Chapter 112- The Withered Path of A Warlock Part 2


Qi Xia pointed at the others present and explained, “Life in this school is too boring, thus, we made ourselves a small organization of sorts where I’m in charge of money, Yang Xi’s in charge of weapons and such, Yan Yu, this future high-level priest, is the head of the logistics department, and Tang Nazhi is in charge of retaliation, the simple-minded blockhead that he is. The only thing that we’re lacking right now is a godly thief that can steal for us under the cover of an emergency. Do you have any interest?”

Shen Yanxiao had a somewhat complicated look as she gazed at the four adolescents in front of her. No matter whether it was their family background, or their personal strength, they were all the best in the country. Due to the team that they’d formed, no matter what, every single aspect of their team possessed enormous potential. Regarding this, Shen Yanxiao was actually somewhat interested. After all, there were still limits if she was to fight alone. If she wanted to undo her seal, the things that she’d need would become harder and harder to obtain. Making friends with these scoundrels would be an extremely big help. If she was able to put the strength of all 5 of the large clans to use in helping her gather the crystallic nuclei, it wouldn’t take long before the third layer of her seal was undone.

However, before that, she needed to determine the reason why this team of theirs had been established.

“What are the obligations and the rules?”

Seeing that Shen Yanxiao was interested, Qi Xia smiled and said, “There aren’t any obligations or rules. Everything’s completely based around one’s happiness. You can be at ease, we won’t do wicked things like murder and arson. We merely want to write more pleasure into this boring school life, that’s all.”

Shen Yanxiao pondered over it for a moment. Sweeping her gaze over the four adolescents, the corner of her mouth slowly rose as she said, “Count me in”

Representing the other three, Qi Xia extended his palm towards towards Shen Yanxiao and said, “ Welcome to Phantom.”

“I’ll be looking forward to the future days to come.” Shen Yanxiao answered, and grasped Qi Xia’s hand with a flower-like smile.

However. the five adolescents present didn’t know that this convergence of theirs today would bring about an indescribably formidable force in the future.

And thus ‘Phantom’, which would cause the entire Radiance(Guangming) Continent’s face to change upon hearing its name someday in the future, was quietly established inside an absolutely empty casino.

After joining Phantom, as it should be by rights, the part of the funds that Shen Yanxiao had won had was taken by Qi Xia to be used as development capital. In regards as to what Qi Xia was going to do with the casino, Shen Yanxiao was too disinclined to bother to learn.

The postpone of the class division trial for a month was very crucial time to her. Apart from the pharmaceutical branch, she still needed to go to both the warlock and archer branches in passing to ‘borrow’ a few skill books so that she could enrich herself. God knows how much the Dou Qi and magic that she’d accumulated during this period of time had wanted to gush out, yet she still hadn’t even taken her first step on these two professions’ paths.

After returning to their dorm, Tang Nazhi’s atttitude towards Shen Yanxiao was clearly even more unbridled when compared to before!

Lin Xuan was a merit student, but was also a new student. Therefore, he didn’t know about the matter of the casino, nor that these two bastards had already begun to work hand-in-hand, becoming comrades-in-arms.

He was merely crouching to the side in silence, watching the two be very bro-like.

Tang Nazhi felt that Shen Jue was a genius, for not only was Shen Jue ‘outstanding’ at pharmacology, but Shen Jue was unexpectedly also a godly thief. Just thinking of that Qi Xia’s appearance as he admitted defeat was enough for Tang Nazhi to be happy without end, to the extent that he saw Shen Yanxiao as someone even more pleasing in his eyes.

For the whole day, Shen Yanxiao was underneath Tang Nazhi’s incomparable gaze of worship, thus she could only brace herself to gnaw on the books about pharmaceutical study.

It wasn’t until night, when it was night time for them to rest, that Tang Nazhi finally let her off.

The pitch-black night was the best time for a heartless little thief to make its move.  

Seeing that both Tang Nazhi and Long Xuan had sunk into deep sleep, Shen Yanxiao prudently slipped away, and left the dorm.

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  1. o.O which house or rich person is going to cry next?

    Thank you for the chapter (۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶fufu


  2. Bit late on the reply but I have to admit I’m shocked to see the young masters of the divine beast clans forming a team and even finding out the MC’s hidden talent and recruiting it lol. There is about to be a great disaster for the world as they have to deal with the combined powers of bored, talented, and naturally entitled young masters ;p


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