Chapter 59-A Loose Tongue May Cause A Lot Of Troubles Part 2

The Vermillion Bird squinted its eyes, and looked at this unprepossessing human before it. All high-ranked magical beasts possessed the ability to transform themselves into a human form. Moreover, no matter what type of magical beasts they were, the human form that they transformed into were all exceedingly good-looking, such that those group of people in the Vermillion Bird Clan that were seen as good-looking in the commoners’ eyes, would only be considered as ordinary looking in the eyes of these said magical beasts.

There wasn’t even no need to say of the little girl before it, whom was the most ordinary of the ordinary people.

In regards to a magical beast’s aesthetics, these kind of people like Shen Yanxiao could only be called ugly.

“You look very ugly.” The Vermillion Bird directly spoke out its evaluation of Shen Yanxiao.  

The mythological animals had lived for a very, very long duration of time, but with their arrogant temper, they absolutely wouldn’t know how to even write the word ‘tactful’.

The corner of Shen Yanxiao’s mouth twitched as she stared at this stinky bird.

It’s not like she’d come here for a beauty contest! For it to have unexpectedly said that she looked very ugly! Someday in the future, he’d better not fall into her hands. Or else, she’d absolutely have his entire body full of feathers plucked!

The Vermillion Bird disregarded a certain person’s angry glance, and sized up Shen Yanxiao from top to the bottom. So much so that, he once again went a little bit nearer. Wrinkling his very straight nose on Shen Yanxiao’s body, he sniffed here and there.

Is he a dog!!!

Shen Yanxiao dumbfoundedly looked at the little bastard before her, whom obviously was a bird, and yet was insisting on sniffing her body here and there. If it wasn’t that she mustn’t expose her strength right now, it was reckoned that she’d have long ago already had this self-important little demon slapped until he’d gone above and beyond the topmost clouds!

Judging from Xiu’s tone, it was obvious that Xiu didn’t placed the Vermilion Bird on the same level, and since she already had the existence of Xiu as an unparalleled big supporter, the Vermillion Bird and so on were simply pathetic!

After repeatedly sniffing over and over again for a long time, the Vermillion Bird stopped its ‘observing’ operation that had people feeling freakish.

His body size was merely about a three to four year old child, and the him whom was standing on the ground had only reached Shen Yanxiao’s abdomen. As a mythological animal, he absolutely found it intolerable that he was looked down at by a human. He immediately once again floated into the air, and both of his eyes were on the same level as Shen Yanxiao.

“On your body, there’s a whiff of strange smell and just where have I smelt it before.” The Vermillion Bird was somewhat vexed, for this smell was very faint. If he wasn’t this close, he simply wouldn’t be able to smell it. That smell existed within his drawn-out memory, but within this short period of time, he was unable to find the source of the memory.

Is he really a dog?!’ Shen Yanxiao speechlessly looked at the Vermillion Bird. Although she’d strived to maintain the image of an idiot, it didn’t at all mean that she’d act like an idiot who didn’t wash her face and rinse her mouth. So, how would there be some sort of smell on her body?!

‘It seems like the Vermilion Bird has perceived my existence. It’s just that the last time we met was a millennium ago, and he’s mistakenly regarded my presence as a familiar smell.” Xiu’s voice suddenly rang out in Shen Yanxiao’s mind.

A millennium ago…

Shen Yanxiao gazed out afar. Xiu, in the end, what was your origin?!

“Whose households’ blood exists in your body? Although you look very ugly, you’ll still become a woman later on. However, seeing the fact that you speak less nonsense, I shall reluctantly sign the contract with you!” The Vermillion Bird’s tone in general was like he was stingily giving a charity and had directly jabbed it at some people.

Shen Yanxiao inwardly gnashed her teeth—this self-entitled little bird was definitely screwed!

The Vermillion Bird’s voice was extremely ear-piercing, but the sound that was transmitted into the other three people’s ears was nevertheless like thunder from a clear sky!

Just what sort of joke was this! She was clearly an idiot!

Just what was the matter with the Vermillion Bird? It had vetoed them, the well-known figures within this batch of the Vermillion Bird Clan’s third generation, and yet it had picked an idiot like that! What was going on exactly? Was it that the Vermillion Bird had slept too long, and that it had gone crazy?!

It was fine for him to pick anyone else, but he’d insisted on selecting an idiot who couldn’t even cultivate Dou Qi or magic.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 59-A Loose Tongue May Cause A Lot Of Troubles Part 2”

    1. More like she snatched it by NOT opening her mouth.

      And ironically the title of this might refers to the bird’s frank words as bringing HER a lot of troubles.
      Heck at this rate it might even reveals she’s at rank 6 magic already, and ends up making her reveal her hands.

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  1. It sounds like the bird can tell a person’s strength just like that hmm 🙂
    I can wait for whatever the title said to come true! Will SYX finally open her mouth and pretend to utter some Idiot talk? Or will it be the Bird… XD so excited

    Thank you for the chapter!


  2. Woo! Thank you for new chapter! It’s a shame these are so short ;v;

    Vermillion bird will be in hot water later, I can feel it. He’s too talkative. Maybe he will reveal her secret… Hopefully Shen Yanxiao will be able to use her wits to get out of this mess. Or maybe Sage will offer a helping hand?


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