Chapter 13 Xing Feng Manor Part 1

“Master, we ought to set out now!” Li Da speaks out after entering into the house. After looking at Uncle Zhang for some time, he then mischievously smiled.

“Uncle Zhang, we shall be setting off at once. Don’t you need to make some preparations?” While facing Uncle Zhang, I speak with a face  brimming with a smiling expression. At this moment, he is still immersed into the time when I was complimenting him. In response to hearing my words, in just one moment, he came over. Looking at Li Da and I, he gives off the sound of  a masked cough and then whilst only speaking to me he says,”I will be done in just a moment as I don’t have many things.”

Uncle Zhang stands up then turns his body. Just as he is about to enter the room, the figure of Zhang Yu walks out of the room with four to five begs with various sizes suspended with him.

Smiling happily as he faces Uncle Zhang, he then says,”Dad! I have already collected everything and all the preparations are ready so we are prepared to set out at anytime.” Because Zhang Yu has heard Uncle Zhang’s sincere expression that is filled with paternal love. As a result of it, he is exceedingly happy. The formerly cool Zhang Yu is now smiling brightly. Today, Zhang Yu is exceedingly happy as for this one day alone, the number of times that he has smiled is estimated to have surpassed the number of times of him smiling in an ordinary month.

After looking at them for some time, I then too start to smile as well. Inside the small bamboo house, it is filled with a joyous and harmonious mood.

I loudly speak out,”Let’s go!”

During the moment when we are descending down the mountain, both of them, Brother Wang and Sister Yu have already put the chests that is filled with golds and silvers inside the carts.

In seeing us, Sister Yu walks till to in front of us and she speaks,”Young master, all of the preparations is already done. Our carts are not enough so we have taken two carts from the fortified hill. The cart in the middle has the metal chest placed in. Are we going to set out immediately? Please give your commands!”

I scan at the people around the surroundings for a while, for they will laterwards fundamentally become my most ordinary members and our stage is precisely the capital of the country. At there, it will be the place for us to display ourselves. That place will also be the first time for me, Zhang Xing Feng to display myself towards the Zhang influential family.


The voice of mine loudly howling and everyone also immediately enter into the carts that properly arranged to them. The wheels of the carts begin to rotate as we are on a journey in proceeding towards the capital of the country.

‘Father, you just wait and watch it for I will make you in knowing my capabilities. I make you regret for the mistaken decision that you have made at that time.’ I said it in my heart as I look at the azure sky outside of the window,’ 


“Ah! We have finally reached. Haha…” Outside of the city gate of the capital of the Ming Dynasty, a group of person shouted in a loud voice at the .

Along the hastening of the journey which is nearly up to six days, we have finally reached our destination. The six days of the exhaustion from the journey has turned in ecstasy in a split second.

Gazing at the that city that is constructed using granite and boulders, my heart is madly calling out,”The capital of the country, I have arrived! I, Zhang Xing Feng has arrived!”

After the party consisting the nine of us is made, we enter into the silver reserved trading company that is established in Ming Dynasty. With our body carrying the eight hundred and fifty thousand note worth of silver, we arrive at the restaurant that is called Feng Yu(Wind and Rain) which is not far away from the silver reserved trading company. We have never expected that this restaurant unexpectedly is the best restaurant in the whole capital. Its outer appearance is just so and so but its interior environment is truly…wonderful!

I actually am in admiration for the designer of the restaurant for he has changed the Heavenly Wind and Silver Rain Array from an array that is used as a battle array into a array used to service others. In the entire of the lounge. There are only eight small rooms which are for the dedicated rooms of the distinguished guests. In distinguishing them is that they are in the position of the ‘Kan’, ‘Li’, ‘Dui’, ‘Zhen’, ‘Xun’, ‘Qian’, ‘Kun’, and ‘Gen’. These eight directions of the ‘Heavenly Wind and the Silver Rain Battle Array’ are originally used in producing wind and rain in blurring the opponent’s vision. As for the battle array that has been altered afterwards, it is employed in causing the lounge in incessantly to have faint breeze blowing past together with the drizzling weather. This has caused the whole lounge to seem to have the fresh, clean and cozy feeling when having a meal or drinking alcohol inside the place which has the resemblance of one being on the mountain and fields after the rain compared to the other places which are stuffy.

We naturally call for one small room for the distinguished guests and in fact there is still more and better rooms for the distinguished guests upstairs. It is just that those places cannot be entered with just money.

