Chapter 73- I Hate Car Sickness Or Whatever The Most Part 3


It’d been hundreds of years since the Vermillion Bird had appeared in the human world. Even Shen Feng wouldn’t have a very high understanding of the Vermillion Bird, he only knew that the Vermillion Bird possessed remarkable abilities. Shen Yanxiao had long ago made proper preparations, and no matter who it was that came to ask her why she was suddenly intelligent, she’d without exception just use the Vermillion Bird to beat around the bush.

Who would dare to call this reasoning into question? If they had the capabilities, they themselves could go and seek confirmation from that extremely conceited, stinky little bird!

“Good, good…this is truly very good.” Shen Feng excitedly patted Shen Yanxiao’s shoulder, and as he gazed the flame imprint in between Shen Yanxiao’s eyebrows, he knew right away that what Shen Yanxiao had said was all true.

These two simultaneous happy events in the clan, the Vermillion Bird’s return and Shen Yanxiao’s clear-headedness, had Shen Feng’s dignified face let out an enormous smile. He immediately called for everyone to return to the mansion.  

However, Shen Yanxiao nevertheless pulled Shen Feng’s sleeve.

“What’s the matter?” When confronting his suddenly normal granddaughter, Shen Feng’s bearing was somewhat at a complete loss.

Shen Yanxiao looked towards her own carriage, somewhat vexed, and said, “Grandfather, the Vermillion Bird is still in the carriage.”

“…” Shen Feng stared foolishly at that carriage that was halted at his clan’s entrance with a blank look, while within his mind were unbounded echoes of what Shen Yanxiao had previously said.     

The Vermillion Bird… was just on that carriage!!

The old man who’d aged more than half a century suddenly trembled all over and, particularly nervously, examined whether his clothes were neat or not.

Shen Yue and Shen Duan’s eyes were itching even more as they stuck to the carriage.

Everyone just stood like this before the huge entrance, and quietly waited for the Vermillion Bird to appear. There wasn’t one that dared to grumble even a single word of grievance.

It was only when the top of their heads were all somewhat emitting heat from basking in the scorching sun, that there was finally some movement in the carriage.

A delicate, small hand stretched out from the carriage, and everyone held their breaths.

A rather conspicuous pale little face suddenly appeared out from the carriage’s entrance, and everyone immediately opened their eyes wide

This…was the Vermillion Bird?

Everyone stupidly looked at that somewhat wan little face. Although that little face was unusually charming, and had distantly exceeded everyone’s esthetic concept, no one would’ve thought that their own clan’s incomparably formidable mythological beast would unexpectedly appear with the appearance of a three to four years old child.

Shen Feng’s voice was as if it was choked. He stared at the Vermillion Bird’s scarlet red eyes, and inwardly said, ‘Within the ancient text of the Vermillion Bird Clan, there was definitely a record that, after the Vermillion Bird had transformed into the shape of a human, its pair of eyes would indeed be scarlet-red colour, but…

Why is it that he’d be a three to four years old child, ah!!’

The Vermillion Bird’s figure had distantly exceeded everyone’s expectations, and one could only see that, as they stood before the huge entrance of the Vermillion Bird Clan, everyone of the Vermillion Bird Clan were as if they were motionless—as if they’d been petrified and were nailed down to their original place.

The retinue that closely followed at the Vermillion Bird’s side prudently supported the Vermillion Bird down the carriage. The previous him that was cold and indifferent to Shen Yanxiao had became extremely deferential to Shen Yanxiao, and didn’t even dare to make a panting sound after what he’d experienced the matter at the lava valley.

The Vermillion Bird simply didn’t take note of a certain person’s flabbergasted looks. He nipped his lip, and walked out of the carriage. Combined with his pale complexion, that small body of his appeared to be exceptionally delicate.

Was this truly the mythological beast, the protector of their clan? This form was unavoidably …a little bit too cute!! Everyone from the Vermillion Bird Clan couldn’t help but inwardly mutter, for they’d previously thought of all kind of forms that the Vermillion Bird would be in, from a valiant beast form to a domineering human form, but no one could’ve guessed that the Vermillion Bird would unexpectedly be so…cute?!     

Everyone’s frame of mind was at a loss.

The Vermillion Bird was now very angry, for he himself, the grand mythological beast, had unexpectedly even had to have a petty and lowly human lend an arm to support him in order to get down from the carriage. It was truly humiliating!

Under the shame and resentfulness, the Vermillion Bird angrily stared at those few carriages that were parked before the entrance of the Vermillion Bird Clan. His very small hand suddenly was brandished. A path blazing flame was then immediately sent out from the hollow of his palm and streaked across through the air. Before everyone had the time to react to it, the flickering flame in the wind had thrown itself at the eight carriages.

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  1. this is make laughing hard!!!
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  2. Pfft hahahaha
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  3. Thanks for your work!

    I was thinking this earlier, but shouldn’t it be “the retinue” when you are referring to all of them and “the retainer” when referring to just one?


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