Chapter 12 Flawless Jasper Part 2

I ramble as i walk towards till the front of Uncle Zhang. Looking at him, looking at that pair of his eyes which those eyes of him are able to see through everything essence in the world.

Zhang Kuang, that is Uncle Zhang’s name and he is indeed very mad(Kuang) making him also be entitled to be that mad. With the age of only forty years old, he has nevertheless already had the qualifications to become the figurehead in the industry as the carving master. This is exactly because he is mad and only he dares to face it the second young master of the ‘Treasured Gems’ then madly scolded the second young master in the loud voice. Although Zhang Kuang knows that the second young master is of a complete vile person, Zhang Kuang has still never regret even if the consequence is that he is to fall into this plight even up till now.

Zhang Kuang’s eyes are fixated at the child in front of him and for the first time he has this feeling of not being able to see through completely. Although seeing people is much more harder compared to seeing the dead things, yet, one can nevertheless make out a bit and he cannot make out one tiny bit out of this child in front of him. Gazing at the child in front of him, His outer appearance of a child but the walking posture of his is steady and full of power resembling of a robust adult man. Looking at his eyes, there are the vitality of a child, the matureness of a middle aged man, and also of the abstruseness of an old man that has experience great changes. In the end, just who is this child for is he or not a child? Don’t tell me that he is an expert from the hidden world and he has reversed from an old man and renew his youth….

I smile because I am seeing that pair of eyes of his are already puzzled…..       

“Uncle Zhang, although I am Zhang Yu’s master, I am just only six years old this year. The New Years is soon and after the new years, I am also seven years old so I am just going to address you as Uncle Zhang” I cup my hands then giving that indifferent smile of mine as I speak.

Zhang Kuang looking at me for he can tell that his son of his has also inherited the mad side of his. An average person will simply only just not pay heed to it and even more when it comes to paying respect as one’s master. Before his eyes, this person is merely using his appearance of his child and has made his own son to right away pay respect to the child as the master. It seems that he is indeed an expert. This Zhang Kuang is nevertheless not convinced that Zhang Xing Feng is a child and Zhang Kuang is treating Xing Feng as an expert from the outside world.

Since there is even an expert that want to address me as uncle, how am I able to reject it? Who knows what he is thinking off?   

“Oh, since it is said as such, this virtuous nephew, please come into my small bamboo house to have a rest. Yu Er(Yu son), go and make tea for your master using my Holy Rain TieGuanYin [TL Note: The author uses GuanYin but it is not existent and I have consulted some translators and I have putted it as TieGuanYin. As for the front part, this tea is categorised based on their harvesting season so I am assuming this should be a first rate tea for it has the Holy/Sacred word before the harvesting season period. Here is some extra info if you are interested.] Please follow me, virtuous nephew.” Zhang Kuang and I have entered into his small bamboo house.

‘What’s the matter? Why is father willing to bring out the Holy Rain TieGuanYin. Looks like, father has also through the mystical places of my master.’ As Zhang Yu is thinking, he heading towards the back of the small house then walking.

“Uncle Zhang, Zhang Yu says that you are of an exceedingly tremendous and superior jade artifiact carving master.” Sitting on top of the bamboo chair inside of the house, I direct my question to Uncle Zhang.    

“I don’t really deserve it. I do not really deserve it. I can only say that I am somewhat slightly famous and that is all. Hehe!” That is what Uncle Zhang has said through his mouth but on his face has nevertheless exposes out this distinct and extraordinary proudness. It will have been weird if others are to boast in front of you about your proudest moment and you are not happy about it .

“Uncle Zhang, I have accidentally obtained two pieces of the best grade yushi(precious stone) from Li Si’s place and please have a look at it.” I take out the two pieces of the best grade yushi from my bosom from my bosom then placing them on top of the limestone table.    

Those pair of eyes of Uncle Zhang shines up in less than a split second of time and then attentively gaze at the two pieces of yushi. After for a long time, then only there is the sound of his gasping as he says, “These pieces of the yushi are the king of jades among the jades called yujing.  It can be used to keep one reassured as well as helping one in concentrating one’s attention but it is actually exceptionally too hard and only Jian Mang (sword radiance) is capable of cutting open it. But then again, is there even any first grade expert which will come and carve it? Moreover, when carving, the blade has to completely steady. With one trace of trembling, it will right away cause the entire product to be destroyed. Therefore, even if the essence of the jade is precious but yet there is not much of that can put it into great use. Still, only because it is uncommon, one piece of the jade essence also need to sold up till at the price of fifty thousand taels of silver.”

“Just where can you buy the jade essence?” I am indeed feeling impatient.  

