Chapter 7 Golden Core

Chapter 7 Golden Core

The open field without boundary as if like the electricity parting away from me. A vast lake appears in front of me. Confronting all of these, my speed still as fast as of before without the slightest reduction in speed as I proceed to the peaceful lake without hesitation.

Why! Why! Don’t tell me that in order for the critical benefits of the Zhang clan’s influential family and to pass on the influence and the foundation of the Zhang clan to the next generation, this will as well as cause the people of the clan to suffer from one another. Is it worth it? I do not know but I am only sure that if one is to live unhappily, what are you going to do with the faintly discernible clan’s honour? If it is the common people, all of them will be intoxicated but as of me, I alone am sober or I am too naive. I do not know but I am sure that I will be like that of my father. I will not but because of the illusionary clan’s honour to harm one of my own family member. I am to convince myself that to certainly be together with my family merrily and also not because of this stuff to discard of my own son and to drive him out of the house, drive him out of the house….

In the midst of me being muddleheaded, all of sudden under my feet feels empty with my mind still unable to get over with from the moment my father had declared that I am to be driven out of the clan. The inexhaustible amount of water from the lake coming towards at me as it presses onto me. My whole body naturally forms a layer of membrane to protect me and my breathing changes into of the Xiantian breathing of a fetus. All of these have not pass through the brain and all of these are by no means the experts’ instinct.   

I am to distinctly feel that along with my body sinking down, the pressure exerted from the lake water onto my body is is increasing more and more….

My body of all of a sudden with the foot to come across with the soft mud at the bottom of the lake.

I become aware that all of the surrounding does not even have the slightest amount of influence. I as before, again immerse in the past when my father once shown the concern towards me. My heart involuntarily becomes a little happy. As soon as recalling back today’s matter, I again immediately recall back the previous matter. Am I not actually evading from all of this?    

The time get by awfully quick….

At this moment, the Zhang clan is exactly to be in within of a confusion and repression because the last time when the young master is to be driven out of the clan is nearly thirty years ago. This pitiful and once noble young master of the Zhang clan and his household leaving out of the clan is just thirteen years old. At the time of eighteen years old, in the middle of doing a business, all of the goods purchase was to be plundered later causing him to lose all of his fortune.As a result, it has unexpectedly lead to conclusion of his own life. After his death, there is not even one person managing for his funeral.

Afterwards, it is still nevertheless the young master’s brother which is the current clan head of the Zhang clan, Zhang Tian De secretly dispatch people to handle the funeral. The reason for why the young master is driven out of the clan is that he unexpectedly to want to dispatch people to assassinate the eldest young master, Zhang Tian De at that moment. As of all of the young masters being driven out of the clan are that practically all of the young masters that had failed in the seizing of the clan head position apart of one which is that the young master raped one of the young lady’s household member from the Li clan and at that time the Li clan is the number one clan. For the clan’s interest, he is driven out of the clan which later he has been secretly crowded out by the Li clan causing him to be destituted and depressed for rest of his life.         

As of this third young master, he is just merely six years old and just because of him being accidentally the momentum of chi then harming the Ouyang’s clan only son. He is just six years old but he has reached the Xiantian realm and all of the people are convinced that this third young master will later be the first expert under the heaven. It is just that the Ouyang clan and the Zhang clan are collaborating in many fields and if the Ouyang clan is to flip over and mess around, the Zhang clan is to take at least twenty years for them to recover back the capacity of the business network. For the benefit of the clan, it is indeed wise to discard the merely six years old third young master.    

At the rear hall of the Zhang’s mansion, it is quiet. Sitting on top of the imperial tutor’s chair is one person with one person standing beside him. All of the sudden, the voice echoes.  

