Chapter 83- Certain That You Have Blurred Vision Part 1

“You…quickly, go take a look at yourself on the mirror!” The Vermillion Bird pointed at Shen Yanxiao’s small face, which currently had everyone stunned, as he said.

The Vermillion Bird had made Shen Yanxiao be confused, and was only able to, very slowly, pick up the mirror from the table and have a look.

This one look, nevertheless, completely stunned her.

No matter what angle she looked at it from, the little figure that was shown in them mirror had flawless skin that was better than snow; what was reflected from the mirror was so pretty that it made people’s hearts beat wildly.

Clang! The mirror that had been in Shen Yanxiao’s hand fell to the ground.

“Just how could this be? Where’s the ugly person that was properly discussed off? And, within this mirror, who’s that pretty person, capable of causing the downfall of a city?”

‘The effect that’ are brought about from undoing the second seal are far bigger compared to those of the first layer of seal. It’s very clear that, after the undoing of the second layer of the seal, you’ve restored your original looks.’ Xiu’s icey voice had once again echoed.

Shen Yanxiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

My goodness! The ugly duckling had transformed into a swan!! Compared to plastic surgery, this was even more efficient!

It’s no wonder that, previously, that servant girl’s expression had been that strange.

Thinking about it again, this seal was really very malicious, ah! Not only did it seal one’s strength, even one’s appearance would be unexpectedly sealed!

The current Shen Yanxiao’s looks could be said to be a combination of all of Shen Yu and Wen Ya’s merits. Compared to her parents’ beauty, she’d even surpassed them. If Shen Yue and the others were to see the current Shen Yanxiao, it’s very likely that they’d no longer say that Shen Yanxiao wasn’t a person of the Vermillion Bird Clan!


“This isn’t fitting!!!” With her little face replaced by this kind of outstanding beauty, how would she still able to disguise herself as a passerby after she’d finished a misdeed someday in the future!

Shen Yanxiao was very depressed, for no matter how much she’d thought about it, she would’ve never expected that the undoing of the second layer of 7 Stars Locking Moon would bring about this much of an influence; and this certainly wasn’t what she was willing to look at now.

“What are you doing?” While the Vermillion Bird was still immersed in joy about his owns little master’s face, where the ‘old had been replaced with the new’, he’d then noticed that Shen Yanxiao had quickly shut the windows and door tight. She then immediately sat before the dressing table. She took bottle after bottle out, and jars upon jars, before she proceeded to torment her own face.  

“Doing things that I ought to do!” Shen Yanxiao, at this very moment, was rejoicing over her own previous foresight. Previously, for the matter of changing her appearance, she’d frequently gone out to gather things. Although low level face-changing medicine was useful, the restriction due to the price truly wasn’t worth making it a general product. In order to facilitate her future, she’d had no choice but to go to the cosmetic store within the imperial capital in order to buy a few things that’d make it a little bit more convenient for her to change her appearance.

She had no desire or want towards carrying around this kind of face that was capable of causing the downfall of of a city. Now, within the Vermillion Bird Clan, she was already that eye-catching, and with the matter of Shen Feng also making arrangements for her to go to the Holy Roland School, she could imagine the results if she herself were to have this kind of stunning face that could cause the downfall of a city as she entered the school, and it was very likely that, from that day onwards, she’d have no idle days to pass by.

Being good-looking was what every woman’s lifetime pursuement was, and towards this, Shen Yanxiao still didn’t have too much of an interest in it. What she had even more hope for was that all of her body could match her operations.

How nice it’d be for her to have that previously unprepossessing face. Wherever she went, she’d just be thoroughly ignored by people, and it was so much more of a convenience to her to take advantage of a crisis for her personal gain.

Fortunately, changing her face and so on wasn’t difficult at all for Shen Yanxiao. In her previous life, she’d after all been a professional thief, and randomly giving herself a cosmetic change wasn’t too difficult of a matter. If it weren’t for the insufficient allocation in this era, she simply wouldn’t need something like face-changing medicine, and she could’ve just turned herself into a completely different kind of person.  

With only these few items that were in hands however, wanting to have a thorough cosmetic change was impossible; but smearing her looks for a while still wasn’t a problem.

In fact, there wasn’t any particular changes on Shen Yanxiao’s facial features, other than they were merely a bit more refined compared to the past. The biggest change rested with that faultlessly fair and clean skin of hers.

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 83- Certain That You Have Blurred Vision Part 1”

  1. And I was feeling so happy for her…
    Too bad all the females will try to kill her and all the males will try to rape her–going by the xianxia route–if she went out and about with her real visage.

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  2. She is so much better than other female mc’s. When they get a new apperance they would show it off and let the enemies be stunned while she is hating the fact that she became pretty. She is much much better than the lousey female mc’s who care about apperance. Thanks for the chapter!!! I nearly died from waiting. You are my savior!!!

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  3. a stunning beauty for yanxiao is her misfortune because it will hard for her to steal!! XP
    but i think the servant that saw her beauty then saw her “normal” face will think that she had a hallucination!! poor servant!!
    thanks for the chapter XD

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  4. Lol. “I’m too beautiful, gotta hide it” rly? I still dont get the whole thing with her hiding her power now that she has the protection of vermilion bird. And now she also hides her new looks? you know what, fuck off, done reading this shit. Hate all these novels where MC hide power because of stupid reasons, even thou if they dont hide it would give a lot of benefits.


    1. Dumb comment… she’s a thief. And she does covert operations. Plus she’s DISCREETLY trying to get an education and get some backers behind the scenes. A highly unusual appearance WILL NOT help with that. It seems that all you care about is her looking beautiful, but I’m much happier that we don’t get chapter after chapter of people fawning over her appearance.


  5. @Navins for the Dou Qi and Magic rank, you can say that she shouldn’t have the time to get to cultivate them since it’s been days since she got back to normal. So hiding can be explained.

    But for her looks, I don’t see a real reason why. When she is a theft, she is already using potions. So having a completely stunning face in normal days is better. People wouldn’t think that a stunning beauty can robe people with an ugly face.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Normal appearance = less attention. If you didn’t pick it up from her conversation with grandpa, unwanted attention leads to much more danger. I’m glad our MC actually made the smart decision, instead of the shallow one. Also, am I the only one who finds it weird that the MC can have a complete face change, in the span of one chapter


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