Chapter 46-Path of a Warlock Part 1

“Was it comparable to the Long Xuan Empire?”

‘Don’t take this kind of remote and desolate place, and compare it to my home.’


Remote… and… desolate… place…

Shen Yanxiao admitted that she herself was curried favour with!

“If there’s a day when you recover your strength, will you return to your home or not?” Perhaps because it was too idle, Shen Yanxiao had unexpectedly, for the first time, chatted with Xiu about these contentless topic.

‘I’d definitely return.’ Xiu’s voice leaked out a resoluteness that Shen Yanxiao had never heard of.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and said, “If that’s so, as an ally, shouldn’t you consider taking me to sightsee?” She was extremely curious on just how luxurious the place had to be for it to be able to have the richly provided Long Xuan Empire reduced to a ‘remote and desolate place’.

‘Okay.’ Although Xiu hadn’t quite comprehended the meaning of Shen Yanxiao’s ‘sightseeing’ instantly, after dismantling the words, he more or less understood Shen Yanxiao’s intentions.

‘The day that I’ve recovered my body, I’ll definitely bring you to my home.’

Shen Yanxiao’s smile became even more brilliant.

A luxurious place was a thieves’ favourite place to be at—it’d be a good opportunity for them to become rich where there was gold everywhere!

Since she’d lent her body to someone, as a host for such a long time, after the conclusion of this matter, she ought to receive a certain amount of ‘rental fee’.

After having a brief gossip with Shen Yanxiao, Xiu, who still wasn’t aware that he’d lead a wolf into his house, had in the end returned to the devil’s instructor during the formers days.

‘There’s still a period of time before you reach the Vermillion Bird’s den, and during this period of time, you have to increase your strength. There’s no time for you to rest.’

Shen Yanxiao’s face darkened…

Although her promotions during this period of time were still regarded as being steady, there was still a certain amount of distance between her current level and Xiu’s order of her reaching rank 6!!

This action of his was truly forcing her to her death!

… …

Under Xiu’s shocking teaching, Shen Yanxiao carried out Xiu’s challenging order which was that, so long as the objective wasn’t reached, there wouldn’t be any rest during the following time along the journey!

To be precise, she cultivated inside the carriage for the entire 2 days and 2 nights!

It had to be known that it’d already been two and a half days since they’d first entered the lava valley, and they still unexpectedly hadn’t reached the Vermillion Bird’s den. This reality truly had people vomiting blood!

This was an entire 2 days and 2 nights! Even her eyelids hadn’t closed at all. If there was even a trace of her slacking, Xiu’s cold voice of, like ice shards, would omnipresently explode inside her mind. This wasn’t a sound that the ear could hear. Even if she’d her ears stabbed until she was  deaf, that voice that could drive people mad wouldn’t have decreased by even a tiny bit.

Everyday, the god’s envoys would always dispatch people to give food and drink to the people in every carriages. The rest of the time, they’d hasten on with their journey. After having been in the lava valley for such a long time, Shen Yanxiao’s pair of legs hadn’t even gotten close to the ground.

Finally, under Xiu’s inhuman ravage, the magic within Shen Yanxiao’s body broke through to rank 6 before the sunset of the day!

After rank 6, Shen Yanxiao had to choose amongst the 3 occupations in order to have her own path of magic cultivation, which were magician, warlock, or priest.

Xiu was a very good teacher, for he’d made a simple and clear-cut analysis for Shen Yanxiao regarding the circumstances of these 3 directions.

Magicians were the strongest amongst the 3 of them in their attacking property. Even if they were within a huge troop, they’d still play a critical role, for their formidable magic attacks would often give rise to even more frightening killing power when compared to siege weapons. On top of that, magicians had an extremely long distance range of attack, and could be said to everyone’s nightmare.

However, magicians were also very frail. Under a circumstance where the magicians had an absolute distance from their enemies, they were unrivalled existences. However, if they were attacked by a formidable opponent that was near to them, they’d become extremely frail.

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    1. Out of curiosity I went and looked things up it seems the gender association for witch is a “recent” phenomenon.
      To quote form Wikipedia(not the best source I know but it is usually decent for non political stuff)

      “The Middle English word wicche did not differentiate between feminine and masculine, however the masculine meaning became less common in Standard English, being replaced by words like “wizard” and “warlock”. The modern spelling witch with the medial ‘t’ first appears in the 16th century. In current colloquial English “witch” is almost exclusively applied to women, and the OED has “now only dialectal” for the masculine noun.”

      So yeah I had thought that as well…

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  1. Yaaay I was screaming with joy when I saw these chapters 😂

    Xiu is so funny
    I wonder if Yanxiao would have been this quick if not for his screaming haha

    I’m also so excited to know what Magic occupation she will chose!! Can’t she study all three? I don’t think she has to worry about close distance fighting since she is a douqi warrior too 🙂


    1. But in many situations she would have to hide she can cultivate both, as she is an aberration, and also her cultivation levels will not always stay even.


  2. ugh… so much useless fillers in this novel it’s hard to keep your interest… also in one moment the place is the size of a small town and in the next they’ve traveled for two days and two nights and still not there yet…


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