“Master, the third young master has still not yet return. This meeting, it there still a need to hold it at the hall for the third young master is still not present? This meeting at the hall is not good to be held.” saying carefully by the Zhang chief servant with him standing beside to Zhang Tian De who is sitting onto the imperial tutor chair. he knows that the clan head at the present is just exactly like those ordinary clan head with the extremely terrible mood. From yesterday till now, even one mouthful of rice has not been eaten by him and continuously sitting onto the imperial tutor chair Zhang chief servant who have been looking after Zhang Tian De growing up and towards everything regarding Zhang Tian De, he is exceptionally clear about it. This clan head’s most loved is the third lady and his most love dearly third young master. This third young master has displayed exceptional innate gift since young and extremely obsessed with the learning regarding martial arts. Just yesterday, did he knew that the third young master has already unexpectedly reached the Xiantian realm. According the both of the second grade martial artist of the Zhang mansion have spoken, the third young master’s lightness skill is even more powerful compared to them. Although this has caused people to be astonished, but these are all just words spoken by them for they are unable to find the third young master. How are they going to hold the meeting if the third young master is to not be present?

“Don’t be anxious and maintain the pin drop silence. Let’s continue to wait for my son for there is still two hours before the commencement of the family meeting. “ Zhang Tian De speaks with his gloomy voice echoing at the rear hall. The entire rear hall then returns back to the quiet environment…..    

Slowly and slowly, there are more and more people. Moving to the most forward of the five people are precisely the Zhang clan’s group of elders that possess the most power. The group of elders will only get involved when the matters are extraordinarily significant. With the left side of the edge is precisely the previous generation of the clan head and at the right side are three people. Distinguishing themselves are Zhang Tian De’s second uncle, third uncle, fourth uncle as well as Zhang Tian De’s third brother. (TL Note: By three, I am assuming the author is talking about the three uncles) Actually, the last and final piece of elder’s seat should have belonged to Zhang Tian De’s second brother but it is a pity that his second brother is driven out of the clan only could have his third brother is lucky to become the elder of the clan.

Moving to the back of them are precisely Zhang Tian De’s wives but only lacking the third lady. Behind of the several ladies are precisely the third young master’s brothers. There are the four young masters of the Zhang clan with the youngest being only two years old but can only follow the big young master’s hand in hand. Towards this significant of the family meeting, the only servant of the entire mansion that can participate is the Zhang chief servant and as of the rest, they are not permitted to join. Moreover, each and respective seats are fixed and everyone’s’ order is not changeable that is why there are three groups of people.

“Today, my Zhang clan has prepared to hold this family meeting to discuss and then decide problem regarding the clan’s third young master, Xing Feng. However, since yesterday,from the moment the third young master leaves the clan till now, he is yet to be shown up. Till now, the people from the residence have yet manage to discover his trail. May I ask everybody, how are we going to deal with it?” Zhang Tian De speaks with his back straighten up like a rod on the imperial tutor chair and with a share of naturally imposing aura diffusing to the entire hall.”  

The second lady speaks out, ”Don’t tell me that we are going to wait continously for this child? In the event he is eternally not coming back, we are going to continuously going to wait for him and not going to hold this family meeting. I feel that it is alright that no matter whether he is coming back or not. So long that we have decided and then announcing to the whole world. After speaking, she takes a look at the surrounding and apparently it is only the first lady slightly agreeing to it. As of the rest, no one shows any trace to be in favour of the idea. She then vapidly sit back down.

Zhang Tian De’s third brother, one of the group of elders, stands up then speaking, “The ancestral clan law cannot be violated and according to the clan law, we ought to wait for Zhang Xing Feng to to return back and can we decide everything. If he is to never return back, then after waiting for one whole week and he is yet to return back, we will immediately decide. Later, we will immediately announce to the whole world. “ An elder is after all an elder. after speaking finish, there is no one opposing to the idea. In fact once the clan law is to brought forward, and yet what can the people who wanted to oppose to idea is going to speak?

“Since it is like this then let it be decided as such. Let’s wait for one week if he is to not return after one week, we will directly start our discussion then announcing to the whole world.” Zhang Xing Feng stands up as he speaks out the words with resolve.

“Tian De, must you drive out the third son out of the clan? Must you be this ruthless? Do not tell me that you are unable to consider the relationship that we the husband and wife and do not drive him out of the clan. Please, Tian De, this year, he is just six years old.” Exactly from the moment when she collapsed till she is awake, the third lady rushed towards the front door of the main hall then shouted.  

