Chapter 6 Clan Laws


As there is nothing I can do about it, I then say, “How am I to know what has happened for on that day the moment when I am trading martial arts blows one on one with young master Ouyang Liang’s Shi Dou, he was standing at the side watching. After the end of the trade, I then allow the young master Ouyang Liang to send his Shi Dou’s mother all the way to my residence. It was just like this and he went away. What is the relation with me? It could have been that the young master Ouyang Liang had seen us trading blows and suffered from the fright. This is also very probable.”

“Third young master, you do not have to speak nonsense. No matter how incompetent is my son, he would not have suffered damage on his brain just by watching other people trading blows. Just a moment ago, didn’t you just admit that my son’s pale complexion was gotten when he was at the little garden. Apart from you, don’t tell me that it could it have been that of your four or five years old friend of yours. You tell me, ah!” the old man Ouyang with all of his hair and beard spread out looking at me with the look of wanting to devour people as he crazily howled.

I am frightened for don’t tell me that I have to push all of the blame to the innocent and without guilt towards Ah Xing and Xiang Yu. Not only is it that the reasoning is impossible to be established but also I will never agree to that method. Turning my head, then looking at my father. My mother also filled with anxiety is looking at the generation’s clan head.

My father’s eyebrows start to tighten up. At the moment when he hears me speak out, he knows that things are turning for a worse as he knows that what the servant has spoken is all truth. Although, he has been very doting to his son, he is still a very good father but more of the clan head of Zhang clan at the present moment. Therefore, he has to put into consideration for his clan. If he was to want to offend the Ouyang clan, even if he is to use the identity of the clan head of the Zhang clan, it does not even count for anything. However, at the very least, the business network at the whole Far East will have its vitality to be injured. What’s more is that the Ouyang clan had long since had been cooperating with the Zhang clan. Therefore, the Ouyang clan has become second only to the big four influential families.In the event fo the result that theit relationship is severed, the Zhang clan will most probably lose its influence and drop from being he third most influential family to the fourth most influential family. That is nothing that can be done and it should have not been because of a son to cause the whole clan to suffer.     

“Everyone since it is such case, I will then permit to bring forward young master Ouyang’s Shi Dou and my son’s friends” my father says clearly with him getting up with his hind legs then looking at all of the people at the surrounding.

Everyone also knows that my father is about to push all of the blame to the other people but yet, who is it going to be that daring to say it out. The old man Ouyang wants to say it out but because of my father’s illustrious identity that have became a reason for him not to say so.

I am alarmed for does it really have to pass on my blame to my friends . This is totally impossible, My heart is then ignited with a burst of rage and my head start to heat up.

“What? I admit that this matter is because of me that it has resulted as such for it is merely the momentum of the chi that has caused him to be like this. So why is there a need to concern with others? If you have capabilities, rush forwards to me and I will still stand firm and catch onto it.” I speak towards the old man Ouyang with a rushing out to the heaven and earth.

My mother immediately runs forwards till in front of me and says, “Dear son, you do not try to be brave like this. You need to know that your mother’s heart will hurt awfully if you are to be like this. You also need to know that mother has conceived you for ten months and eight days and I am always been able to feel that you have been playing as much as you like in my belly. I know that you are my treasured son and you are my lifeblood,ah. I will not allow outsiders to bully you, will not allow outsiders to bully you. (Note: The author repeats twice himself) Do you know that? Wu! Wu!”    

I have tried my utmost best to make myself to cry and the tears to drop to the ground but in the end, no matter what I have done, it is still impossible. It is impossible for me. Ah! Calming looking at my mother, My heart has a burst and is in a mess. I bow my head as I use my technique to evaporate my tears. I raise my head while smiling as I say to my mother, “Mother, don’t be like this. Am I not well now? Why are you crying? If mother is to start crying, your son’s heart will also find it hard to bear. Your son is alright for can’t you see that I am fine. Don’t cry anymore,”

My father is looking at me but has not utter anything and is just quietly looking at me with the motionless eyes. Merely looking at me, looking at his treasured son, looking at trouble that his son has stirred. His face does not have whatsoever expression but inside his thoughts he is yelling in rage, why? why? Even if in account of me being the clan head of the Zhang clan, I must have let down my six year old son. Zhang influential family, Zhang influential family, HaHaHa…


The whole hall is shrouded with an oppressive atmosphere and no one is daring to utter any word. Even the old man Ouyang is also looking at my father cold and intimidating look do not dare to utter any word. Even though he is apart from the big four influential families, his clan is the most tremendous.