Before my sight at my seating position, the three disciples of mine are seen not daring to start eating before me. After speaking just a phrase, ‘Help yourselves.’  Li Da together with Li Er immediately begin to their speedy snatching eating competition. Although my big Brother Lang Feng is only of ten years old, it is clear that he is much more better than the two disciples that I have who are already seventeen years old. As for my third disciple, there is even more no need to say about him. His ordinary face of his always carries the cool looks and only towards his own people will he only probably laugh for a little while. However, there is also benefits in it. Upon entering the restaurant just now, more than half the women at the entire lounge have casted out intimidating looks. Even still, he treats it as if nothing had happened at all. All of us immediately pull him and then running into this independent room.

“Brother Wang, afterwards, we will stay at his capital for a period of time. After you have finished eating your meal, together with Sister Yu and bringing Li Da with Li Er and find for a big manor. These manor primarily have to be a little more bigger and it doesn’t matter if it is more expansive for we are going to stay here for a period of time. Furthermore, the most important point is that the foundation must firm and solid for I am planning to construct an underground cell. That’s all. After eating, go out and have a look. We will at once just stay at the rear of the Fengyu restaurant’s guest room. I have already ordered the waiter to go and help me prepare five high quality room. One room for Brother Wang and Sister Yu. One room for Li Da and Li Er. Aunts and big brother will have one room. Ah Yu and Uncle Zhang will have one room. I myself will have one room. Okay, all of the matters have been finished spoken. Let us eat.” Carrying onto the rice bowl and with the chopsticks that is held then stretching out to the dining table, I am staring blankly for half of the food on the table is gone with only one dish that is left untouched in front of me.

I gaze at the two good disciples of mine, Li Da and Li Er who give a simple and honest smile towards me. In looking at his two already emptied rice bowls, I know who is the one engulf all of the food. I just wanted to criticize the two disciples if line but they speak out a phrase,”Master, we have eaten not enough and can you give us your food?” Two pairs of the big eyes brimming with expectations fixated looking at me.

“Go away! Evil disciples, driving me mad!” I loudly scold. Li Da and Li Er staring blankly at me for it is the first time that I have scolded them.

“Ah, can’t you guys order extra dishes and cooked rice from the waiter. Unexpectedly, you want to eat my food. If you guys are to eat mine, then what am I going to eat?” In facing these two guys, I scolded them while smiling    

Li Da and Li Er are suddenly blanked and after for a moment only get over with a reaction as they loudly yell, “Thank you, master! Thank you, master!” Turning around, Li Da moves towards to the waiter that is at the front door that is specialized for the service then speaking, “Waiter. give me “Soy beans with pork knuckles broth’, ‘Wild mushroom with pork ribs broth’, ‘Plained boiled soy bean duck’, ‘Marinated chicken feet’, ‘Preserved egg roll’, ‘Stir fried red pepper’, ‘Stake roasted pigeon’, “Sweet sauce pork trotters’, ‘Freshly simmered fish’, ‘Slow boiled trotters’, ‘Spicy aromatic snails’….

I am stupefied. On the whole table, the only sole people that have maintained their tranquility are Li Er, Zhang Yu as well as Uncle Zhang.

Looking at the waiter who is chuckling as he is smiling and on the other hand is listening to it. Afterwards, the waiter immediately yells out loudly from the start till the finish word by word. I am dumbstruck and can only sigh that this waiter of the Fengyu restaurant’s inner quality is surely quite high. Really is without any deficiency of the restaurant being the the number one restaurant in the capital.  


After having eaten and drinking to one’s content, Brother Wang and them begin their search for a manor while I comfortably head back to my own room to have a rest.

Peng! Peng! “Young master, it is Brother Wang. Open up the door for a while.”

My goodness! I have just go to my bed and the clothes have not been taken off yet. This Brother Wang has already arrived for he has just only left for a few minutes only

Although I am very furious, I have nevertheless go and open the doors for Brother Wang.

“Brother Wang, what’s the matter with you? I have just recently go up to the bed and haven’t yet lie down but you have already arrived. Didn’t I have you to go for a search for a manor? Why is it that you are still here?” I vent off my resentment onto Brother Wang. Brother Wang and Sister Yu being the ones that have seen me grown up since young and it is only that in front of them that I show them the temperament of a young master.    

