Chapter 82- I, Your Father, Don’t Want To Cause The Downfall Of The City Part 3

Moreover, within the treasury, she’d even found good things that she was urgently lacking!

At least seven hundred high level crystallic nuclei!

It was estimated that, currently, half of all of the high-level crystallic nuclei of the Long Xuan Empire were in the treasury.

Shen Yanxiao naturally wouldn’t let these high quality things get past her. She immediately emptied out a portion of the gold coins she’d collected, and squeezed these few hundred of high-level crystallic nuclei into her storage ring.

After being certain that a single gold coin couldn’t be squeezed into her storage ring, Shen Yanxiao swiped her sleeves casually and snuck out from the treasury.

As for the expression the emperor would have when he inspected the treasury during the next interval, and when he’d noticed that one side of it was emptied, no one would know.

Shen Yanxiao returned from her rewarding journey in the early morning of the next day. After using a bottle of a low-level medicine that changed her facial features, she once again visited the Qilin Auction House. Qi Meng had already made proper preparations to allow the repossession of the golden tools and precious stones. Carrying a favourable attitude akin to ‘at worst, they’ll just think that the auction house has opened up a sideline to sell luxury goods’, Qi Meng received Shen Yanxiao.

However, this time, Shen Yanxiao didn’t have anythings to sell in her stead. Instead, she’d actually given them a large quantity of gold coins, in return for them  helping her buy low-level crystallic nuclei.. The money that she’d paid them wasn’t a small sum, so much so that Qi Meng proceeded to purchase every grade of crystallic nuclei, from various places, for an unlimited time duration for her.  

Even if Qi Meng were to smash his head open, he still couldn’t find an answer as to why a little bastard like this would want as many crystallic nuclei as was asked for.

Although the question existed in his mind, with money it was easy to handle things. Less than two days later, Qi Meng had the final batch of low-level crystallic nuclei handed over to Shen Yanxiao.

Inside of her room, Shen Yanxiao finally had the final few thousand low-level crystallic nuclei she needed, and taking the place of Xiu, she proceeded to thoroughly absorb them. However, just after she’d absorbed all of the low-level crystallic nuclei, she astonishingly discovered that, within her mind, a fuzzy figure had vaguely appeared.

Xiu’s voice came directly from that fuzzy figure.     

‘It’s time to help you undo the second layer of your seal.’

Shen Yanxiao was startled. Could it be that the crystallic nuclei hadn’t only helped Xiu recover his strength, but had also helped him recover his body?

‘This is nothing more than merely a mental reflection. It certainly isn’t that simple to reconstruct one’s body ‘ Xiu punctually undid Shen Yanxiao’s doubt.

In the past few days, the Vermillion Bird had been enjoying the filial respect shown by every person of the Vermillion Bird Clan. At this moment, he was lazily loafing around on a chair. Coiling his little legs, he looked at the 7 Stars Locking Moon Seal that was on Shen Yanxiao’s arm, where the seal gradually began to show a change.

The undoing of the seal for the second time used an entire night. The next day, when Shen Yanxiao woke up from her slumber, she could feel that her entire body was as if it’d been fished up from a river—it was soaking wet all over. What made her even more depressed were the damp patches of filth that were on her body. Gloomily, she immediately had people fetch water so she could bathe.

However, the servant girl that she’d called into the room just stared blankly the first moment she saw Shen Yanxiao. Soon afterwards, the servant girl entered the room as if to take a closer look at something. It made Shen Yanxiao dumbfoundedly say a few sentences. Only then did the servant girl absentmindedly withdraw through the door of the room.

“What’s the matter with her? Is fetching water that much trouble?” Shen Yanxiao was somewhat baffled by the servant girl’s attitude.

Just then, the Vermillion Bird had woken up. On his bed, he was rubbing his eyes. Seeing Shen Yanxiao, who was standing before him, he was immediately struck dumb.

Her fair skin akin to the highest quality of silk fabric. Under the erect tip of her nose was a pair of naturally red lips. Her eyes that had already originally been clear and shining, now appeared to be even more amply filled with intelligence. When she blinked her eyes, it was as if they could talk.

If it wasn’t that he’d already set up a spiritual link with Shen Yanxiao, the Vermillion Bird simply wouldn’t have dared to believe that this stunning little beauty standing before him was that previously ugly person!

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  1. Thank you Rancerqz and Kidyeon and I hope you guys have a blast at school!
    Three chapters a week sounds amazing already 🙂

    And omg I knew it I was right all along! Her appearance was sealed along with her powers! Yesssss I’m so happy for her now her grandpa will really see the resemblance between her and her parents. He is going to cry!!
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  2. whooaaaahhh!!!
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  3. I am so flabbergasted at the same time dumbfounded. Though I already accepted that she is ugly after all she’s cool so all is cool then they just suddenly threw a bomb boooom* yay! Is what I can say this is way to cool icecream plus nutella=awesomeness

    Anyway thanks for translating really love your translations and 3 per week is already soooo good. well good luck at school sure you’ll rock it there.


  4. Thank you for the chapter. I’m not surprised that she became pretty. Of course the Mc can’t be ugly or average… 😦


  5. I called it!!!!! I was right!!!! The reason she looked so different from her (extremely beautiful) parents WAS because she was sealed(which means that her retardation was likely also because of that infernal seal) That seal literally seals everything about its victim! If Our MC hadn’t taken over after the point where the seal was placed or no one recognized the seal with the power and interest to remove it it certainly would never be released….

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  6. Thanks Rancerqz and Kidyeon for the chapters. Appreciate your committment in this project. Hope you will be able to settle down comfortably, easily and quickly. By just undoing the second seal is able to unlock her natural beauty, wonder what will happen when more seals are broken. Who is responsible for putting the seal?

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  7. Hrrm. I kinda wish she’d stayed average, instead? I mean, that would be more different and unique than another peerless beauty. And, y’know. It’d be interesting.

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