Chapter 109- Youngsters Making A Friend Part 2

This was simply them rushing to deliver their money to him!

Chuckling, the head of the casino reached out to raise the dice cup, confident that he’d just become rich overnight.

However, the following second, he couldn’t smile anymore.

The moment the dice cup was raised, a pile of fine powder appeared on the betting table.

All 5 die had broken down into fine powder. According to the rules, this match was ruled as zero—small!

“Tsk, this certainly isn’t something easy to handle; how can we divide this casino between the five of us?” Tang Nazhi, whose face had always been terrible, suddenly wore a smiling expression as he leaned back in his chair. His eyebrows were slightly raised, giving people the impression that he was very haughty.

Deng, the head of the casino cursed under his breath.

“It’s a pity that the casino has lost everything. Thus, it seems like we have no way of determining the outcome of this fight today. Why don’t we fight again next time?” Yan Yu lightly smiled as he shook his head. The indifferent attitude in his eyes flickered with a vile smiling expression briefly.

“I feel that that’s plausible.” Yang Xi nodded, and agreed to postpone the battle.

Qi Xia unhurriedly got up from his seat. His body leaned slightly forward, and his 5 slender fingers were splayed out on the betting table. He beamed at the boss who’d already been struck dumb.

“Sorry, but please hand the deed over.”

This was a heaven-shaking reversal!!!

All of the students were struck dumb from watching, for how had these few people who’d been about to lose their life’s savings suddenly made a huge comeback from the danger zone of the final, crucial moment?

The head of the casino’s complexion had become deathly pale. Unless he was tired of living, or else, how would he dare to own the 5 big clans.

He could only obediently hand the casino over. No matter how much he thought about it, what he couldn’t understand was that, when he was opening the dice cup, he had definitely changed the points to big. Why was it that, when he’d opened the dice cup, the dice had still become a pile of fine powder.

The casino changed owners in no time, and the 5 new heads gave out an order on the spot that closed the entire casino. All of the students that were currently in the casino were driven out, and all of the original casino’s members were sent home, to finding their mothers.

Inside such a large casino, momentarily, there are only the 5 of them left.

Tang Nazhi picked up the 3 Mystical Dzi Beads from the betting table, that Yan Yu had taken out as his betting stake. In the midst of Shen Yanxiao’s misgiving gaze, he threw all of them into his mouth…

Kacha Kacha…

It was chewed to pieces!!!

If other people were to see this single scene, it’s very likely that all of them would’ve dropped their chins to the floor purely out of shock!  

And just like that, Tang Nazhi consumed the priceless Divine Guardian Beads like candies!

Shen Yanxiao was already thundered by his action till her face was full of blood.

“Yang Xi, these things that you’ve made aren’t as tasty as last time.” Tang Nazhi was currently eating the Divine Guardian Medicine at the same time as he was criticizing Yang Xi.

Yang Xi shot a glance at Tang Nazhi, then reached with his hand, and threw the rank 10 magical nuclei into his mouth…

After that…

Kacha Kacha…

“I feel that the flavour still isn’t bad.” Yang Xi muttered.

There was quite a large amount of fear within Shen Yanxiao’s eyes.

“You all don’t have to frighten my little friend to death. “ Yan Yu glanced coldly at the two good-for-nothings. Smiling, he walked to Shen Yanxiao’s side, smiling as a he said, “Don’t mind them. The things that they just consumed aren’t the real ones, but instead imitation products that Yang Xi has made.”

Imitation products…

Astonished, Shen Yanxiao looked over at Yang Xi, that rigid face. As a godly thief, making a counterfeit product, to her, wasn’t difficult at all. However, just now, she’d definitely detected a trace of magic power from that magical nucleus.

This could also be counterfeited?

“Ah Xi’s family makes knock-offs. So long as he’s seen it, then there isn’t anything that he’s unable to make a counterfeit of. Not to mention a regular magical nucleus and these few Mystical Dzi Beads, so long as the materials are adequate, he can even make a counterfeit of a real rank 10 magical beast for you.” It was as if Tang Nazhi had seen straight through Shen Yanxiao’s misgivings. Like a good brother, he explained this to her.

“…However, one can only look at it, not touch it.”

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  1. first!!

    wow i thought SY was going to take them all… but it seems that it was only counterfeit products…
    well its still good that they all won (^o^/)

    thanks for the chapter!!!

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    1. That was a nice twist, indeed. So in addition to a master fencer, we have some scammers including a master forger. Our master thief has fallen in among scoundrels. Oh, noes…

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  2. Lol so none of them are oblivious fat sheep… they’re all shrewd in their own way. That makes things so much more interesting! Her opponents (and pairings) must be smart, and now here are four xD

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  3. Oh a specialist in counterfeiting it seems she has found her shady comrades in the heads of the five great sects… Curious how they will react to her real identity way down in the future.

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  4. “I’m so sry for being not able to update any chapter for this time frame of about 1 and 1/2 months. Finally, my exam is over. So, things should be getting back to normal by next week.”
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