Chapter 51-The Vermillion Bird’s Nest Part 3

“Your Highness Sage, is the Vermillion Bird inside?” Shen Jiayi swallowed her saliva. As she looked at the cave that the heatwave was surging out of, the bottom of her heart began to emit a trace of dread. The God’s Domain was well known for its benevolence, so she’d deliberately displayed her loveliness, pitifulness, and shyness as she’d stood beside the sage, in order to win his favourable impression.

The sage shot a glance towards Shen Jiayi and nodded his head.

“The Vermillion Bird is indeed inside. There’s no need to worry, for as of right now, the Vermillion Bird is in a state of dormancy, and it won’t harm anyone.”

After everyone had finished making their preparations, they finally headed into the pitch-black cave.

The 18 God’s envoys were split into 2 batches, with one of the batches at the front clearing the way, while the other batch walked behind everyone else to prevent any unexpected occurrences.

After having headed into the cave, the God’s envoys whom were in front immediately let loose the Light Congealing Crystals that were in their hands, and allowed them to fly. Light Congealing Crystals were a type of extraordinary material that could be used for illumination. It only needed a magician to pour his magic into the crystal. It’d then float in mid air after it was let go, and would send out a dazzling and dull light halo to serve as an illumination torch.

Along this journey, at least a dozen Congealing LIght Crystals illuminated the pitch-black cave.

Only afterwards did the people noticed the dim red light that winked and flashed from the walls of the cave. The long, thin red marks resembled buried magma, as they flashed with supernatural light, like countless blood-red vines growing throughout the cave.

Shen Yanxiao was walking behind everyone’s back, with her big eyes sweeping across these strange red mark. Faintly, she smelt a puff of an exceedingly thin yet very eccentric smell.

It was somewhat fragrant and sweet, but also somewhat fishy. This smell made her somewhat at a loss.

The pitch-black darkness of the cave expanded unboundedly. With the passing of the time, when people looked back in the direction of the cave’s entrance, there wasn’t any scene that could be seen—there was only the radiance-covered Light Congealing Crystals.  

“Just how much longer do we need to walk? It’s getting hotter and hotter here.” Shen Jiawei was somewhat afraid. He closely followed at Shen Jiayi to the side. Even under the protection of the Ice Silk Armour, he still felt that the high temperature was becoming more and more unbearable. Drop after drop of beads of sweat were seeping out of his forehead, and a layer of blush had also appeared on his face.

Within this party of people, apart from Shen Yanxiao who couldn’t cultivate magic and Dou Qi, Shen Jiawei’s strength was considered to be the lowest. Towards the high temperature that was brought about by the Vermillion Bird, it truly was somewhat hard to bear with his strength.

“I don’t know. We should be reaching it soon. Try to bear with it.” Shen Jiayi’s mind was also uncertain. Looking at the flushing complexion of his brother, she was suddenly very curious on just what the circumstances that idiot was in, in this kind of unbearably torrid and hot place.

Shen Jiayi turned her head and looked at Shen Yanxiao who was walking behind her. She’d originally believed that she herself would see the sheet of a face that was dripping with sweat and that was utterly exhausted. However, Shen Yanxiao whom was walking behind them nevertheless just looked like that she was alright. Don’t speak about her dripping with sweat, for not even a drop of sweat could be found on that small unprepossessing face.

This was strange, for even she, whom was on the eve of breaking through to rank 6, would somewhat felt that torrid heat here. How was it that there unexpectedly wasn’t even the slightest bit of anomaly with her?

The disparity between before one reached rank 6 and after one reached rank 6 in Dou Qi and magic were enormous. Shen Jiayi had cultivated to rank 5, but she hadn’t surmounted rank 6. Therefore, she had no way to completely resist the high temperature here, only those that had succeeded in promoting oneself to rank 6 and higher could. Shen Yifeng, who’d already became a 3-star Sword Scholar, didn’t receive the slightest influence.

However, what was the matter with this Shen Yanxiao? She was obviously a trash that couldn’t even cultivate, so how could she be even more relaxed than Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei?

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  1. Ahhhh noooo
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    Who is stupid enough to think that Yanxiao is truly useless after seeing her not sweat right?
    …it seems the sage was able to see through her the entire time. Now hopefully he’ll help her remove the seals so she can advance and protect herself!

    Again, thank you so much for the new chapter Rancer and Kid! It was so good =U=

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