Chapter 104- Too Savage Part 1

If these four young masters were to arrive separately, then the people that ran the casino would be joyous without end. However, the question lay with the fact that these four individuals had all gone and paid them a visit on the same day—today. In this case, the result was thus completely different!

Who didn’t know that the 5 large clans’ relationships had always been pretty good on the surface, but that in actuality, there were conflicting views between them. Although the few young masters who were currently sitting at the betting table hadn’t come to blows yet, bladed rays and sword shadows were already hidden within their words, and the fires of war were pervading.  

The banker for the table felt awfully like crying, for with these four people’s statuses, they certainly weren’t people whom he’d dare to drive away. However, if he were to ignore them, and they were to continue sitting here, he couldn’t say exactly when, but it was very likely that their casino would change into a battlefield.

Even if he were to eliminate their statuses, and not even think about it, one was still the number one of the magician branch, another one was the outstanding talent of the knight branch, whilst yet another one was the chief representative priest of the priest branch…

And adding on that that one was just recently admitted into the pharmacist branch… Moreover, this guy’s achievement weren’t bad. Once he got the thing that he wanted in his hands…

It was simply unthinkable!!!

If only they’d known earlier that these four ‘gods of the plague’ would come today, they’d rather have directly closed down for the day, to avoid this calamity.

However, since the people had already arrived, and the betting chips had even been exhibited on the table already, how could the matter still have any margin to turn around.

Just when everyone had prepared to see a good show, Qi Xia suddenly stood up from his chair. Under everyone’s astonished gaze, smiling, he walked until he was before Shen Yanxiao. Still smiling, he said, “The 5 large clans are only lacking the Vermillion BIrd Clan. Shen Jue, do you want fill that place up?”

Fill that place up?!

Qi Xia’s words successfully drew everyone’s attention onto a certain petite figure.

That figure was of a tiny adolescent whom seemed extremely ordinary, and whose appearance made him look no more than thirteen or fourteen years old. If that unprepossessing small face were to be placed in front of Qi Xia and the others, those beasts, he’d appear to be particularly wretched.   

However, what everyone cared more about was the words that Qi Xia had said just now.

Of the 5 big clans, there was only one lacking? Then, wouldn’t the missing one be precisely the Vermillion BIrd Clan? Moreover, just what had Qi Xia called this fellow? Shen Jue?!

Wasn’t the Vermillion Bird Clan’s surname Shen?

Could it be that this unprepossessing fellow was actually a person from the Vermillion Bird Clan?

The corner of Shen Yanxiao’s mouth twitched as she looked at a certain e person who’d wanted to dragged her down into the muddy waters as well. As for the matter of Qi Xia becoming aware of her identity, it clearly hadn’t been difficult. As early as when she herself had told him her name, ‘Shen Jue’, Shen Yanxiao had already known that Qi Xia would very quickly discover that she’d come from the Vermillion Bird Clan. However, he too would only know that she was a nobody that had came from a branch family of the Vermillion Bird Clan.

However, at a time like this, what was he trying to do by dragging her out?

For the 5 large clans to duel? She, the ‘very small member of a branch family’ shouldn’t be mentioned as someone on equal terms with them, these few second generation masters!

Although she wasn’t able to figure out what kind of medicine Qi Xia had in his calabash, Shen Yanxiao was still rigidly dragged by Qi Xia until they were in front of the betting table, under the excited gazes of the masses. She could clearly feel just how savage the blazing gazes behind her back were!

Youngsters, she was only just passing by, alright?

Beseech you to let her off!

Standing in a circle and watching, the look that masses had as they looked towards Shen Yanxiao was very strange, for the number of people that had the surname Shen in the Long Xuan Empire weren’t few, but the ones that had a connection with the 5 large clans were only the Vermillion Bird Clan’s people. However, they were very clear who those few people from the Vermillion BIrd Clan’s main branch were. Apart from that, Shen Yanxiao hadn’t shown her face before to the public, thus they thought that they’d basically seen all of them before.

Moreover, no matter how they looked at it, the lad’s clothes and appearance didn’t resemble someone of the Vermillion Bird Clan. They reckoned that this poor lad was only someone from a branch family.

Regardless of whether Shen Yanxiao was willing or not, as of now, she’d already been pushed to do something that was way beyond her ability.

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 104- Too Savage Part 1”

  1. I bet when the banker asks her to trade for chips she will exchange one that seems pitifully small but will clear the table. Thanks for updating, keep up the good work


  2. Hahaha… She should have escaped when they were all busy gawking at those 4. Now, she’s forced to join 😂😙 U missed ur chance to escape dear~


  3. I beseech you translators please try and bring out the next chapter fast! At your convenience of course! But good lord I can’t wait for her to steal that mountain of gold under their noses, or something like that!


  4. Thanks for the translation! Was so looking forward to this~ but gosh…. the author is really dragging it with the whole ‘everyone is in awe of the four’ bit…. what was this – three chapters deacribing their power and magnificence? Sheesh, I get it….


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