Chapter 76- Shen Feng’s Determination Part 3

The pharmaceutical field!

Everyone from the Vermillion Bird Clan drew in a breath of cold air. It could be said that, if there was anything on this world that people valued even more than formidable warriors and magicians, then it was only pharmacists.

Although pharmacists’ ability in strength were inferior, they possessed the capabilities to manufacture all kinds of mystical medicine. With the capabilities of a high level pharmacist, one would be able to refine a high level of medicine that would in turn help him win over a lot of experts. Pharmacist didn’t have very strong fighting capabilities, but still had very powerful connections. Anyone would rather go and offend a magic tutor than willingly go and offend a high level pharmacist, because the moment anyone provoked a high level pharmacist, it’d be very likely that that person would have to face the encirclement and pursuit of the formidable powers behind that pharmacist!     

It was evident that Shen Feng’s intent was for Shen Yanxiao to abandon her pursuit for formidable fighting strength, and to switch over to the development of even more powerful connections. The moment that Shen Yanxiao was able to make a breakthrough to the standard of a high level pharmacist, her completed medicine would quickly act to draw in countless tremendous powers and reclusive experts to her.

And since she had such strong backing, even if they were the other 4 large clans, they absolutely wouldn’t rashly make a move against the Vermillion Bird Clan.

Because, no matter when, the moment when they wanted to deal with Shen Yanxiao, they all had to seriously consider the network of her relationship behind her back.

“Father…are you playing a joke?” The corner of Shen Yue’s mouth incessantly twitched.

There were many that wanted to be pharmacists, but the number of people that were genuinely capable of assuming the position were nevertheless very few. This was because the circumstances required to become a pharmacist were much more challenging than cultivating Dou Qi and magic. Not only does one need exceedingly strong mental strength and extremely keen perception, but having a steady temperament is even more an of absolute necessity. As for those that had all of these things, they’d later still have to possess innate skill regarding medicine. Else, all of these things would merely be idle chit-chat.  

If it was such an easy thing to become a pharmacist, then all kinds of medicine wouldn’t be priced so high within the Long Xuan Empire

Shen Yanxiao was previously an idiot, yet why would Shen Feng think of having this kind of trash that had just been recently reinstated to normal enter the Holy Roland School’s pharmaceutical field of study?

Shen Feng coldly glanced at Shen Duan, before saying, “Your courage is getting bigger and bigger now. You even went so far as to dare to come and question my words?”

Shen Yue immediately closed his mouth.

“It still hasn’t reached the point of any you guys’ butting in regarding the way how I do things. You all had better listened properly. Xiaoxiao is the heir that I’ve decided on, and if someday in the future you guys dare to to speak even one sentence of nonsense, then you can be the ones to tidy up your things and roll out to the branch clan!” Shen Feng furiously stood, his penetrating gaze sweeping through everyone that was present, then warning them not to speak any nonsense.  

The disciples of the Vermillion Bird Clan that were experiencing a myriad of emotions immediately calmed down

Shen Yanxiao was sitting to the side, passively watching. Shen Feng’s strict upholding of Shen Yanxiao had somewhat made it hard for the people to accept it. If she didn’t remember it wrongly, Shen Feng and herself simply weren’t close at all. As for Shen Feng’s sudden bearing, even if it was to say this was for the sake of the Vermillion Bird’s face, it was still rather somewhat unconventional reasoning.

Unknowingly, in the depths of Shen Yanxiao’s heart, a somewhat absurd thought had been birthed.

The attitude that Shen Feng had towards Shen Yanxiao during their everyday interactions simply wasn’t much, but, even if wasn’t because of how much other people discussed it, Shen Feng nevertheless didn’t have Shen Yanxiao driven away from the main branch of the Vermillion Bird Clan, and had also never been deficient in her supply of food and clothing everyday.

In fact, on that day where Shen Qiu had visited her, Shen Yanxiao had felt that it was somewhat odd for Shen Qiu was Shen Feng’s trusted physician. Even if she were to be visited by a physician, it should’ve been unlikely to go as far as to truly utilise Shen Qiu.

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  1. so grandpa was thinking about her all along
    even though he couldn’t always be there to protect her
    she’s gonna surprise him soon!
    Thanks for the chapter 🙂

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  2. So is the grandpa now taking care of her because she is no longer an idiot. Really?! He should are about her no matter what! They’re family!


  3. “Not only does one need exceedingly strong mental strength and extremely keen perception, but having a steady temperament is even more an of absolute necessity”

    It’s like that fool is trying to describe our mc without knowing haha


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