“Although it may be less, still, so long that you are to go to those big auction house then placing an order and you can nevertheless purchase a few of it. In fact, an upper grade yushi is already okay for it also has the function of keeping one reassured as well as one’s attention concentrated and is also a little more cheaper. At here, I have one piece of upper grade yushi. If this is not to the dislike of my virtuous nephew, just take mine and use it.” Uncle Zhang states it with a very outspoken and straightforward manner but in his heart, he hates to part with it but in any case I am his son’s master and even he is unwilling to part with it, he has to part with it.

Looking at Uncle Zhang as I smile then speaking, “How do I dare to accept things that are Uncle Zhang’s things. Still, what’s more is that I myself originally have a few upper grade yushi and I am in fact needed to make a few very important things using the best grade yushi.”

Uncle Zhang upon hearing me finish speaking is nevertheless very happy for being a yushi carving master, he extremely treasures the material of the yushi that is in his hand. One needs to know that a good finished product is not simply about having a good blade skill but also still need to have the good material of yushi. Calming down his mind, Uncle Zhang only then recalls that I have just now says that I want to use the best grade yushi to make things that are of a very important affair. He can’t help but to be puzzled over it  and he asks to satisfy his puzzlement on this matter.  

“Virtuous nephew, although it pith of a jade mine, it should have somewhat very important use in it. I myself has a somewhat popularity in the industry of yushi as the carving master but as far as I know is that there is nothing significant use about this beat grade yushi. Virtuous nephew, is I possible for you to inform me what are you going to use this best grade yushi for? Oh! Please forgive me for being bold and if virtuous memo hew has major secret, then there is just no need to speak about it for your Uncle Zhang is not of a pelutant person.” Uncle Zhang concealing his own frame of mind while exposing a smile on his face which gives this expression of him that it is fundamentally not a must for him to know of this secret. However, from the inside of his eyes, I can see the feelings of anxiety and the thirst to know about it.

Looking at the manner of the smile on Uncle Zhang’s face, I laugh. I reach out my hand to carry out that teacup on top of the limestone table that Ah Yu has delivered just now and lightly drink a mouthful of it.  I carefully aftertaste the fresh and eternal together with the elegant feeling. I have became aware that I am slightly fond with the taste of the Holy Rain TieGuanYin.

Uncle Zhang at this moment is looking at the style of mine enjoying but do not have the slightest amount of the proud feeling in him. His heart at this time is cramming out with the concerns regarding the matter of the usage of the best grade yushi. These best grade yushi has however has never been a discovery regarding what significance it has in its usage. It is unknown that how many yushi carving master their whole life force and still have the slightest amount of discovery. With regards to Uncle Zhang as a person who is said to be extremely fond of carving yushi, there is nothing more attractiveness present in knowing about the usage of the best grade of the yushi.

Seeing the look of Uncle Zhang being anxious like this with the face of his still having the tranquil expression as much as possible. Indeed, it has been a hardship for our Uncle Zhang. I raise my head then taking a look and I know that yet it is nearly reaching the crucial moment.

Letting go of the teacup in my hand, I lightly let it go on top of the limestone table. Lifting my head as I am facing up to Uncle Zhang, he immediately displayed out a look with a smile on it.

I laugh as I speak to Uncle Zhang, “Uncle Zhang, actually there is also not much of a matter and also not some sort of a secret. I precisely have one method that is doable that can turn best grade yushi into a jasper that does not have even one trace of flaw.” I indifferently laugh but I do know that in this world there is no one jasper that is without a trace of flaw and what does this mean?

“What? What did you just say? How is it possible that it will not have even one trace of flaw ? How is this possible… Are you sure that you are certainly able to make and produce out a yushi that is without a trace of flaw? Are you really and truly sure about it?” From sitting at this chair, Uncle Zhang stands up and says it is a loud voice     

Uncle Zhang is without any trace of his calmness that he usually has for he is already close in becoming crazy but then again, how can it be blamed on him? Exchanging him with any of the yushi carving master, any of them will also this kind of reaction. A yushi without any trace of flaw is what all of the yushi carving master have been pursuing for for the rest of their lifetime. Since the ancient times, not knowing how many years, nearing to a few millenniums, the skill of the carving master has made quantitative progress but up to the present, there has still not been an emerge of a flawless jasper. The people came into believing that the flawless jasper is but only of a folklores. As of now, the folklores may be on the verge on becoming a realisation and you are telling Uncle Zhang not to go crazy about it?

