the future clan leader in one leap. That kind of frame of mind was completely unbearable compared to a third party stepping into a relationship.

And, after deeply experiencing the Vermillion Bird’s brutal side, they conducted themselves even more carefully by tucking their tails between their legs within this period of time. When they saw the Vermillion Bird appear, every time, in a flash, they would just rush off and flee from him, for they were deeply afraid the Shen Yanxiao, whom had already been reinstated to normal, would brazenly have the Vermillion Bird make reprisals on them.

Shen Yifeng didn’t actually have any response, but not long after he’d returned home, he’d hurriedly departed the Vermillion Bird Clan, and no one was aware as to where he’d run off to.

Shen Yanxiao wasn’t any better either, for after the second layer of the seal had been undone, Xiu had launched an even more harsh training on her. During the day, she followed Shen Siyu in order to be familiar with all the affairs of the Vermillion Bird Clan, but as for the night, she was shut in her room by Xiu in order to do all kinds of practices.

For the entire 20 days, Shen Yanxiao didn’t have a single good night of sleep, but her Dou Qi nevertheless broke through to rank 6, and this time, among the sword scholar, the knight, and the archer, she’d chosen the archer—an extremely strong and flexible direction to develop. However, because there wasn’t any systematic guidance, from the beginning to the end, she nevertheless hadn’t learned about the professions—even though she’d already chosen which two directions to develop—warlock and archer. She could only continuously purify the intensity of her magic and Dou Qi everyday.  

As for the studying aspect of a specialised profession, she’d entirely entrust it to the Holy Roland School. The Holy Roland School was one of the the biggest schools in the Long Xuan Empire. No matter whether it was the qualified teachers’ forces, or their hardware facilities, they were all high standards in the Guangming Continent. Although what Shen Feng had arranged for her was an occupation as a pharmacist, so long as she able to actually enter the Holy Roland School, taking the specialised skill books of Dou Qi and magic, to her, were as easy as pie.

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  1. Thank you so much for the second release!

    I’m so excited for her. She’s taking everything she’s got to make full use of her circumstances and opportunities.

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    1. Well just think about that birds pride to be told to do something like get the core of a mere beast might be quite insulting…

      I hope she keeps robbing people blind at the school after all it is only natural that she becomes the master among thieves in this world as well besides what better source of money is there?

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  2. I dont understand why she’d pick archer when she is already a warlock. I also don’t understand why there’s only 3 professsion


  3. Thanks so much for your translations! Keep up the good work!

    Quick QA: “late offsprings” – in English, “late ” means they’re dead. For example, “My late grandfather, who died when I was a child…” It probably should be that they’re collecting hair for their “later offspring.” Also, offspring is uncountable, self-pluralizing.


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