Chapter 14 Xing Feng Manor

During the moment when I am first enter into my future manor and passing through the entrance, one long stripe of stone bridge at once emerge before my eyes. Beneath the stone bridge is precisely of a very large artificial lake and in inside the lake exists many aquatic plant. Encomposing the lake are also many rock garden as well as crushed rock and so on. No bad! Really, it is quite good and it is just merely this artificial lake as well as that awfully long bridge are already worth the price.

“Everybody, at that time, Marquis Wen has requested of the emperor of the previous generation to give a command to armed escort army whom has has spent a month only to dig out onto this large of an artificial lake. At that time, it has been the talk of the people in the capital. A lot of people also wanted to buy this manor but due to the rear garden and I believe that you all are already clear with this matter. Ai! This Marquis Wen really has nothing better to do for the manor that has been valued close to millions of taels has been messed up by him with battle array. Even it is at a price of two hundred thousand taels, there is also no one wanting to buy it.” The bailiff of yamen feudal standing at the side as he speaks regarding the matters related to this manor.

I am a little baffled for even if rear garden is not counted in, with just this artificial lake and together with the already not distant housing room are already worth the price of two hundred thousand taels. Why is it that no one has came to purchase it?

Towards the bailiff of the feudal yamen, I ask, “Not counting the rear garden, it is already worth the price of two hundred thousand taels and why is it that no one has came to purchase it?”   

“Eh! You guys are not aware of this, ah! Aiya! It looks like that I have to again watch over this place.” This bailliff of the feudal yamen immediately becomes crestfallen as he grieves

“You don’t have to be like this. My master has already said that he will buy this manor and you do not have to be worried about it.” My Disciple Da is truly kind-hearted. Immediately the anxiety of the bailiff of feudal yamen is relieved.

“It is true! Is it that what you have spoken off is true and no matter what you guys will still buy this manor?” This bailiff of the feudal yamen is simply madly in joy for he himself does not dare to believe in it. It is also not surprising for he himself has been enter the paradise from the human world at the entrance and then just now, he has drop from the paradise to the infernal. As of now, he himself has once again returned back to the paradise. This kind of a rapid fluctuation is not of a someone who is a nobody is capable of bearing with it,    

“It is totally true and you have better proceed on in moving forward. My master and a whole lot of them have already walked way ahead of us.” Li Da is nevertheless filled with good intentions as he remind him a the side.  

‘Oh! Go! Go!” That bailiff of the feudal yamen immediately with a high speed rush forward.


“Brother Wang, the building that you have selected is nevertheless quite good. The layout as a whole is also exceptionally quite good. This Marquis is really deserving to be called as a fan of battle array and even the layout of these rooms is all in accordance with the bearing of the Nine Halls Diagram Bagua(Eight Divinatory Trigrams of the Books of Change) The most important thing is that he has unexpectedly has use this big array to link with the the eight arrays of the at the rear garden. This in turn forms into a new array that had never existed and this is truly formidable!” I look at these rooms as I speak.     

These eight array is of the already long die out of the eight diagrams of the battle array. During that time, the chief military advisor of the first emperor of the Ming dynasty, Zhuge Liang has created out this eight arrays which are Overturning Heaven Array, Earth Filling Array, Rising Wind Array, Hanging Cloud Array, Soaring Dragon Array, Flying Tiger Array, Gliding Bird Array and also Coiling Snake Array. The eight arrays complementing each other causing its might to increase many folds. At that time, just because of with the regards of these arrays is only able to obstruct the killing chase of the number one in terms of power, the head Wang Tian. Uptill to the moment when Kai Gou Emperor has later make a comeback, he establishes this Ming Dynasty. It is a pity that Zhuge Liang dies an untimely death and with that the big array that is said to have surpassed the ancients and the amazed the contemporaries disappear. It is said that the original diagram of the eight arrays is torn into eight pieces and no one is aware of its traces. Never has one expected that this array is appearing at here.     

“Young master, just because of this which has lead to this whole building with several hundred rooms only to have a dozen or more room at the outside that can use to house people. As of the rest of the rooms, even if one is to enter the room, one will be denied the entry. It is no wonder that so many people that have seen this manor but there is no one that has purchased it. Who will have spent two hundred thousand taels of silver to buy these dozen or more rooms? Young master, this large array has long surpassed the might of the eight arrays at that time. Are you truly confident that you are able to break past this grade of battle array?”

