Chapter 101- A Good Child Don’t Gamble Part 1


The Holy Roland School’s underground casino was situated within an underground plaza on the outskirts of the Holy Roland School, and was very concealed. Even the tutors of the Holy Roland School didn’t think that there’d unexpectedly be such a casino, which was capable of holding several thousand of people, in the vicinity of the school.

There was a good amount of betting tables, between eighty to ninety of all sizes in total, and various ways of playing were available, causing those hot-blooded youngsters who were still in their puberty to be impassioned over it.

Before every betting table, sat at least a dozen seventeen to eighteen year old youngsters. From their clothes, one wouldn’t be able to tell that they were actually students of the Holy Roland School.

The casino had unexpectedly been brazenly opened beside the school. If the tutors of the Holy Roland School were to find out, it’s very likely that they would’ve immediately organised a party of people, and had this place cleanly sorted out.

In her previous life, Shen Yanxiao had often gone to casinos. She was unaware of just how many times she’d gone back and forth between Macau and Las Vegas. However, most of the time, she was looking for her target, waiting for an opportunity to make a move, and wasn’t spending her time on this kind of gambling game. However, she’d never anticipated that, in a different world like this, there’d unexpectedly also be this kind of casino, and at this scale, existing, and in addition to that, the casino’s target patrons were unexpectedly a group of students!

After shooting a glance towards Tang Nazhi who was overflowing with spirits, Shen Yanxiao became speechless.

What had happened to them studying hard, and making progress everyday, like they’d previously discussed?

It was only the first day of the official start of the school’s new term, yet this guy had unexpectedly brought her to a casino already!

Chuckling, Tang Nazhi swept his gaze in a circle, before his sight fell upon a certain betting table. Pointing in the general direction, he said, “There’s a good show to watch over there. Let’s go over and take a look at it.”

The hot-blooded youngster, who’d been eager to study, had momentarily changed to a gambler.

Speechless, Shen Yanxiao followed after Tang Nahzi, and walked over to it.

That betting table  was enormous, and the table was so tightly encircled by an entire three layers of people that not even a single drop of water could trickle through.   

Dragging Shen Yanxiao with him, forcibly surmounting all difficulties, they rushed towards the innermost circle of the betting table.

On top of the table, an intense ‘battle’ was currently unfolding.  

This betting table wasn’t like any other betting tables, for this table only had three genuine players, and those three were adolescents aged between sixteen and seventeen years old. Regardless of whether it was from their appearances or their temperaments, they were all good enough to instant-kill all of the other students within the casino. And, in front of every one of them, were monumental heaps of betting chips—golden bright, dazzling coins, piled up like mountain, and the masses who were standing in the circles and watching at the side could only swallow their saliva.

The three people and banker sat divided in the four corners. The tense atmosphere was so fired up that it gave off the illusion of burning smoke, as each of them were unwilling to give even the slightest edge to their opponents

What was coincidental was that, amongst the three adolescents, there was unexpectedly an old acquaintance of Shen Yanxiao.

It was the third young master of the Qilin Clan—Qi Xia!

Qi Xia was, at this moment, sitting at the front of the betting table with both of his long, thin legs folded, and was dressed in dark purple robes. On his right chest, sat a golden magic emblem.  

Every branch of the school also divided their students into 7 classes, in accordance with their talent levels. The style of clothing for every class was at the same level, and the only thing that was different was precisely the colour of the clothing itself. The robe, which was purple from head to toe, was precisely the symbol of the purple class. As for that eye-grabbing emblem, it indicated that he was from the magician’s branch.

Together with Qi Xia, the two people that he’d set against both wore purple robes. It was just that the emblems on their chests were the knight emblem, and priest emblem, respectively.

It was very evident that  the adolescents before them, at this betting table, were all top students of the purple class, that had in turn come from the three branches of the school.

A group of top-ranked students gathering in a crowd and gambling… this scene was…

Very weird, extremely weird!

“Hehe, just what kind of a wind it is blowing today? Of the 5 large clans, there are unexpectedly young masters from three of the clans congregated at one table.” Tang Nahzi suddenly opened his mouth, and everyone who’d originally been paying attention to the gambling joint immediately had their line of sight shifted onto his body.

The three people who were on the betting table also naturally looked towards the person who’d opened his mouth.

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  1. hahaha even a top ranked student need a break too!!
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  2. Not only will they faint, they will also vomit blood. Lol. A really fun scene to see~
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  4. Meatbun Delivery~
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