Chapter 57-How Am I Not A Woman? Part 3

Shen Jiawei would never have thought that his own older sister would unexpectedly treat him like this. With strenuous effort, he crawled back up from the ground, and helplessly looked on as Shen Jiayi walked towards the Vermillion Bird. She then respectfully kneeled on a single leg before the Vermillion Bird, and expressed her goodwill towards the Vermillion Bird.

“Women of the human race?! They are what I loathe the most!”

Accompanied with the Vermillion Bird’s fidgety roaring voice, Shen Jiayi felt a puff of formidable heat hit her in the face. In the next second, her petite body was like a kite flying with its string snapped. She fell extremely hard, not to far from Shen Jiawei.

“…” Shen Yanxiao rashly swallowed the saliva that had gathered at the corner of her mouth from her laugher.   

This Vermillion Bird was indeed…

Too forceful! Too forceful!

However strangely, what was more, was that the more she looked at this arrogant little bird, the more pleasing it seemed to her eyes…

However, just now, hadn’t the Vermillion Bird said that the women of the human race were what it loathed the most? Something was fishy here! However…

Shen Yanxiao had silently lowered her head and looked at her ‘penniless’ chest. Although they still hadn’t begun to grow… still…she ought to be considered part of the human race’s women!

“Hey! This little bird is rather hard to take care of. What’s to be done if he ignores me because of my gender?” Seeing that everyone’s attention wasn’t on her body, Shen Yanxiao hurriedly inquired to Xiu.

Xiu’s neither fast nor slow voice echoed,

‘Who, the likes of you? Can also be counted as a woman?’

Shen Yanxiao felt that the fact that she was a woman had suffered unprecedented disregard!  

So much so that she was able to imagine that, if Xiu were to have a body right now, his eyes would certainly swept past her chest with extreme disdain.

You fucker, you’re too much of a bully!

Even if she was poorly developed, after two years of proper nursing, what should’ve grown would still grow, right?!

When Shen Yanxiao was tangled in the thoughts of why she herself wasn’t a woman, a smiling expression one of rejoicing in other people’s misfortune was shown on Shen Jiawei’s face.

Upon seeing that Shen Jaiyi, whom had tried to forestall his step towards obtaining the Vermillion Bird by making a move on him, had received an extremely bloody attack from the Vermillion Bird, Shen Jiawei smiled!

“Shen Yifeng? Shen Jiayi? In the end, the person who’ll be obtaining the Vermillion Bird will only be me!” Tremblingly, Shen Jiawei stood back up from the ground while his heart brimmed with happiness. In quick succession, the Vermillion Bird had vetoed two well-known figures from the Vermillion Bird Clan’s third generation, and now the Vermillion Bird Clan only had him as a candidate to inherit the Vermillion Bird.

Everytime the Vermillion Bird had awoken, it would certainly pick one amongst all of the Vermillion Bird Clan’s disciples that had formally come, and would become the target of its devotion and vow its loyalty. With Shen Yifeng and Shen Jiayi having flunked now, there was only he that had the capabilities to possess the Vermillion Bird!

Not paying attention to the pain his body was experiencing, Shen Jiawei walked towards the Vermillion Bird that was on the eve of belonging to him with large strides.

Shen Yifeng’s unsightly complexion had become extreme, for he’d never thought that he’d be outdone by these two mediocre siblings. However, the Vermillion Bird’s rejection was one that wouldn’t preserve one’s face, and he already knew that he himself wouldn’t have any opportunity.

Shen Jiayi’s complexion was even more unsightly, for that one strike from the Vermillion Bird hadn’t been any more tender even though she was of the fairer sex. Although it was one brandish that was done in passing, it nevertheless already had Shen Jiayi’s five viscera and six bowels incessantly clutching in pain like they’d been jolted and broken into pieces. The her could only barely maintain herself enough to be clear-headed and look at her younger brother, whom was wounded by her a moment ago, head for the Vermillion Bird. At this moment, she was incessantly regretting, for never was there anyone that had told her that the Vermillion Bird loathed women. If she’d known this earlier, that she herself simply completely lacked the hope to do so, she absolutely wouldn’t have had an acrimonious falling out with Shen Jiawei.

She certainly would’ve aided Shen Jiawei in obtaining the Vermillion Bird’s good graces.

However, all of these things were already too late, because the moment when the flame had been ejected from her hand, it had immediately shattered the many years of mutual affection between them as siblings. Once Shen Jiawei obtained the Vermillion Bird and became the future heir to the Vermillion Bird Clan, then she herself…

Shen Jiayi didn’t dare to continue thinking about it.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 57-How Am I Not A Woman? Part 3”

    1. I can’t totally see that immediately followed by her kicking the bird in the… wait they don’t have those parts(with exception of ducks, ducks are scary)… um whatever the bird equivalent male parts are…

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  1. Finally! So Xiu was the one who denounced her gender!

    He could have possibly said that because he was with her for so long and went through all those bathroom trips and farts with her ha!

    Thank you for the wonderful chapter 🙂

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  2. Xiu’s neither fast nor slow voice echoed,

    ‘Who, the likes of you? Can also be counted as a woman?’

    Me: However, Great Master Xiu, do you have any idea that, this ‘likes of a person, who cannot be counted as a woman’ is going to be your own wife someday😂😂😂


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