Chapter 80- I, Your Father, Don’t Want To Cause The Downfall Of The City Part 1


Within the study room, only Shen Feng remained. As he sat in his chair, he took a deep breath. His sight fell on the rear of the study room.

“You already knew that when Xiaoxiao proceeded towards the lava valley, she’d certainly be chosen by the Vermillion Bird, didn’t you? Therefore, only then, did you insist on having me to add her to the list of candidates?” Shen Feng suddenly opened his mouth and asked.

“Whether or not I knew that isn’t important. Since you’ve welcomed the Vermillion Bird and were also able to save your granddaughter, isn’t that good enough?” Accompanying the refined voice was a body wearing light blue clothing, Shen Siyu, who proceeded to slowly walk out from the rear screen of the room. The previous tender look he’d had in the daytime was now exceptionally cold and detached.

“You’re right, that’s very good.” Shen Feng nodded.

“That’s already sufficient. As for the Holy Roland School, you must have people bribing it  appropriately. Before she graduates, you mustn’t let anyone outside of the Vermillion Bird Clan know about her circumstances.” Shen Siyu coldly and detachedly looked at Shen Feng, without the slightest bit of respect of the daytime.

Shen Feng looked at the Shen Siyu whom was before him, whom was as different as black and white. It appeared that Shen Feng was already accustomed to Shen Siyu’s current attitude.

Having Shen Yanxiao added to the Vermillion Bird’s candidate list  wasn’t really a part of Shen Feng’s last minute plan that he’d devised, but rather was something that this youngster before his eyes had insisted upon.

“You’re afraid that the other clans will have some sort of movement?”

Shen Siyu lightly nodded and indifferently like a cold wind, he said, “I won’t allow anyone to injure her before she’s able to protect herself.”

“Speaking of it, how’s that pharmacist?” As soon as Shen Yanxiao had returned to her room, she’d sat on the chair. She was both very careful and extremely touched regarding Shen Feng’s suggestion. However, she didn’t plan to inform anyone about her current strength, that she had cultivated both Dou Qi and magic, because as of now, she still wasn’t strong enough. If she was to prematurely reveal her own trump card, it’d only allow her enemies the ability to plan even better against her.

The Vermillion Bird was currently lying on the bed on its stomach. After resting for a decent period of time, he’d finally recovered some vigor. However, subsequently, his completely self-important face had also returned.

‘Being a pharmacist is a pretty good pick, however the question is whether or not you have sufficient mental strength.’ Regarding Shen Yanxiao’s matter of becoming strong, Xiu paid quite a lot attention to.

“Then, there shouldn’t be a problem, right? The main issue is about the undoing of the seal; as for the others, they’re still okay.” Shen Yanxiao could still be counted to be understanding towards her current circumstances. After her seal had been undone, her promotion speed was akin to a rocket taking off. Therefore, she wasn’t worried about wasting too much of her time cultivating both Dou Qi and magic. Actually, this pharmacist thing that seemed to have quite an easy way to earn money held quite an awful lot of her interest.

‘If that’s so, give it a try then. However, the role of an ordinary pharmacist isn’t that big; only when you’ve ascended to a higher level, will you only then magnified out its role.” Xiu seriously analyzed as he spoke.

“Wait a minute!”  The Vermillion Bird, which had been lying down as stiff as a corpse on the bed, suddenly jumped up. He looked at Shen Yanxiao and said, “Seal? What seal?”

Shen Yanxiao shot a glance towards the Vermillion Bird, and naively rolled up her sleeve so that her 7 Stars Locking Moon Seal on her hand was visible.

“This is the 7 Stars Locking Moon?!” The Vermillion Bird looked astonishingly at Shen Yanxiao.

“You, little girl, who have you offended for someone to unexpectedly spend this much of their strength to give you the 7 Stars Locking Moon?!”

Shen Yanxiao looked suspiciously at the Vermillion Bird. It was very clear that the Vermillion Bird knew about this seal as well.

“You know about this seal?”

The Vermillion Bird snorted and said, “Nonsense! I’ve lived more than ten thousand years. The 7 Stars Locking Moon Seal was what people researched and created a few millennia ago, during the war with the Devil God. Most of the seals were used on captives of both sides—the formidable wargods. You’re nothing more than an ordinary human, so why would someone use such a formidable seal in order to inhibit your strength?”

