Chapter 115 is out!

This chapter is brought to you by Rancerqz & Kidyeon.

If there’s any readers that were wondering as to why there wasn’t any updates for quite some time, that would be because I am having a rather serious issue with my laptop’s battery. So, with this issue, my laptop is displaying a wrong percentage of the battery and thus, I’m unable to tell just when the laptop will turn off by its own. For example, the laptop may be displaying that there is still 50+% battery left but in reality, there may be only about 1-2% left. It is rather annoying since it turns off itself and it does destroy the momentum and mood of my translation work. If it happens once or twice, I’m okay with it but the problem is that it happens everytime. So, there might be some irregular releases during this fortnight(the fastest as I am sending it to the factory to get it fixed).