Chapter 11 Flawless Jasper Part 1

A row of us along with some soldiers are hurrying to the fortified mountain. At this moment, present in front of my face are two boxes of chests and it is giving me headache for these big chests are the most difficult to be dealt with.

“Where is master? My master is at where.” Li Da anxiously asks out and Zhang Yu standing at the side is also very suspicious. However, he has nevertheless continuously looking at me. Could it be that he is able to see through that this child is their master? It is impossible for the secret skill of my Tianxin sect (in fact the secret skill of the cultivation world but in this entire world, there is only one person cultivating which is me and whatever I have said it is so it shall be and no one will know about it) How is possible for him to see it through?

Smiling, my body gradually change and continuously changing into the appearance of the Sword god Sui Yu. Li Da standing at the side foolishly looks at me.

“Master? You are master?”

“You are indeed correct.” Smiling as I look at him.     

“Eh! Eh! Eh!…. My master knows transforming technique, ah! My master is a Daoist Immortal” Li Da has once again jumping and bouncing as he shouted loudly. This has caused the soldiers from the stronghold mountain around the surroundings to look towards here speechlessly. How is it that the reaction compared to Sister Yu compared to his reaction is that much of a difference?  

“Just now, I have caught sight of of a child turning into that sword technique expert. Ai! It is really true. Is it the one that I really saw?” One of the soldiers that have seen me changing wanting to show off in front of his companion but the result is that…… his companion unexpectedly leaving away from him with the expression of I do not know him.

“Ah Yu [TL Note: not sister Yu], why are you looking at me just now. Are you able see through me as your master?” I direct my question towards the third disciple of mine for this one question has continuously left me puzzled.  

“How is possible that this disciple to see through this immortal class technique? It is just that at the bottom of the mountain at the moment from the beginning of that time, master is simply not that at all. There is only one child and later the child has disappeared then master appears. Just a moment ago when master has disappeared, the child has once again showed up. Therefore, I am somehow skeptical about it but still it is hard to believe that the world has unexpectedly has this immortal class method.” My third disciple says with the appearance of worshiping.

To be able to make my third disciple to be like this, I am rather quite proud about it. However, I immediately recalled again about the goal.    

“What is the result regarding the search of the wealth?” Looking at my Da disciple, I ask.    

“Master, we have already clear up the collective amount of property from the mountain stronghold and altogether it is amounting to approximately three hundred and fifty thousand taels of silver.” Li Da’s whole face is filled with pride as he speaks.  

“Why is that no other items for it is impossible to have only money after looting? Where are those gold and silver and those pearls?” Sister Yu aks with her face filled with distrust.

“Is there still need to be said? Surely it is inside of inside of Li Si’s slush fund. I can allow my second brother to go there and see. Let’s go! Let’s go and take a look at in the end what kind of treasures are there?” Li Da, this youngster unexpectedly without waiting for me and at once taken the lead then going first. Really does not put too much of a respect for me as his master.

“Li Da, I have yet to move.” I look at him with the cool face.

Li Da once seeing the appearance of mine, his mind goes gloomy and silently thinking, “Shoot! Just now, I have forgotten to allow master to stand at the front and walk in front. What can I do?”

Li Da’s small eyes blink once and then immediately respectfully says,”Master, I am standing in front because I am confident in guiding the route and I am afraid that master will take an indirect route.”

Once hearing it, it is still really reasonable for I still do not know for where Li Si’s house is located at.

“Li Da, you are nevertheless quite good. After master reaches the capital of the city, I will at once teach you an exceptional martial arts. You just stay at the front and lead the road.” I narrate it out clearly.

After reaching the capital of the city, I originally will teach them the Tai Ji Yin Yang secret art. Anyways, I am not going to lose out.

“Thanks master! Thanks master!” Li Da immediately aggravates as he is running at the front being more joyous…..

A bamboo house that looks like any other houses appear in front of me. It seems that this Li SI is still not that stupid for he still know how to use this way to puzzle his men in thinking that they have the same amount of wealth.  

