Chapter 54-The Vermilion Bird Appears Part 3

Shen Yanxiao looked, astonished, at the strange scene occurring inside the cave. Apart from the God’s envoys, whom could still be counted as unperturbed inside the cave, the other 7 people from the Vermillion Bird Clan had long ago become a big mess. The two siblings, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei, miserably shrieked as they climbed onto their retinues’ body. Shen Yifeng hurriedly evaded the cracks that were under his feet, while on his face, there was no longer the confidence and at ease look of his former days. Under his panic, his face had become deathly white.

‘The Vermillion Bird is about to awake.’ Xiu’s voice was transmitted into Shen Yanxiao’s mind.

A rupturing sound could be heard amidst the bustle. The Vermillion Bird egg that was originally quietly laying down on the obsidian had had its shell split open into numerous cracks, and a dazzling red radiance shone out from within the cracks.

Along with an extreme portion of heat that swept through the entire cave, the fire-red radiance had shrouded everyone’s line of sights.

Nobody was able to see anything except for the fiery-red scene.

Panic spread in everyone’s hearts.

Luckily, after that dazzling radiance had radiated momentarily, it gradually weakened, and gradually advanced and gathered upon the obsidian.

In the time it takes to blink, the obsidian suddenly looked like it had been ignited by an immense lump of flame, and was raging and combusting.

Within the flame, a delicate, tiny hand was stretched out. It was as if the flame had a spirit, for it had rapidly covered that delicate tiny hand. The converging heat and flame was a fiery armor stuck to that small arm.

As the flames gradually converged, a boy who seemed to be about three or four years old appeared before everyone’s eyes.

His scarlet-red long hair was draped over his shoulder. His refined facial features were similar to one of Heaven’s most outstanding work of arts. Even if it was the most refined work of art, it too would fall short when compared to the complexion of this young child by at least 0.01%.

On that young, tender, and small yet refined face that had people gasping in surprise, were a pair of scarlet-coloured eyes that were like a dazzling flame. Inside of those eyes wasn’t the sincerity of a child, but rather was a type of absolute supremacy!

The flame fit onto the little boy’s body like a fiery armor, and accompanied the little boy as it stayed suspended in the air.   

It obviously was a very small body and yet, it had adopted a haughty seating posture in midair. That pair of very small legs were arrogantly folded. That little bastard had single-handedly supported his lower jaw, and was gazing down with his pair of scarlet eyes as he towered above this group of dumbstruck humans beneath it.

The likes of people such as Shen Yifeng were thoroughly dumbstruck when they raised their heads and looked at the absolutely unusual little boy. In their hearts, they’d practically already guessed his identity but…

They simply found it hard to believe that this little bastard, whose arrogance that’d turned egotistical before their eyes, was the Vermillion Bird from the folklores!

Where was the mythological animal that’d been properly discussed?!

“Stupid humans, do you know the consequences of disturbing my rest?” This ghastly voice was transmitted out from the mouth of the little boy. Along with that ghastly voice, was a trace of a puerile voice that was carried along as it echoed out. The temperature within the entire cave was immediately raised by a lot.

Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei were repeatedly subjected to the need to gasp for breath by the sudden raised in temperature, but they were also afraid that the high temperature that they’d breathed into their bodies would bring about immense injuries, thus they couldn’t help but use their hands to cover their mouths and noses.

The little boy had arrogantly swept his glance towards the people that were inside the cave. After its vision fell upon the sage that had a smiling expression, it slightly frowned.

“I loathe that smile of yours.” The little hand waved, and an earth-shattering flame like a tide threw itself towards the sage.

Within the hand of the sage, a golden radiance shone out and then struck the flame that had been launched towards at the sage. A rumbling sound was then produced.

“Surely enough, the Vermillion Bird was as haughty as the rumours. The humble me is the current sage of the God’s Domain.” The sage’s gentle voice was accompanied by a rumbling sound.  

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  1. I know that it’s a Josei novel, but part of me still hoped that a cute little sister character for our mc would appear instead of a haughty shota :p


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