I laugh for I obviously have a way to break open this array. Even if this world’s battle array is to once again improve, however it is still merely constructed using the Houtian power. Even if there is an expert that uses his Xiantian true qi to break past this array. As for me that have afterwards attained the Golden Core stage, I have possess a spiritual awareness to observe the insides and there is no doubt that every secrets will be revealed out. However, how am I able to tell out this kind of a reason to Brother Wang? Even if I am to tell him, I will have to wait till afterwards that he has begun to cultivate the cultivating techniques. I just smile to Brother Wang confidently as I myself is completely confident about it.      

“Brother Wang, I have decided that I will purchase it at once and I do not hope that there will be any appearances of mishaps.”I speak towards to Brother Wang for I am already very fond with this manor and I do not wish for anyone to have someone butting in.

“Yes, young master! I will go to discuss right now and absolutely will not delay this matter. Young master, you just still here. Ah Yu, follow and go with me. We will go together and find the yamen’s people to discuss out out the matter.” Brother Wang yells out to Sister Yu as they walk outwards together.

‘Ai! This rear garden as well as those rooms have never been entered by anyone even once. I am not even sure whether if there is any treasure in it.’ In thinking all off these, I immediately wanted to enter the array to check it out at once. I am truly unable to bear the curiosity of my thoughts in my mind.

In looking at Zhang Yu and the others, I speak, “You all stay prior at here as I enter in to have a better a look at it. You all must not by all means come in. Zhang Yu, you should know the night of this battle array so you shall help me out in looking after them. You must not by all means allow them to run around here as to their likings. With one carelessness, you will be trapped inside and will be a trouble if you are unable to find a way out.

Zhang Yu has been studying intensely with the regards with the battle array since he was a child. Towards this 8 Arrays Diagram, he is well familiar with it and fully aware of its might. As for the battle array before his eyes is much more formidable compared to the battle array of the 8 Arrays Diagram. In thinking to himself, “I myself is not even able to see through even a bit of the profoundness of this battle array. As for master, he has nevertheless already said that he wants to enter into the array to have a look at it. What’s more is that it appears that he does not even attach any importance to it battle array before his own eyes. Master is truly nevertheless formidable with not only his martial arts has surprisingly reached a high level but also a first rate expert in the field of the battle array.”

Ever since after the moment when I have shown my transformation skill in front of Zhang Yu, Zhang Yu will not display any doubt towards any of my amazing and arrogant words. In his mind, I am already close to an omnipotent being.

Zhang Yu replies to me, “Master, you can feel reassured to go in and have a look at it. I will absolutely and earnestly look after them and will absolutely not allow them or even one of them to run around all over the place.”

Nodding my head, I unperturbedly walk into the array as I ignore Li Da and Li Er’s pitiful sight.

As I once enter the battle array, all around everywhere is of a vast expanses of whiteness where I even can’t see my fingers. I am staring blankly for this battle array is truly nevertheless formidable. All of a sudden, I am able sense the rocking on the floor. Numerous number of soil rushes towards me in attempting to bury me… I know that all of these are illusions but nevertheless can’t help to be shocked for its realness. Even if this battle array is truly formidable but it’s a pity that it has encountered upon me. I channel my spiritual power as my spiritual awareness begins to spread out towards the surrounding. In a moment, this entire battle array is already in the middle of my grasp and I have thoroughly understood he profoundness of this battle array very quickly. This battle array is more of a formidable battle array when compared to the battle array in the cultivation world. It is just that this battle array before my eyes is to rely mainly on the xiantian true qi and its might is naturally not as good as to the compared battle array that is relying mainly on true yuan power.

I have not destroyed the array foundation of the battle array but rather I have inputed my true yuan power into the battle array then reinforcing its might. Now, this battle array can only be possibly broken by an expert at yuanying stage.

My spiritual awareness reacted to the building at the surrounding. Wa! Near to eight hundred rooms in altogether and I am not sure whether I ought to begin my search beginning from there. Ah! I am vexed.

Suddenly, my spiritual awareness perceives a burst of faint fluctuations of the battle array. I am certain that this is absolutely not some big array but rather of an array protecting some kind of items. To go as far as employing battle array in protecting the item, it looks like it is a treasured object.

Haha… Proud with myself, I walk towards the destination. A room that is quite ordinary shows up before my eyes. Pushing open the door that has been covered with dust for a long time as I simultaneously channel the true yuan power outside of my body team covering the body with one layer of qi. In looking at the dust over the layer of qi,I can’t help but to admire the foresight that I have.