“Ai….” Zhang Tian De’s head also does not turn towards the outside of the door as he walks over.

“Tian De….” the third lady watches her husband walking past in front of her and in the end, she despairs. Slowly sitting on the floor and form her own mouth muttering to herself, “ Dear son…

The five elders look at the wan and sallow third lady then shaking their head along with other several elders leaving. (TL Note: I believe that according to the text and from the front part, there are more than five elders but those five are the influential ones.)

The first lady and the second lady looking at the third lady then exposing a trace of their evil smile. Haughtily they exit from the main door.….

I am not sure of how much of the time has passed but at this moment, I can nevertheless clearly feel that I have to pass through my first ever bottleneck of my cultivation which is to cultivate to the golden core. .

I discard all of the distracting thoughts with my soul clear as I distinctly observe everything of my inner body.

The liquid state of the Xiantian true qi starts to resolve untiringly at a never before speed with Ling Qi from outside of my body rapidly entering till the inside of my body but the most importantly is nevertheless still the accumulation of the Xiantian true qi for a long time. Using the dantian as a furnace, ling qi from the heaven and earth as fire and the Xiantian true qi as wood, I endlessly refined,  compressed and tempered….  The Xin Dian’s mnemonics chant promptly appears in front of my mind. I begin my most important cultivation which is the golden core and when I have entered the golden core stage, only am I genuine cultivator. All of my consciousness is put into cultivating the golden core….  

Suddenly, my entire body gives a jolt. The golden core with the size of the soybean is suspending in the middle of the dantian.There is this one kind of power surging from every single cell of my entire body as if they are soaring up

“Ah! Ah!….” I give a tremendous bellow of rage as much as like. Together with the spreading out on the luminous fiery red clouds, as if like the meteor soaring straight up and straight piercing the sky then spreading out at an instance. The winds and thunder begins abruptly with the black clouds as if the Jiaolong churning endlessly. Before my eyes, the Lake Tai surge up in a manner and the wave overflowing till the sky…….   

I am aware of myself that I have finally entered the golden core stage and I have finally become a genuine cultivator for I have broken away from the six paths of reincarnation and eternally never ever to be dead. However, I have also set foot on the path of cultivation that is filled with danger one after another. With one step of carelessness will result in the scatter of my soul but I, Zhang Xing Feng will only fight with the heavens and the earth. Rather than being ordinary for the rest of my life, I might as well as live of a live that is that will shake the shake the heaven and earth. I will let all of the common people to know that I, Zhang Xing Feng who have left the Zhang clan will also have a tremendous accomplishment.   

With the one moment of my body, I have already reached the shore. Looking back at the few moments ago of the Lake Tai in wrath has already begun to gradually become serene again. A thread of moonlight passes through the black cloud sheding onto the vast the open field. My heart slowly reverts back to its tranquil state.

I still have to once again return even though I know that the family meeting regarding me should have concluded On my previous life when I am breaking past the bottleneck in reaching the golden core and at that time, I have used a full one month. Even though, in this life, my Life Origin Power is exceptionally strong and yet it should have to use a good few days of time. For brother Lang Feng as well as his mother who are still in the Xing Feng Pavilion, how are they going to get along when I am not there? In addition to my broken hearted mother the time when I have left the house, I have simply do not take into consideration of my mother. I am not sure how she is for this period of time?  

At this moment, I am already able to to fly on top of my sword but I have yet to have my own flying sword. I can only rely on my martial art as I rush towards the Zhang mansion.

At the golden core stage, one is able to begin to use the flying swords to fly and also can begin to generate Samadhi True Fire. By having Samadhi True Fire, one is able to do many things for example using the Samadhi True Fire, one is able to refine a flying sword as well as effective first grade weaponry used in battles but also, one is able to use it to refine all kinds of ling dan. Achieving the golden core stage, one is also able to use the true Origin Power and one is also able to alter one’s appearance and physique. Of course it is impossible to alter too much for the golden core stage is only able to expand one’s body height by twice. Attaining yuanying stage, one is able to transform to be far taller. The higher the realm, the more tremendous is the change. In the event that one is to be a celestial being, one is able to do the 72 Transformation.  

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