“Master, i have already seen at here and it is certain that no one has go into the slush funds” Li Er rushing out of the inner house of Li Si and then declares towards me about his glorious achievement with his chest sticking out highly.  

“Second brother. I am telling you that our master is indeed a Daoist immortal for just now I even saw him changing from the a child to the present now.” Li Da immediately begins to show off in front of his brother regarding the secret that is known by himself.

“Big brother, are you having fever? Is it that you are too happy to the point that your head is muddled for you can say this kind word which is that master is a Daoist immortal? It is indeed even more pitiful for me as I unexpectedly have this kind of a foolish brother.” Li Er begins to exhale slowly for a long time then giving a brief sigh.

“I truly have not gotten fever and I am well. I truly see that master has transformed from a child to the present state. Ai! You are still not believing it. Master, you say that whether what I have spoken is true or not?” Li Da actually have nothing that he can do anymore and can only request me this person involved at the present scene to proof it.

Looking at this two buffoons, I helplessly force a smile. Who called me to be their master. I move all of the true yuan power and I slowly from the appearance of Sword God Sui Yu then changing to the original appearance of mine. Shaking my head, I walk towards to the inside of the house. “Ah Yu, you guys quickly and come in.” I say the sentence lightly like a feather.   

Leaving the dumbstruck Li Er and the joyfully satisfied Li Da, Ah Yu and the others follow me behind with them hardly astonished entering through the Li Si’s house.     

Entering the inside of the house of Li Si, there is just one word for it. Wow! It is not one of those common luxurious and extravagant one. Upon entering the inside of the house, it may have this spread of an average style but nevertheless where the bed is, in the middle of the house is made out of the Amethyst Dragon Wood. Looking at the bottom of the bed, I faintly smile. Dad, you will never have expected that the first pot of gold (first ever profit) is earned this easily.     

My disciple Da immediately runs from the back then stepping forward. With only one grasp, the relatively bigger wooden bed is moved away. Under the messy bed appears one ‘beautiful scenery’ appears in front of our eyes. Li Da smiling contemptly as his one leg scatter away those things that are in a mess. One small iron ring appears in front of us.  

My disciple Da immediately turning his head then looking at my most intelligent third disciple. Zhang Yu gazing at Li Da then smiles for a while as he walks from my side towards the bedside. Looks like my third disciple is quite decent is not always with that grim expression when treating his brothers as well as his master is nevertheless still quite good.

Zhang Yu moves till to the position of the iron ring then extending his right hand. Grabbing onto that ring, he turns left three times, the right four times and again the left four times. The cracking sound can be heard. One small chest made of stone that is covered beneath the ground is arising.  

I walk forward and attentively gazing at it. Looking at this only defensive mechanism of the stone chest which is the stone lock, I laugh. My right hand lightly slips pass through the stone lock together with the sword radiance shining as well as passing through. ‘Bang!’ the sound of the big stone lock dropping to the ground right away.

I take a look at the surrounding where our own people are looking at the stone chest. I laugh as there is no one who can exempt themselves from this convention. I serenely lift up the stone lid and gazing at the stuffs inside. On the outside, I am extremely undisturbed but the ocean of the inner heart is flipping up and is also rising up as tremendous waves overflowing the sky. Just what is it?

All of the people from the surrounding takes a look at everything of the inside then unexpectedly everyone quiets down for a moment. After for a long time, the sound of gasping in surprise continuously echoes. Just what is it? Besides the the thirty pieces of banknotes that is worth ten thousands each, unexpectedly there is still the national treasure the Blood Phoenix and this treasure’s worth is indeed close to million. Apart from this, at the side, there is still a few yushi[precious stones].

All of them are gasping in surprise due to this Blood Phoenix. As of me being in the Zhang clan since young, towards this type of treasure, I am not sure how many times I have seen it. Although this Blood Phoenix is the treasure at its best quality and which is also the previous empress’ proof, in the eyes of mine who is cultivating, all of these cannot make me feel astonished.