What is going on? I realize that the fluctuations is coming from underground then transferred upwards but there is no hidden passable passage towards the underground. I have practically search every single place in this room. However, it is precisely that I am unable to find any passage leading towards the underground. I am dazed for could it be that my spiritual awareness has wrongly perceive it? How is this possible? How is possible that the spiritual awareness can be wrong? Unless, there is an expert that have surpassed my power who can only probably mislead me. I am pretty sure that there is no one here and if is so, just what is the reason that has lead to this kind of circumstances? I am confused…


“It is a very glad thing to be able to discuss this bussiness with Housekeeper Wang who is such an outspoken and forthright person. From today onwards, this manor will belong to the young master Zhang Xing Feng. This petty officer will leave first. Later if there is any time in finding Housekeeper Wang in drinking tea, I do hope that Housekeeper Wang will give me some face.” The official with his green robe gives a gentle laughter as he speaks with Brother Wang in trying to gain Brother Wang’s friendship. Uncle Wang however has received the extraordinary grooming of the Zhang clan of a talented housekeeper and he obviously knows that it is an absolutely necessary thing to maintain good relationships with officials.

“Official Lin, no, please don’t say it like that. I am just of a commoner and so long as your lordship  summons me, I will certainly and immediately rush towards to there.This one thousand taels of silver is what the young master of mine has given to your lordship as tea money. Today, we have just only purchased this manor and there is still many matters to be arranged of and so, I will not see your lordship out and hope that you will forgive me.” Brother Wang is also treating the official exceedingly with concerns. Just inviting the official to drink the tea for a while and just like that there is one thousand taels of silver. What’s more is that this tea is truly not of those common expansive tea.    

With his smiling expression across his whole face, Brother Wang watches till this Official Lin’s figure fading away before his eyes and only does he begins to return then finding me to give a report about the circumstances .

“Your lordship,ins’t the the young master who is the third young master that has been driven out of the one of the four clans, the Zhang clan? he isn’t of the people of the Zhang clan and then why is it that you still want to be that good to the housekeeper?” Walking together with Official Lin along the road towards the yamen, the bailliff of the feudal yamen ask the Official Lin.  

“Are you unable to comprehend this matter? Even if the third young master is to nominally leave the Zhang clan but this year, he is only of seven years old. What can of a blunder do you think that he can possibly make? Furthermore, what’s more is that which parents will not be fond of their own child? Do you think that the clan head of the Zhang clan will allow his precious son to suffer any hardships? Didn’t everyone has said that the third young master has not much money? You have seen that the third young master has purchased this manor the moment they have stepped foot on this capital. Two hundred thousand taels, ah! Relying on my official’s salary, I am unable to earned that amount even in a hundred years. You have also seen that how they have conveniently given a thousand taels worth of tea money. That amount is nearly equal to a year of mine official salary. You have to know that with this kind of people, we can only curry favour with them and not to offend them. Now and then, if they are to be happy, then they will reward you with a bit of silver which is enough for you to use.” The Official Lin is to guide the bailiif of the feudal yamen patiently and systematically.          

The baillif of the feudal yamen is as if like a chick pecking onto the ground as he incessantly nods his head as he listens. For this is precisely a gem of wisdom(priceless advice)! How good will it be for me for if that one day, someone is to reward me with a thousand silver.The bailliff of the feudal yamen secretly expecting it in his mind.     

“Zhang Yu, where is young master? I have already have this manor purchased and to be just about to find him then giving him the report.” Brother Wang directs his question towards Zhang Yu who is sitting on a chair. The odd thing is the bitter looking face of Li Da and Li Er who are motionless behind of Zhang Yu. In looking at these two buffoons, Uncle Zhang is holding back his smiling expression but his pair of eyes has nevertheless revealed out his mental state at this moment.    

“Brother Wang, there is no need for you look at them for they want to enter into the battle array and play in it. This has violated master’s command and they are punished by me to be at there and are not permitted to speak and move about at all. Just now, master has already entered into the battle array and he has called us to be only be at the outside as well as not to permit us to enter in. You stay at here for now.” After Zhang Yu has finished speaking, he has once again shut his lips then turning his head down to the few books that he has brought with which is related to the battle array.

Without any better option to do, Brother Wang brings Sister Yu to have her seated down on the chair. In waiting for me to return, Sister Yu has turned around her head to look at the exceedingly bitter looking complexion Li Da and Li Er who are at the back then bursting out a hearty laughter.    


Uncle Zhang being not able to hold it anymore is laugh out to his heart’s content in a loud voice.


The whole hall is filled with unending laughter where the voice of the hearty laughter is dashing back and forth across the hall.  

Li Da and Li Er in looking at all of this have their heart crying madly, ‘Master, you better hurry and come back, ya……’

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