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21 thoughts on “Chapter 80- I, Your Father, Don’t Want To Cause The Downfall Of The City Part 1”

  1. C’mon, phoenix-chan, this is an easy one. The seal was designed for wargods + she has the seal = she is a wargod. The question you need to be asking is, “why does she appear to be human?” 😉

    By the way, creepy Siyu is creepy. And why did he think/know that contacting the bird would “restore” her intelligence? 😓

    Thanks for the chapter! 😃

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    1. I think he might be aware of her full circumstances, possibly even that the reason she’s ‘idiot’ is because her ‘soul’ isn’t properly there yet (i.e. the new Yanxiao wasn’t there til then)

      So when he noticed that Yanxiao have ‘arrived’ (and/or Xiu have woken up) and have gained some strength, he starts to go on pushing her towards power (send her to vermillion bird, and now sending her to the school so she’s away from prying eyes)

      inb4 he’s actually her cousin from her mother’s clan, here to bang her cuz PURITY OF BLOODLINE MUST BE KEPT. (not exactly common in Chinese stuff, since usually this is more Western thing)

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  2. Welp, that’s f-ed up.
    I say that seal needs a deus ex machina to show up and get rid of it pronto.
    Time to get back to stealing, preferably from the palace.


  3. so the seal is the problem??
    uhh i really want to know who seal her!!
    and siyu action made me curious too!!
    why he protect yanxiao??
    is it because her parent or another high level person from her mother mysterious clan???
    there’s too much mysteries now!!
    but still thanks for the chapter xD


    1. I think it’s her parents who did it.maybe they know that they will be killed so they sealed their child to keep her safe at the vermilion bird clan after all she has no backing.


  4. I Think siyu already knew that she was sane. Im actually more interesting in xiu. I have a theory that maybe siyu and xiu know each other. Thanks for the chapter!


  5. Thanks for the chapter. More mystery on Situ fella. Why is he protecting YX? How did he know that she will get the Bird? More questions. I hope YX will uncover her seal soon.


  6. It’s getting super exciting and the plot is thickening!
    Thank you for the chapter 🙂 really lifts one’s spirits.
    And hope you guys have a great day!


  7. I am curious about that seal too, but maybe it was placed on her by the people who killed her parents. As for the reason…don’t have a clue. Siyu might just turn into a yandere by the way he is acting…kind of scary. Anyway, I hope she improves and I wonder if this is really a reverse harem. Thanks for the chapter. ^_^


  8. Siyu is not simple at all I wonder how much he knows.
    With our protagonists seal being particularly famous/infamous at least to older beings such as Xiu or the Vermilion Bird. And then factor in Siyu’s mighty background I wonder if he knows about the seal and her “mental awakening” from her previously repressed/sealed soul while he has some reason to want to have her gain prominence and strength likely due to a connection towards her parents.

    Thus I am guessing he is coming on behalf of a powerful family(whether his or another stronger power that could make him give them face) with the family undoubtedly being at least heavily connected to her mothers mysterious origin.


  9. You’re nothing more than an ordinary human, so why would someone use such a formidable seal in order to inhibit your strength? <<<< Vermillion birdie, you are really digging your own grave with this sentence. XD XD XDDDD

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!


  10. I think siyu if prob from her mother’s clan nd hmmm wonder who sealed her powers? Could it b her own parents👀👀


  11. Another possibility for her to have a seal is maybe xiu. I mean if he is almighty, powerful and has been with that body since before yanxiao (new) appeared, it could be a possibility.

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  12. dude you do remember that the present yanxiao is no the dumb one but a kind of wandering soul who entered her body like in the demonking chase is rebelious wive…


  13. I’m seriously dying to know about Siyu’s background right now and why he looks out for Yanxiao!~ I look forward for the day that she break the seal! >:D


  14. Whoa, whoa, there’s an important phrase here: the Devil God! Xiu? Super special seal was invented during war, Xiu is somehow sealed away in this girl with this super special seal. Hmm~

    Thanks for your labors!


  15. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Mommy is from a higher realm and adopted uncle is also a higher realm.. possibly an enemy of mommy?


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