“Young master, I have already find a manor which is just at the northern side of the this restaurant and it has an enormous place. the asking price for the manor is at two hundred thousand taels of silver. It formerly belongs to the residence mansion of a marquis. As of now, the marquis is already long dead and he does not have any later generation so it has been confiscated by the Emperor. At that time, the Emperor has set the price at two hundred thousand taels of silver but it has been already a year that no one has purchase it. The main reason to it is that it is expansive but also because it is too huge and fundamentally, there is no need to for an average person to use such huge space. It is said that the marquis is an enthusiast of battle array. In his entire life, he has gathered countless battle array experts. Therefore, the whole garden as well as among some of the rooms are absolutely unable to enter it because the outsides are spreaded out/covered with one big array. What’s more is that the array is done together with the ten most powerful experts at that time. Now, there is already no one capable of breaking apart the battle array and this has also caused the no one wanting to purchase these house. In case of buying it, one is also not able to enter the rear garden.” Brother Wang explains to me the whole summary regarding this manor.

“Oh! Formerly, the mansion residence has nevertheless belong to a marquis. The outside of the rear garden still has a battle array that is quite tremendous. Interesting! Good! Good! You and me will at once go and have a look at it. I will first tidy my cloth for a while. You go and called out all of them for we will go and have a look at the our future house. Let’s go quickly!” I speak towards to Brother Wang .  

“Yes, young master! I will immediately go and manage it.” Brother Wang responding to me then turning around his body as he goes and informs them.

I walk till facing in front of the copper mirror as I attentively fix the cloth on my body. It is still not bad the looks of a child is nevertheless quite adorable.

In walking out of my room, I discover that the rest of them are already stationed in front of the front door in waiting for me and I find it a little embarrassing. With my expression becoming serious, I speaks toward them, “Let’s go and have a look at how is our future place. Ah! Let’s go!”

“Haha! We ourselves will also have our own domain at the capital.” Li Da being eternally as such and I have spoken to him numerous times but it is useless.   

“Big brother, tell me how big of the room will master give us?” Li Er this idiot is also pretty much the same as his brother. Why did I at once have received these of a disciple?

“Rubbish! We are indeed of master’s first apprentices and it only natural that we will have a awfully huge as well as awfully good rooms. These also need to be thought about it. Ai! Having this kind of a younger brother is indeed a grievance of I, Li Da. Ha! Luckily, I have a master that is good by no means. Am I right master?” This Li Da has once again begins to put up with me with his flattery.

“Shut up!”

I gaze at them at one glance then turning my body as I enter towards the northern side path. Just walking less than fifty steps and an enormous manor at once appears before our eyes. At the doorway, appears two enormous stone lions that are nevertheless still at the formidable years. It appears as if they are arrogantly looking upon the people entering the manor.

Two balliffs of the feudal yamen standing upright and relying onto each side of the entrance with two broadswords closely held onto the bosom as they are already drowsy.     

‘Hello, these two patrols. We want to purchase this manor. Hello!” Sister Yu runs towards and advancing towards the front of the two baliffs of the feudal yamens as she speaks. It is just that the sound of the last word is just too loud and it is pitiful of the two bailliffs of the feudal yamen.  

“Who! Who has disturbed my pleasant dream? Eh! why have you just say just now? Is it true that you have said that you want to purchase this manor?” The bailliffs of the feudal yamen who is with a comparatively larger age is hardly convinced that there is someone before his eyes that is willing to buy the manor that is on sold for a year and yet have been sold out.    

Sister Yu loudly speaks out, “Yes! It is true and I have already told plainly that we want to buy this manor.”

“My goodness! I can finally leave this place. One yearrr, ah! One whole year, I have been here enduring the gusts and heavy downpour. The heavens has finally opened it eyes, ah!” The bailliff of the feudal yamen loudly yells out .

The bailliff of the feudal yamen at the side murmurs, “I can finally leave this place and begins to initiate my business and my wife has not allowed me to have sex with me for half a year…..” 

In looking at these, we are slightly dazed and only after a good moment of time only do we manage to get over it. As for the wto of them, they are too happy.  

“Ah Jun, you shall immediately go to the official residence and make a report about it. I will lead these guests to have a tour around the manor for a while. Ladies and gentlemen, please do follow me in entering inside and attentively have a look at it.” This guy has just woken up a moment ago has been shouting and screaming at us but as of now, he has immediately adopt out a humble attitude. Looks like he is capable of knowing that the people who is able to buy his manor which is us are not those people that he provoke on.       

The bailliff of the feudal yamen takes out the key and opens out the entrance of the manor. All of us walks towards the future of house.  

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