Causing me to be astonished are these a dozen or more pieces of yushi. At the Zhang clan, I have already discovered that the jingshi[rock crystal] that is used in cultivating or replenishing the True Yuan Power in the world of cultivation is precisely this yushi(precious stone). But as of me being formerly in the Zhang clan, the best jingshi that I have seen is precisely the high grade of the jingshi(crystal rock). I come to believe that in this world there is no the best grade jinshi. But. But….

Among these dozen or more pieces, unexpectedly there are two pieces of the best grade jingshi and as of the rest of the pieces, there are five pieces of high grade jingshi and in addition to eight pieces of middle grade jingshi. Oh My God! These best grade yushi is also exceedingly rare to be seen in even if it is in the world of cultivation. If it is an ordinary cultivator, one fundamentally cannot even use it. Only those elders or the sect leader as well as the next generation talented inheritor of a more bigger sect are entitled to use it. The successor also has an extremely special room. Ordinarily, if the light energy of the jingshi is to be sucked, it will turn into dust. Only the best grade jingshi upon being having its energy absorb, it will afterwards change into a not even one bit flawed, the flawless jasper and its hardness will merely drop till the level of the high grade jingshi.      

I suddenly recalled Zhang Yu’s father is a famous jade artifact carving master. Perhaps he knows where are all of these best grade jingshi. I unable to bear the anxiety feeling. Stretching one hand, holding onto those few pieces of yushi as these all of these are in my hand. (Authors Note: Afterwards in my writing, jinshi will be integrated and also called as yushi. The grade of yushi is equal to jinshi)

I take a look at Sister Yu and the others who are still looking and observing the Blood Phoenix. I then speak, “Brother Wang, you will be in charge of our financial affairs at the moment and as of these things, keep it first. Furthermore, from today onwards, all of us will be as an one entity. If there is any difficulties, you have to speak out. Remember that we are as of an one entity.”

“Yes, Master (Young master) (Second Brother)” everyone looking at me with the extremely happy mood because everyone also got this (familia feeling/ feeling of a family) and we are all very close to each other. .     

As for brother Wang, he immediately begins his tidying up all of the properties with everyone coming to help him out in moving the items.

“Zhang Yu, let’s go and see your father. I am somewhat having some questions regarding the yushi and will like to ask uncle about it. Moreover, up till now, I stil has not pay my visit to uncle and it is nevertheless quite good.” I smile as I speaks towards Zhang Yu.

“Good! Master, I will lead the road.” Zhang Yu walks in front of me with the tranquil complexion but it is hard to tell what his thoughts are. Using the tone of his master as he speaks to himself and from the outer appearance, it appears to be hilarious. However, when confronting with his master, in his eyes, there are only of his master’s figure like a sort of high mountain and not even the little bit of attention paid that his master is just only a child. He himself is even more sure that he has found a master that is suitable for him.

Zhang Yu walking along with me across the small stone bridge as of now a house made out of Moso Bamboo emerges. A middle aged man of forty years old is at the vacant land outside of his house and is in the middle of using the blade to hack the (thin/slender) bamboo. The more he hack, the more thin/slender it is. However, it is nevertheless that the more he hacks, he unexpectedly has not made the already unusually thin bamboo strip to be broken and splitted into halves. I use my spiritual awareness to observe all of these.

He has no martial arts and why is it that he has this sort of eyesight that is compared to those people that have learn martial arts? That blade of his is merely the ordinary blade that isi used to hack bamboo and why is it that he is able to easily to split the bamboo into two halves.

“Father! I have brought my master to come and see you.” Zhang Yu excitedly yell out towards that the middle aged man.  

Oh! It turns out that he is precisely Zhang Yu’s father. the master engraver who is the chief of the  first under the heaven of the jade artifact shop. Looking at him, my mind starts to anticipate.  

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