However, there is a disparity between the Ouyang clan and the big four influential families is compared to the disparity of a well off family resembling the Ouyang clan which is compared to a multi-millionaire family. At the present moment of their life, the disparity in every business they have made is not much of a difference but the big four influential families’s properties have gone through hundreds of years approximating up to a millennium’s worth of accumulation. The big four influential families’ net worth of their properties have exceeded for ten billion taels of silver and as of the all of the past dynasties’ state treasury, there is only Tang dynasty having more than ten billion silver taels in their treasury during their flourishing period. However, the Tang dynasty is no longer the once wealthy enemy country but rather of a country rich in being pressured. On this world, still got who is still daring to speak when the clan head of the Zhang clan which is one of the big four influential families is raging in anger.         

At this moment, the old man Ouyang is already regretting for how can he used his clan that have gone through two hundred years of experience just to accompany his finished son. If his son ceased to exist, he can still born out another one. In addition to that, even his son’s brain is not good anymore but can still be like the same as his son marries and give birth to his grandson. What capabilities that he have to bring this matter and push it to others? The old man Ouyang at this moment is nevertheless thinking of how to help the third young master of the Zhang clan to avoid the punishment. He clearly knows that big four influential families regarding with the punishment of the sons of the clan leader is exceedingly cruel. This is also that in order for the influential family to pass on the inheritance to prevent brothers from fighting against each other.  

All of a sudden, the old man Ouyang receives a flash of thoughts in his mind. Talking to himself, “He is merely just because of my momentum of my chi that he is at this state. Injuring people due to the momentum of my chi.  Injuring people due to the momentum of my chi. HaHa…..”

The old man Ouyang says clearly, “Everyone, please do listen to this rotten old man to say a few sentences.”

Taking a glance at the old man Ouyang, my father says indifferently, “The clan head of the Ouyang clan please speak.”

The old man Ouyang giving out a smile as he is saying, “Everyone, I am sure that everyone present do know that using momentum of chi to injure people are the capabilities of experts who have attained Xiantian realm can use. As of the entire Qinglong continent, the most earliest person to have reached Xiantian realm is Overlord Xiang Yu from the western Chu dynasty which is one thousand and three hundred back years ago. At that time, with respect of Xiang Yu who is known as the number one expert under the whole world and he is just merely twelve years old when he has reached the Xiantian realm. At second is Poetry Sword Immortal Li Bai is just merely fourteen years old when he has attained the Xiantian realm. As for third young master, he is just six years old and how is he able to be the Xiantian realm. All of the children of the friends of the third young master compared to the third young master is even younger which is also impossible. The only possibility is precisely of my son’s Shi Dou, Lang Feng. This Lang Feng when he arrives at my clan’s moment is already able to kill a live fierce tiger. This fact is well known to entire residence including all of my servants.”

My father’s face is showing out a faint smile. My mother upon hearing all of this is also appearing to relaxed a lot then looking at me while smiling. The atmosphere at the hall immediately brighten up with each one of them saying out, “How is possible that the third young master related to this matter.” I also say that how is that the adorable third young master is being able to the hurt the Ouyang young master?” “It’s indeed correct. It’s indeed correct. There is only one person who is capable of doing it which is the lowly person Lang Feng….” 

It appears that the old man Ouyang has seen a rather like an enchanting beauty. With a pair of eyes giving off a gleam then saying, “People, come and take this Lang Feng to be brought to here.”

The entire people of the hall is laughing for this matter is pushed onto the lowly commoner and it is to everyone’s delight and satisfaction.

My body starts to tremble. No! No! it cannot be that it is pushed onto big brother Lang Feng’s body. It will be tragic for him for it will be weird if the old man Ouyang does not want of his live. The, what is it to be done to his lonely and miserable mother. I look at the exposed smiling expression of my mother. With the agonized heart of mine, I say in my heart, “I am sorry mother. I am sorry….”

