Chapter 106- Too Savage Part 3

A rank 10 magic nucleus had to have came from an advanced rank 10 magical beast. Within the entirety of the Long Xuan Empire, the amount of people capable of killing rank 10 magical beasts absolutely wouldn’t exceed twenty people, and the appearance of a rank 10 magic nucleus would certainly cause a fierce struggle. It was hardly an exaggeration to say that a rank 10 magic nucleus was worth two cities!

Advanced rank 10 magical beasts were the strongest existences under deity-ranked magical beasts. Considering the circumstances where rank 11 deity-ranked magical beasts had nearly gone extinct, a rank 10 magical beast’s crystal nucleus could be said to be the highest ranking magic nucleus one could find currently. No matter what profession one had, so long as one had a magic nucleus of this rank fused inside of their weapon, their power would be upgraded by a significant amount!

Everyone inside the casino had their attention drawn to the incomparably precious rank 10 magic nucleus. Within the Long Xuan Empire, it’s very likely that only the 5 large clans would be capable of taking out this apex-level magic nucleus. The Black Tortoise Clan, at least, had became famous due to their martial strength, and for someone to be able to subsequently and wantonly take out a rank 10 magic nucleus, it could only be Tang Nahzi.

“I’m betting with this!” Tang Nazhi sneered. With a haughty look, he swept his gaze across the others. “However, I’m just not sure whether or not you all will be able to follow up.”

His words, which were one-hundred percent provocation, ignited a hot-blooded gaze within the eyes of Qi Xia and the other two.

“Since the Black Tortoise Clan’s young master is in such a mood, I’ll naturally accompany you until the end.” Qi Xia faintly smiled. Unperturbed, he took out 7 separate contracts from his storage ring. “These are the deeds to the auction houses that belong to the subordinates of the Qilin Clan. So long as you have the skill, these 7 auction houses will then belong to you!”

The Qilin Clan’s auction houses’ contracts!!

Everyone was once again excited because of the things that had just been placed on the betting table, for who didn’t know that the Qilin Clan’s capital was robust, and that just a single one of their auction houses could instant-kill any other auction house. Moreover, no matter which city the Qilin Clan’s auction houses were in, they were always located within a prime district. Adding on to the Qilin Clan’s auction houses’ fame, simply being ‘extremely wealthy’ wasn’t enough to describe the rate of of the Qilin Clan’s auction houses’ moneymaking!

Qi Xia had, in a single breath, taken out 7 of the Qilin Clan’s auction houses’ deeds—he must be mad, ah!

Yan Yu, who hadn’t opened his mouth all along, immediately placed 3 silver-colored beads onto the betting table.

A student that knew his stuff then immediately recognised the origins of those 3 silvered-coloured beads.

“Mystical Dzi Beads! Damn!” A cry of alarm echoed through the group, which immediately gave rise to an uproar.

Mystical Dzi Bead… only high-level priests had the ability to create this Divine Guardian Tool. A single Mystical Dzi Bead possesses the effect of unexpected recovery. Even if one only had a single breath of life left in them, so long as they were to pinch the Mystical Dzi Bead within their finger and break it, they would then immediately be cured by the divine force stored within it. High-level priests have to both continuously and unceasingly exercise control over the curing power of the bead for a length of 10 years, before finally a single Mystical Dzi Bead is completely refined. High-level priests were already originally as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, and yet, wanting them to spend 10 years of their life to create a Mystical Dzi Bead… this was simply an impossible thing.

It was also only under the banner of the White Tiger Clan, which was widely known for their medical expertise, that they had a few high-leveled priests. As for the Mystical Dzi Beads that they’d spent the utmost of their heart’s blood creating, apart from the emperor who’d been fortunate enough to obtain a few of them, outsiders didn’t even think about having these beads.  

The Mystical Dzi Bead could be said to be exceedingly valuable on the market. A few years ago, the city lord of a certain city had fallen sick with a serious illness. He gave all the riches of his lifetime in an attempt to obtain a Mystical Dzi Bead from the White Tiger Clan, but the result was that the White Tiger Clan fundamentally didn’t accommodate him.   

This kind of a treasure was one that had a sky-high price, but was a treasure that wasn’t on the market, yet Yan Yu had unexpectedly brought three of them out in a single breath!!

Everyone felt that their hearts were about jump out.

“I’m not sure whether or not these 3 Mystical Dzi Beads can be treated as capital?” On Yan Yu’s pale face, the trace of a faint smile could be seen.

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