Chapter 72- I Hate Car Sickness Or Whatever The Most Part 2

He’d never before seen this kind of lively facial expression on Shen Yanxiao’s face.

This was nowhere near an idiot’s facial expression, and looked simply identical to an ordinary little girl’s.

A conjecture flashed through Shen Feng’s mind, but he didn’t dare to be certain.    

Shen Yue and Shen Duan’s current frame of mind were as if they’d been ravaged by the wind and rain. They looked at Shen Yanxiao and astonishingly discovered that there was no longer that former idiotic face that completely lacked any facial expression and that had only known how to laugh foolishly. This little girl in front of them quietly stood beside the carriage. Within those smiling eyes, was a trace of intelligence. Those big black eyes of hers suspiciously swept past each and every one of their bodies.

What had made them most astonished was indeed that flame imprint between her eyebrows.

Amongst the ancient texts of the Vermillion Bird Clan, there had been records included that stated that for every single person whom had signed the agreement with the Vermillion Bird, they’d have a flame imprint appear between their eyebrows, and that was proof of that person signing the contract with the Vermillion Bird.  

Previously, Shen Yue and Shen Duan were all too confident in themselves, and simply hadn’t taken note of this, or thought to observe their own children on whether or not they had this flame imprint between their eyebrows. They’d made a joke out of themselves, and made themselves pointlessly happy. It was, after all, a record from at least a hundred years ago, and so anyone would dare not to be certain of its authenticity as they hadn’t seen that flame imprint before.  

However, once Shen Yanxiao appeared before them, they realized just how ridiculous their own way of thinking was. That flame imprint was bewitching, and at first glance, had immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

The Vermillion Bird had really chosen Shen Yanxiao as its master!     

In everyone’s hearts, they’d all reached this kind of conclusion that had appeared before their eyes. Even if they were unwilling to believe it, the imprint between Shen Yanxiao’s eyebrows nevertheless truly existed.

Shen Yue and Shen Duan’s complexion was as dark as the bottom of a pan, for their own families’ outstanding children had unexpectedly lost to an idiot like this. Even if they were to be beaten to death, they too would never have never thought that this would happen. Or else, they wouldn’t have allowed Shen Feng to squeeze Shen Yanxiao into this troop.

Now, everything was already all too late. Since the Vermillion Bird had recognised a master, they were already powerless to redeem the situation.

“Grandfather, granddaughter has lived up to your expectations, and has brought the Vermillion Bird back.” Shen Yanxiao faintly smiled, and magnanimously walked until she was before Shen Feng whom was staring blankly, and then with incomparable cuteness, said to him.

“…” Every Vermillion Bird Clan member that was present was dumbstruck.

Were they hallucinating? That idiot that couldn’t even make clear of what others had said was unexpectedly able to be orderly and rational like this as she opened her mouth to speak!!

As early as Shen Yanxiao had appeared, Shen Feng had immediately discovered the change in his granddaughter, but when Shen Yanxiao had cutely called him, “grandfather”, Shen Feng had inevitably remained blank for a moment.  

Since she was young, the number of times that Shen Yanxiao had met Shen Feng hadn’t been a lot. Even if she were to occasionally see him, she’d hide in a corner and wouldn’t say a word. It could be said that, even after Shen Yanxiao had grown up to be her current, she still hadn’t said a single word to Shen Feng.  

As for today, the moment she’d opened her mouth, it had right away set off a burst of tides in everyone’s mind.

Where’d the idiot that everyone agreed on go? What was the matter with this eloquent and fluent speaking little girl? Where had their family’s idiotic seventh young lady gone?

Although Shen Feng didn’t know how Shen Yanxiao had suddenly become okay, not only was Shen Yanxiao after all his granddaughter, but she’d even brought back the Vermillion Bird. How could he not be happy?  

“It’s good that you’ve returned. It’s good that you have returned!” Shen Feng was somewhat emotionally moved as he looked at Shen Yanxiao. However, he couldn’t help but to open his mouth and ask,  

“Xiaoxiao, why is it that you’ve suddenly…”

Shen Yanxiao wittily blinked her eyes, touched the tip of her nose, and then smiled as she said, “Grandfather, you should be asking me why I’m suddenly okay, right? In fact, I too don’t know the reason; only that after I signed the contract with the Vermilion Bird, it was as if my entire self became clear-headed.”

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  1. I bet there would be some idiots to be made of examples…. Like that idiotic fathers of the idiotic twins and overconfident guy… Who knows? Hehehe~


  2. Bwahahahaha Oooh no
    She’s good!!
    I’m so proud of her *tears*
    Next up is her spoiling adoptive older bro! Will he be swept along with the crowd?
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  3. Such a stupid reason, it would be better to say now that i have a backing i dont have to pretend anymore


  4. “XiaoXiao?” I like the nickname, but coming from him who didn’t even use Yanxiao’s name before.. I feel he’s undeserving of the luxury


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