Chapter 56-How Am I Not A Woman? Part 2

At this moment, Shen Yifeng had suffered from an unprecedented shock, and his eyes had lost the luster of his former days.

Shen Yifeng’s bitter experience had the two siblings, whom incessantly hated him, both alarmed and delighted. The reason why they were so unreconciled was because of Shen Yifeng’s splendor being too dazzling, and under the canopy of Shen Yifeng’s talent, the two siblings simply hadn’t had the chance to stick out in the Vermillion Bird Clan.  

However, just now, in front of everyone, the Vermillion Bird had rejected Shen Yifeng’s trial.

Then, wouldn’t that mean that the two of them now had the chance to compete for the Vermillion Bird?

Overjoyed at the unexpected good news, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei barely even masked their happiness and excitement. At the same time, the two incomparably close twins had  spaced themselves apart to a certain amount in a split second.

At this moment, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei were no longer of the same mind towards withstanding their enemies.

Their counterparts were the only opponents that could compete with them for the Vermillion Bird’s right of inheritance. Any person would be incapable of resisting this sort of enticement when they were confronted with the formidable strength that the Vermillion Bird would bring them.

“Jiawei, I’m your sister, so this one time, I should be the first one to go.” Shen Jiayi competitively looked at her younger brother. After Shen Yifeng had been eliminated, she was the Vermillion Bird Clan’s strongest existence amongst the third generation, and she was also the person most likelyto obtain the Vermillion Bird’s good graces.

She absolutely wouldn’t allow anyone to contest with her for the Vermillion Bird at this moment—even if it was her own biological younger brother. Even he couldn’t.

Shen Jiawei ground his teeth as he looked at Shen Jiayi. Since a long time ago, he’d complied with everything that Shen Jiayi had commanded, and would perform it because one, Shen Jiayi had been born a few minutes earlier than him, and two, Shen Jiayi’s strength was slightly higher than his by a little. However, this didn’t simply mean that he was a brainless idiot. He knew that the current circumstances were the best opportunity for him to emancipate himself. After having his head continuously pushed down by Shen Jiayi, how could Shen Jiawei not think of emancipating himself?

Stubbornly straightening up his courage, for the first time since he was born, Shen Jiawei rebelled against his own elder sister.

“Sister, you are after all a girl, and someday in the future, you’ll have to get married. And when that happens, the Vermillion Bird Clan will still need a man to inherit!” He was unwilling to concede! With the current circumstances, whoever was the first to be intimate with the Vermillion Bird would be the most probable to sign a contract with it.  

Shen Jiayi sneered as she looked at her younger brother.

“Jiawei, your courage is truly getting larger and larger, for you to unexpectedly dare to rebel against me!”

Shen Jiayi’s tone still wasn’t powerful nor did it resonate. A path of flame was shot flying towards Shen Jiawei. Having completely let down his guard against this strike, Shen Jiawei was sent flying a few meters by the flame ball.

“Idiot! Just relying on yourself, you also dare to contest with me?!” Shen Jiayi shot a glance at Shen Jiawei who was on the ground. She then turned around and walked towards the Vermillion Bird.

Shen Yanxiao, who was standing to the side was dumbstruck by the show from the two sibling’s fall out with each other before her eyes. Shen Jiayi had been seriously fierce. That flame ball that had sent Shen Jiawei flying just now was precisely the one that Shen Jiayi had wanted to use on that very day to deal with her. However, no matter how much hatred Shen Jiayi had on that very day, she nevertheless  wouldn’t dare to directly have the flame ball attack her own body.

Although a flame ball that was cast from rank 5 magic was far from being that tyrannical compared to a magician, a flame ball that hit the body of a human who wasn’t guarding against it at all would nevertheless be sufficient enough to bring about immense injuries. Today, Shen Jiayi unexpectedly hadn’t had even the smallest misgivings in regards to her relationship between her and her younger brother. She’d directly sent a flame ball towards Shen Jiawei due to her greed for the Vermillion Bird—she simply didn’t care anymore!

Shen Yanxiao looked at Shen Jiawei, whom had fallen onto the ground, and who was having difficulty crawling back up. Inevitably, in her heart, she’d observed a moment of silence in tribute for him, for him to have an older sister as vicious and merciless as this.


The fight between the two brats was something that she liked the most!!

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 56-How Am I Not A Woman? Part 2”

  1. well I figured that the siblings would fight to the death for the bird. It’s a bit of disappointment that the brother didn’t put up much of a fight though~


  2. Well, what a Bitch. Nothing good is going to happen to her, she’s probably going to get killed soon.
    DIE B*TCH!
    Can’t wait to see the MC be OP and shock everyone.
    Thank you for the meal.


  3. welp, so much for acting nice in front of the sage~

    I wonder what make them so confident that one of them is going to be chosen, I mean, yifeng (someone with higher ability than them) is rejected, and the clan has a what? 100 years history of not able to bond with the bird?

    ah well, moar drama for us :p

    Thank you for the translations ^_^

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  4. They are so…foolish
    Can’t they see the consequences of their actions?
    And Yanxiao is enjoying the misfortunes of others too much well at least she payed a tribute to Her cousin.
    Now how will she get to say She’s a woman? *____*

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂 it was really good!


  5. I am kinda hoping for this fight to end with the bird just insulting them for thinking that they have the gall to be able to fight over who is the contractee before the twins die because we need to see their reactions of despair (even better if they can only blame themselves)


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