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Without ado, here is the Chapter 13. 14 and 15 will come in while

A Short Break

The title has said it all. The reason behind it is that Chinese New Year is approaching and there is many thing to do and I have to ‘socialize’ with all the people and the adults that I have known to get some red packets. So, I will be very ‘busy’. So, the shortest break will be about 2 weeks but I will definitely finish book 1 and start book 2 before February if nothing happens. ‘Finger crossing’. So, Chiao! I off to ‘collect some data’

I am not dead yet and here’s your chapter

For those of you guys that are worrying, fear not cuz I ain’t dead yet. One chap this week cuz there is many things to do and is ongoing. Next week schedule should be 2 chapters if nothing goes wrong.

TL: Rancerqz with help of Chanyah

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Without further ado, here’s your chapter.


Chapter 6 is here

TL by Me with the help of Chanyah

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