Chapter 107- Too Savage Part 4

Qi Xia nodded, a smile on his face, while Tang Nazhi raised his eyebrows.

Everyone’s sights fell onto Yang Xi’s body, whose handsome face had been taut the entire time. Of the 5 large clans, apart from this destitute youngster who’d been drawn in to make up for the shortfall in the numbers, all of them had brought out treasures that caused people to be dumbstruck, and now they were all simply waiting for the Azure Dragon Clan’s Yang Xi to open his mouth.

The Azure Dragon Clan’s ability in refining weapons could be considered matchless. Within the entirety of the Long Xuan Empire, nearly all of the godly weapons that were highly ranked, came from the Azure Dragon Clan.   

However, they weren’t sure what sort of thing Yang Xi would take out that could have them opened their ken.

Clearly, Yang Xi had already noticed that everyone’s attention was currently resting on him. He coldly swept his gaze over everyone. As he crossed his arms at his chest, he coldly said, “A rank 10 magical nucleus, some  auction house deeds, and even Divine Guardian Medicine. The stakes that you 3 have raised are really quite outstanding. However, my Azure Dragon Clan has always been dismissive of mere worldly possessions such as these. Therefore, today, I hereby promise that the Centennial Godly Sword of this generation of the Black Tortoise Clan shall subsequently be given to the person whom can win this round.”

Centennial! Godly! Sword!

Everyone actually drew in a mouthful of cold air because of Yang Xi’s words.

Every century, the Azure Dragon Clan would, without any doubt, forge an exceptional godly weapon, but only a single time in a century. However, it absolutely could instant kill any of the other godly weapons’ existence. This sort of thing was something that common folk wouldn’t even dare to think about. During the time when the Long Xuan Empire had been founded, the Azure Dragon Sword that had been held in the founding monarch’s hand was precisely the first Centennial Godly Weapon. The unsheathing of such a sword was bound to give rise to the sound of a dragon’s cry. As for the blade’s edge, it was even more fierce in that it cut through iron like it was mud. During that time, precisely due to relying on the Azure Dragon Sword, the founding monarch had swept away the hostile forces, and had given the Long Xuan Empire their own country.

According to rumour, the metal that was used to create the Centennial Godly Weapons wasn’t some commonly seen metal, but was instead directly from the within the Azure Dragon—where Dragon Crystal was continuously forged within it to refine Jade Dragon Iron. Therefore, every single Centennial Godly Sword carried a portion of a formidable dragon’s might as well, that came directly from the Azure Dragon mythological beast!

Only a single block of Jade Dragon Iron could be refined out from the internal of the Azure Dragon, and that single block was just barely enough to forge a single godly weapon. However, out of all of the Azure Dragon Clan’s Centennial Godly Weapons, not one of them hadn’t been given out as a gift to the strongest existence of that time.

If one looked at the Long Xuan Empire broadly, which one of the past exceptional experts hadn’t been proud of having a Centennial Godly Weapon?

And yet, Yang Xi had unexpectedly put this generation’s Centennial Godly Weapon up as collateral!


Everyone felt that their view of the world had suddenly crumbled!!!

How was this a game of chance?! This was simply a convention for the 5 large clans to flaunt their wealth, alright!

Please, don’t let there be a fraud!

What could those mountains of piled-up gold coins  be regarded as?

Compared to these rare treasure that couldn’t simply be bought even if one had the money, those mountains of gold coins were simply subpar!

Everyone felt that the world had suddenly became crazy!

4 of the 5 large clans had all brought out betting stakes that directly caused people to be flabbergasted. The banker’s hands started to tremble. Was this group of young masters simply teasing him?

Any single one of these few things could buy several hundreds of this kind of casino, yet, they had unexpectedly gone all out in a betting war!!

He actually wanted to receive all of this! However, did he truly the capability?!  

The casino staff, who’d long ago had his worldview explode into fragments from the current betting stakes, immediately ran to the rear end of the hall.

With a game of chance with stakes like this, he certainly didn’t have the guts to actually start it.

In the end, the casino had no choice but to invite their boss to oversee it in person.

When he was confronted with the enormous stakes, he immediately became red in the eyes, and then placed the entire casino onto the betting table as his capital!

A game of chance with an astronomical figure then unfolded as everyone present held their breath.

As for Shen Yanxiao who’d been present from start to finish, a trace of a smiling expression appeared within her pair of eyes that were as calm and collected as water.

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  1. Right, she doesn’t need to win, she’s a thief? Letting the casino cheat- *cough* win fairly, just come back later, and take it all. Thank you for the chapter.

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  2. I’d find it more hilarious if she’d flat out state that she can’t bet anything as high as that – or abother ‘shameless’ move of that kind with a non-bothered expression 😁

    By the way, does anybody else get reminded of those pain-stakingly long charging scenes in Dragonballs? No? Just me… 😅😹
    Hasten the bettings and let the games begin! 🎉😝

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  3. Wait
    I realise
    She can’t simply accept these items…
    She’ll be killed off

    She’s probably going to win then return all the important stuff back to them and ask for something else such as the support of their family. And keep all the money since money is harmless…XD


  4. Okay that is making my hand itchy itchy and our FL also feels the same way! 😈😈😈😈😈😈 Thank you for the translations soo happy cannot wait for next chapter! Thank you!


  5. Thanks for the translation but according to the pace this is going the series wont even be finished in 10 years. It takes 2 mins to read a chap and its the same thing for like the past 4 chapters. Its going at a snails pace. Any way thanks dont mean to offend ya just ranting how this amazing novel drags and I’m used to a chap every few days


  6. Can’t wait to see what happens. Will she threaten to expose the casino for cheating and take all the winnings that way? What does she have that she could bet? Very curious!
    Thanks for the chapter. Happy New Year.


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