Chapter 55-How Am I Not A Woman? Part 1


Using the young, childish form to present itself, the Vermillion Bird snorted and withdrew the flame.

“I was wondering what kind of person would be as rude like this, and it actually turned out to be someone from the God’s Domain. After this many years, there really hasn’t been the slightest change—I still loathe you guys this much.” Although the words that it’d said were very blunt, the Vermilion Bird hadn’t launched another attack yet.

Only after hearing the sage call the young child the Vermillion Bird, did everyone from the Vermillion Bird Clan verify their own conjectures in their hearts.

After a magical beast’s rank had reached a certain height, a portion of them were able to transform into the shape of a human. As for the mythological animals, they were much more formidable existences compared to magical beasts, thus it was naturally a very simple matter for them to transform into the shape of a human.

As they thought about the young child before their eyes that was precisely the Vermillion Bird’s embodiment, everyone’s gaze on the Vermilion Bird became more and more passionate!

This was their clan’s hope! This was their clan’s mythological animal!

“Your excellency, the Vermillion Bird! I am the 12th generation disciple of the Vermillion Bird Clan! Today I apologize for troubling His Highness, and for the sage bothering Your Excellency, the Vermillion Bird really. I didn’t mean to intentionally offend you. Merely, Your Excellency, the Vermillion Bird has been laying dormant for a long time, and everyone in our clan have all been looking forward to welcoming your return!” Shen Yifeng was the first one to jump out, and carried out an unprecedented worship to the Vermillion Bird. Although the Vermillion Bird’s form had him incessantly astonished, it had already just recently and unexpectedly dared to make a move against the sage. Not only was the sage not the slightest bit angry, instead, the sage was very modest. It was very evident that the mythological animal possessed a strong acquaintance with the God’s Domain that wasn’t known to anyone. Moreover, the Vermillion Bird whom had made a move just now had already made Shen Yifeng unceasingly stunned.

That sort of pure fire element was the purest that he’d seen in all of his life!

Any other magical beast wouldn’t be sufficient when compared to the Vermillion Bird’s strength! The Vermillion Bird was worthy of being a mythological animal that was situated at the peak of the fire element!

As the Vermillion Bird coldly shot a glance towards Shen Yifeng, who was kneeling on his knee, the corner of its rosy mouth evoked a haughty smiling expression.

“Welcoming my return? Hehe, the human race is still just as hypocritical as before. Are you the one that wanted to sign a contract with me?”

The Vermillion Bird’s voice wasn’t in the slightest bit tactful, and instantly had everyone staring blankly at it.

Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes. She incessantly snickered as she looked at that ‘mythological animal’ that had shockingly appeared, and at the fact that words that it spoke were very straightforward. It was very clear that Shen Yifeng’s segment of flattering and extravagant embellishment simply didn’t gain a favourable impression with the Vermillion Bird at all. With regards to the human race’s cunning plots, how could the mythological animal that had already lived for more than a million years still not understand?

The so called ‘welcoming his return’ was, in the end, nothing more than wanting to sign a contract with him to obtain a formidable strength!

Shen Yifeng was obviously horribly suppressed by the Vermillion Bird within that short period of time, and didn’t know to reply. He could only silently hold back the tears in his heart.   

The mythological animal was truly bullying people too much. It was acceptable that it didn’t appear in the form of an animal, but after appearing in a human form, it had still gone and directly exposed his tactful praise like this!  

Only after a good half of a day, was he able to properly put his fragmented confidence in order. Shen Yifeng said, “If this humble me is to be able to have the fortune to obtain Your Excellency, the Vermillion Bird’s, good graces, then it naturally is blessing for my next three lifetimes. Your Excellency, the Vermilion Bird, please do still give me an opportunity!”

The Vermillion Bird’s gaze swept past the eagerness that was on Shen Yifeng’s face, and its fiery-red eyebrows slightly wrinkled as it coldly snorted, saying, “Get out of here! I’m not fond of you.”

Not fond of…Not…fond…of…

The six words that the Vermillion Bird had spit out from its mouth made Shen Yifeng, whom was closely-packed with confidence, into a rigid statue in a flash. It had been a long time since the number one genius of the Vermillion Bird Clan’s self-confidence and pride had been instantly broken down into fine powder.

Shen Yifeng foolishly looked at the Vermillion Bird, for he didn’t dare to believe that the Vermillion Bird would be so unexpectedly blunt and veto himself.

So much so that, he didn’t even get the time to display anything at all, and had been instantly renounced!

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 55-How Am I Not A Woman? Part 1”

  1. Is anyone else secretly hoping that he gets so mad that he attacks the bird and gets vaporized/reduced to ash?

    Well thanks for the chapter 🙂


  2. The chapter title really made me thought Yanxiao was going to make a big entrance! But I suppose that will happen in a bit 🙂

    Thank you for the chapter!


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