Here the 1st regular chapter of the week and a little bit of an announcement

Erm, so, my trial result were average only and so I have to buckled up to prepare for the final exam. Therefore, I will be slashing down the number of sponsored chapters that I will do to 1 chapter. [Also, it is not like I will get one soon, so, yeah…] That’s all. Do enjoy this chappy brought to you by Rancerqz and Starry Night.!

Early Release & A change in pace!

So, from next week onward till (Mid June?), the number of regular chapters will decrease from 7 to 4 where I will release them on these specific days. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday). Also, I am opening up the queue for sponsored chapters & I will be doing a maximum of 3 sponsored chapters a week with each sponsored chapter at $15

That’s all for now. Have a nice weekend! 😀

This chapter is brought to you by Rancerqz & Starry Night.