Looking at Uncle Zhang, I firmly say, “I am certain that i am surely capable of making out one flawless jasper. This time, after we have returned to the capital of the city, I will immediately at once tell you how to make a flawless jasper. Uncle Zhang, we will at once go to the capital of the city. Ah Yu will be going together with us. Are you going to go with us? Oh! I remember that “Auspicious Precious Jade’ has a shop that is awfully large on the capital. For your own safety, you just stay at here and experience the life that is slightly tranquil. You staying at here will also make Ah Yu to be at ease.” I mockingly say it to Uncle Zhang but i know that in order to see the flawless jasper, Uncle Zhang will even go through the mountain of dagger and seas of flames(extreme danger).    

“How can this be for how can I possibly depart with my own biological son? No matter what untold dangers and difficulties there are, none of them will not be able to separate us the father and son.” On uncle Zhang’s face, he is apparently showing the radiance of a compassionate father but I do know that it is probable that maybe Uncle Zhang do not want to part away with his son. However, the overwhelming majority of the reason is nevertheless still due to the matter of the flawless jasper that is about to be out to the world.   

Zhang Yu being at the study room as he is reading on a book has heard the sincere opinion that is expressed out by his father. His mind has a burst of surging feelings and for a long time he cannot calm his mind down….

I look at the appearance of Uncle Zhang and even if his main purpose is for the flawless jasper but the feeling he has for his son is what I can nevertheless really feel and perceive it. As for my father….

I have a sudden burst of emotion stirring up. From my chair, I stand up and firmly says it towards to Uncle Zhang, “Uncle Zhang, you can be at ease for you are going together with us and no one will be able to harm you. Even more, there is no need to say that “Auspicious Treasured Gems’. Even if there are ten of them, I will not pay any attention to them.” I immediately as if showing disdain towards the whole world and survey the whole world for whom am I to be afraid of when I am a cultivator.

For a period of time, my heroic spirit soar up and my own majestic momentum of chi immediately pervade and spread out.    

Uncle Zhang looks at me and at the present he all of a sudden has a burst of muddle headedness. A share of the loftiness of an emperor hits onto his face and the silhouette of the child in front of his eyes is becoming more and more larger as if like a big mountain. This has caused the people to be unable to face upwards and look at it …. All of sudden, a thought emerge up in his mind of him wanting to worship the child before his eyes… Suddenly, a gleam flash past his eyes and everything returns back distinctly to normal before his eyes. Others may have thought that their eyes are vertigoed but of the yushi carving masters that have been relying on their eyes in their work will exceedingly believe in their own eyes. Thus, Uncle Zhang knows that everything from just now is real. As of all of this everything, the creator of this bad precedent is precisely the child in front of him.

I have suddenly discover that Uncle Zhang’s pair of eyes are unexpectedly staring blankly and already want to kneel down before me. I immediately discovered that I, myself, have unexpectedly dispersed and spread out my own momentum of qi at the state of my cultivation realm. I immediately draw back the momentum of chi and like formerly and the same way, I have sit back down. I know that Uncle Zhang is the type of person who is unlikely to be convinced that everything of just now is a hallucination. I can’t help it but to be a bit vexed.

With a sudden thought in my mind, I gaze Uncle Zhang and then says, “Just now, when I was coming at that time, I have seen you hacking the bamboo. You have no martial arts and why is it that you have an eyesight that is even better compared to those people that have learned martial arts? That blade of yours is simply ordinary blade that is used to hack the bamboo and why is it that you are easily able to hack the bamboo into two halves?”

Upon hearing my questions, Uncle Zhang immediately adopts the style of an expert then stroking his three strands of very short beard as he clearly speaks out, “The eyesight is fundamentals of yushi carving masters for during the period of time when we are carving, there cannot occur any little bit of errors or else the finished product is finished. As for the blade technique, it is precisely a standard that is used by a yushi carving master to examine oneself. When a yushi carving master is able to lift the weights as light and use a part of one’s power and put out a hundred percent of a result then one is precisely of a quite decent yushi carving master. My sword art techniques itself is to experience the grain of the material. To use the power of the nature to do all of this and only through this can be a genuine and exceptional carving expert.”     

I have a burst of astonishment for it is truly that all of the living things have their paths(dao). Even in the industry of carving, the development has unexpectedly reached till to the point where one can make use of the power of the nature.

‘Uncle Zhang, I admire you. Really is admirable.” I stand up as i express out my admiration of my inner feelings from my heart. I am being sincere about it for in previous life, I have nevertheless attained to the realm of yuanying, and only can I come to realise of making use the power of the nature. At that time, I am already 1200 plus years old!

“Master, are we not setting out at once. Brother Wang is already fully prepared and he has called me to ask you.” Li Da’ voice from the outside of the house is projected inwards.

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