I look at everyone who is laughing, with the antagonized feeling, I let out heaven shaking momentum of chi.

The entire hall become quiet, everyone became quiet as they are looking at me with me releasing an overflowing amount of momentum of chi. Not only but because of me reaching the Xiantian realm at the age of six but also because it has proved that I have admitted I myself is the culprit that have caused the Ouyang young master to such a state. What is it to be done for everyone at the hall is confused?     

The prefecture magistrate of the Suzhou’ inner thoughts is also in confusion for the third young master has openly and honourably admits that he is the one and could it be that it can still be covered up?  

My mother looking at me with her heart quickly feeling as if it is breaking apart and silently crying while saying innerly, “Dear son, just in the end what is the reason? Why? Why is it that you want to admit? ….”

The old man Ouyang looking at me giving a bitter laugh as he inner thinks, “Third young master, I have already let you of the hook. Why is it that you do not let yourself of the hook? You are not letting the Ouyang clan and the Ouyang ancestor off the hook. Due to his matter, my Ouyang clan have to take how much damage. Zhang Tian De will openly not touch my Ouyang clan but surely, he will make inconvenience for my Ouyang clan stealthily. It is fully my fault that at that moment, I have acted on impulse…”

My father looking at me with his inner heart bleeding a drop of blood and innerly talking to himself, “Dear son are you going to force your father?”

Everyone at the hall is looking at me with the overflowing momentum of chi and there is not even one pin of voice. The hall is sunken to an even greater oppression.


“The group of elders have unanimously decided that the clan leader of the Zhang clan shall place importance on the influence of the Zhang clan,” says an old man as he has walked the front door of the hall then turning it body to leave.   

This sentence had made that Zhang Tian De could not help but to have a sudden jolt in his face becoming deathly pale.    

My father looking at me coldly containing a trace of emotion through his eyes. Standing motionlessly, my father speaks with his voice echoes through the hall with the voice to be similar as voice from the hell, “According to the clan rules of the Zhang clan influential family, Zhang Xing Feng is to be removed from the Zhang family tree and forever never to be return back to the Zhang clan. All of the servants of the Xing Feng Pavilion are to immediately to depart from the Zhang clan and the official punishment is to be announced together by the group of elders“

Looking at my father expressionlessly, what? To leave the Zhang clan and forever to be never ever to return back to the Zhang clan. Forever never to return.HaHaHa……  Forever never to return. HaHa…  

Laughing as I look at my father, three years ago, you have even carry me to Yuwen clan to demonstrate my martial arts…. The day before yesterday, you have even play hide and seek with me…. Now, you want to drive me out of the Zhang clan. To drive me out and forever to be never ever to come back. HaHa….

“Dad! Dad! Are you sure that you want to drive me out of the clan? Are you sure that you want to drive me out of the clan? Answer me! Answer me!”

My father looking at me with the ashen face while he is replying,”Yes!” then turning his body as he is entering the inner hall.

“Oh! So you are really going to drive me out of the clan. HaHa…… Drive me out of the clan. A good and cruel clan law. A good and cruel clan law. Good! Good! Good! I agree to it. I will leave the clan. I will leave the clan…” I look at the already vacant seat at the center of the hall shouting frantically.

Turning my body as I then rush outwards with my whole body unleashing its power. Frantically, I run with my head filled with my father. My father shows so much of care for me when he was feeding me my food with the caring expression when I was young in my childhood ……. Just now, for him to have absolute determination and to drive my out of the clan without the slightest hesitation as he says, “Yes!” relentlessly. I crazily rush the usage of my power as my figure left the Zhang clan in a moment like a kind of a shadow of a ghost leaving the Suzhou city….      

“My son!” my mother standing at the front door while shouting at me then suddenly collapsing at the gate way.

The old man Ouyang looking at all of these with the desire to cry but no tears is coming out.

The second grade master of the Zhang residence looking at the already disappeared presence of me and cannot help but to be overwhelmed with shocked.

Sitting on top of the Grand Preceptor’s chair, the clan head of the Zhang clan influential family is closing his eyes. On his face, there are nevertheless two distinct path of tear stains and his mouth murmurs, “Dear son……” Again two drops of tears came down.     

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