Zern says, “Let’s go, brothers. Today, is the day we shall seek the ultimate peace for humanity.” Zern pushes the gigantic gate that appears to be super heavy. In front of them, lays a man sitting on the throne. This man bears this bored look and says in a sarcastic way, “Finally, the humans have arrived.” All of them starts their attack onto this man.
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Starting a New Side Project

Apocalypse ЯR


Apocalypse has happened and as usual the human persists to repel the invaders with the humans given the supernatural power.The power of contracting a spirit. Some being overpowered while some is under-powered. Nevertheless, the humans have survived at the cost of many lands and many humans. Times have passed as the humans fortify their city and their city starts to prosper. However, the city has a dark past, a history that many descendants of the survivors do not know. What is it? However, soon the start of the new chapter unfolds. Our hero has arrived but it is not just one. It is two. The hero of the past meets the hero of the present. ЯR.