Chapter 39-The Vermillion Bird’s Candidates Part 3

A matter that made the people even more shocked occurred next.

The sage had unexpectedly stood up and had unhurriedly walked until he stood in front of Shen Yanxiao. He then lowered himself by bending down at the waist and looked at this little bastard whose head had drooped all along. With a lukewarm smile he said, “How old are you?”

Sensing that the sage was approaching, Shen Yanxiao could only act as if she was an ‘idiot’, and as if she she ‘couldn’t understand’ the sage’s question. Therefore, she still bowed down her head in a shy manner. Towards this sage that was enough to have everyone prostrate themselves in worship, he was only a ‘scammer’ that had a lot of influence in Shen Yanxiao’s mind. Regarding the goodwill that had just been expressed by this scammer, Shen Yanxiao only really cared about when he’d rolled out of here and properly give her a chance to enter the imperial palace, so that she could have that last batch of money needed to buy the crystalline nuclei ‘taken out’.

If someone were to know what Shen Yanxiao was thinking as of now, it would’ve been very likely that they would have directly jumped out and had this idiot who couldn’t differentiate good from bad choked to death.

Just how high was the prestige of the God’s Domain? Even the monarch of the Long Xuan Empire had to personally welcome them. Not only was this lass not wild with joy, but was actually full of thoughts on having the boss of the God’s Domain leave as soon as possible. These kind of thoughts would have people worried to an extent.

“Ahem, this year Yanxiao is 14 years old.” With Shen Yanxiao’s wisdom, Shen Feng could only help her answer the question.

“14 years old. It appears to be somewhat premature.” The sage softly murmured the sentence. Soon afterwards, he once again faintly smiled as he said, “It’s not that it’s impossible, but since the clan leader of the Vermillion Bird Clan has agreed to the matter of her participating as one of the Vermillion Bird’s candidates, then there will indeed be a way.”

For any average person, after reaching 16 years old, they’d search for a magical beast that belonged to them, because only after reaching the age of 16, would a person’s mental strength become stable. Furthermore, the signing of a contract with a magical beast was an extremely dangerous matter. If one’s mental strength was too weak, one would be incapable of controlling the magical beast, and it was very likely that they’d be the one to be devoured by the magical beast. Not only would one’s mental strength suffer from serious damage, but it would probably be injured from the reverse devouring of the magical beast.

According to Shen Yanxiao’s age as of now, to be one of the Vermilion Bird Clan’s candidates was somewhat too early.

The people of the third generation of the Vermillion Bird Clan were stunned.

When Shen Feng had given his commands yesterday, the people from the third generation simply weren’t at the scene at all. Therefore, they simply didn’t know that Shen Yanxiao would be added to the Vermillion Bird’s candidate list. Originally, they’d just thought that Shen Yanxiao’s appearance today was somewhat strange. However, never had they thought that the reality would be so much more crazier that what they’d thought of!

Just what kind of a joke was this?! She was obviously an idiot, and nevertheless was trash—yet this kind of person could unexpectedly become a candidate for the Vermillion Bird!!

Among the people from the third generation, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei’s complexions, without a doubt, were the most unsightly, because they’d just recently reached the suitable age. Only then could they become candidates for the Vermillion Bird. Why was it all about with this Shen Yanxiao? Not only was she stupid and a cripple, her age was also clearly short by two years. Had their grandfather gone utterly mad by unexpectedly allowing this disgrace to also partake?!

Shen Jiayi’s complexion distorted, as she didn’t dare to believe in everything that she’d heard of.

This idiot had snatched her big brother Siyu, and now this idiot still wanted to snatch the Vermillion Bird? Just who did she think she was!

Among the 3 candidates, Shen Yifeng was the most calm and collected without a doubt. Towards this one matter of Shen Yanxiao becoming a candidate for the Vermillion Bird, he didn’t have that much resentment by far, when compared to Shen Jiayi.

Even thinking while using one’s toes, one would know that Shen Yanxiao would absolutely be unable to sign a contract with the Vermillion Bird. Leaving aside her lacking wisdom, with just that low and petty strength of hers, it would just be impossible for her to receive the Vermillion Bird’s grace. It had to be known that, among the members of the successive generations that had signed the contract with the Vermillion Bird, all of them were the strongest existences in the Vermillion Bird Clan at their times.

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  2. I really appreciate the translation ♡♡♡
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  3. Thanks for your hard work and for this novel so far so good hop it will be like this even after 100-200chap…

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  4. I wonder if Shen Feng actually discovered that she became smart and strong or if he presented her to the vermilion bird in hopes that she would be chosen because of her innate talent and so get her smartness back or as a vassal for the bird to inhabit……


  5. That sage is a little suspicious. Maybe he can see through Yanxiao’s seals…

    What I’m really worried about is how Yanxiao can protect herself or continue feigning stupidity after she gets the bird.

    This is such a high tension cliffhanger XD thank you so much Nepu!

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  6. Hmm Receiving the Vermilion Bird might actually be a good way of recognizing her intellect after all if she contracts the bird it really will not be able to be hid but an excuse could be made that meeting the bird awakened her or something IDK.

    She will need an excuse after all…


  7. you know you have it bad when you’re sitting in class and the professor goes on and on about velocity and acceleration but what is going on in your head is whether Shen Yanxiao will be able to tame the Vermillion Bird…Guys I think I need help 😦 lol


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