Chapter 61- The Signing Of The Contract Part 1


“Your Excellency, she simply can’t be considered as a member of the Vermillion Bird Clan! Look at that appearance of hers! Just how does it resemble the people of our clan? She’s simply an illegitimate child— she has no blood relationship to the Vermillion Bird Clan in her body!”

Shen Jiayi’s words became more and more unpleasant to hear, to the point that even the sage, whom had been standing to the side all along, and whom had been quietly watching the changes, had  a trace of displeasement appear towards Shen Jiayi’s words.

Shen Jiayi was obviously only a girl who’d recently come of age, so how could she say these kind of hurtful words to Shen Yanxiao, who was also born together with her into the Vermillion Bird Clan?

“You slut! Quickly roll away, for you don’t even have the qualifications to stand here! You, the child of that bastard, just go and drop dead already.” Shen Jiayi unresigningly said all of the thoughts in her heart, for even if she was to die, she didn’t wish to see this kind of a trash obtain the Vermillion Bird.

Endless tirades of insults flooded the entire cave, and that lowly person who was standing in the corner, whom had appeared frail and helpless, didn’t respond at all towards Shen Jiayi’s insult.

Unknowingly, the Vermillion Bird’s heart welled up with a portion of anger.

This was the person that he’d personally selected, so how could he still have others bully them? If this were to proceed, how could he still keep his prestige as the Vermillion Bird!

“You’re truly ugly, to the point where it people don’t even dare to believe it. The Vermillion Bird Clan has actually already degraded to a stage such of this, to have unexpectedly taught you, this sort of repulsive woman!” The Vermillion Bird unhurriedly tuned over its body, and overlooked at Shen Jiayi whom was half-sitting on the floor. He furiously lifted up his right hand, and Shen Jiayi was immediately lifted up with an invisible power.

“Ah!!” Shen Jiayi frighteningly shrieked. Shen Yifeng and Shen Jiawei, whom were to the side, were even more shocked as they watched.

“Being the mythological animal that protects the Vermillion Bird Clan, I shall now carry out the cleansing of the Vermillion Bird Clan.” A brash smiling expression was shown on the Vermillion Bird’s small, refined face. He’d originally already hated the hypocritical and shameless features of the human race, yet in front of him, Shen Jiayi had humiliated the person that he’d personally chosen—he absolutely wouldn’t allow this kind of repulsive woman to continue remaining in this world.

For there was no one who could bully his people!

Shen Jiayi was struggling in midair, but just how formidable was the Vermillion Bird’s strength? It simply wasn’t something that she, such a small human, could contend with.

It was as if her neck was being rigidly choked by with an iron grip. Even Shen Jiayi’s breathing became more urgent. As she became more and more unable to breath, her small face that was originally already riddled with scars,  momentarily shed off all of its blood-red colour, and became deathly white.

Shen Yifeng and Shen Jiawei looked frightenedly at the Vermillion Bird who was in the middle of a violent rage. Under the Vermillion Bird’s suppression and formidable strength, let alone them pleading for leniency for Shen Jiayi, they simply couldn’t move even half an inch of a footstep.  

As of now, they’d already been scared by the savageness shown by the Vermillion Bird.

In seeing that Shen Jiayi’s four limbs had already begun to unceasingly twitch, and that her two eyes had rolled up to only show white, a white silhouette-like-lightning rushed towards Shen Jiayi.

In the time it took to blink, Shen Jiayi’s figure was already no longer in midair.  

The Vermillion Bird angrily looked at the sage whom had intervened in his actions halfway through. His pair of scarlet red eyes stared glaringly towards Shen Jiayi, whom was carried within the sage’s bosom.

“You want to make a move against me?” The Vermillion Bird sneered.

The sage was secretly amazed with the Vermillion Bird’s formidability, for when any magical beast was the at the human form that they’d transformed into, the strength that they’d be capable of emitting fell far of their beast form’s. However, the powerful pressure that the Vermillion Bird had let off just now had, nevertheless, had the few God’s envoys by his side have difficulty breathing.

Just what kind of formidable strength was this? If the Vermillion Bird were to appear in its beast form now, if he were to ask himself, it was very likely that the sage wasn’t the Vermillion Bird’s match.

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24 thoughts on “Chapter 61- The Signing Of The Contract Part 1”

  1. NOOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOOOOooooooo!!!!


    I thought we had finally seen the end of Jiayi! I was midpose, looking at the setting sun with satisfaction blooming from my heart of hearts!!!

    I will from this point onwards regard the sage as public enemy numero UNO! There is no redeeming him, nope, no chance at all and no one can stop me from saying so.

    Anyway, thanks for the new release
    the grumpy O.E.

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  2. Shen Jiayi’s morality in the eyes of the sage is now entering minus zone ~

    [even if she was to die] oh no, it’s too easy for you~ living while bearing the reality that the person you constantly degrade has become higher than you is a more fitting punishment~

    Thank you for the translation :3

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  3. Thanks for the translation. I am blood thirsty for Jiayi’s death. My opinion of the sage goes down. Why did he intervene?


  4. Everyone is angry at the sage for saving Jiayi, but I was actually half-expecting Yanxiao to smack the bird upside the back of his head, and tell him to stop screwing around. 😛

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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  5. Im so confused! How the F is she a bastard/illegitimate child??? Or are them people stupid and dont know what those word means? Her parents were married in the conception of her so how does that make her any of those words? Her parents are however dead but married couple don’t divorce after death therefore she’s simply an orphan.

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    1. She was cursing her. People call other people bastards to curse them. That doesn’t mean it’s true. It just means the person cursing has an ugly heart.


  6. I’m guessing
    The sage saved her because he’s from the Tower that is benevolent towards all?
    Or it could be that he didn’t want to be held responsible if the clan’s children don’t return safe and sound. Not only his reputation but the tower’s reputation might take a blow..
    Then thirdly, he might think dying is the easy way out for JiaYi and she should stay alive and be crippled and suffer a little more ha! After this her twin brother definitely won’t let her off easily. Maybe she was seeking an washed agh to escape that? Hmmm

    Now we know the blabber mouth mentioned in the title was JiaYi!

    Thanks for the chapter! So good 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


  7. I thought SOMETHING would probably save her… but I wasn’t expecting the sage…. Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!

    Also, first I was looking forward to how her competency was going to be hidden, but now I’m more looking forward to when she starts to bully the arrogant bird… XD XD XD

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  8. thanks for the chapter!!
    damn, till when does she intend to hide her personality? this actually gets me the reader with a belly full of anger!!
    and i was already drooling at the sight of jiayi strangled to death!! but NO that sage had to mess that up!! i really hope she doesnt remain an idiot for the whole novel ? please tell me she doesn’t….


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