Dropping Legend of Xingfeng and Picking up another novel

It has been a month and I am sad to say that I am dropping Legend of Xingfeng as it is impossible for the editor to finish editing the previous chapters. The editing has remained stagnant for quite some time and I have deemed it to be unfair for the readers who are waiting for the updates of the series. So, I am going to drop this series in hoping that there will be another translator picking this series up again.


Picking up a new novel

Kay. It’s a bit sudden but I am gonna pick up this novel that I do enjoy reading. At that time, it was taken but recently the translator has dropped this novel so I want to pick this up. Without further ado, the novel I will be picking up will be …………


Tempered Immortal

I will try to get one chap for this novel within this week or so~

As for Legend of Xingfeng, the previous chaps are still being edited~ So, that has to be stalled for the time moment

A Short Break

The title has said it all. The reason behind it is that Chinese New Year is approaching and there is many thing to do and I have to ‘socialize’ with all the people and the adults that I have known to get some red packets. So, I will be very ‘busy’. So, the shortest break will be about 2 weeks but I will definitely finish book 1 and start book 2 before February if nothing happens. ‘Finger crossing’. So, Chiao! I off to ‘collect some data’

No Chapter This Week

As the title indicated, there will be no chapter this week and sry for the inconvenience for all of those out there expecting of a chapter but I will try to bring out 2-3 chapters on the next week. The next thing is that I am putting the donation as optional for now for this novel is not that hyped yet but if you still plan to donate. It much appreciated.


I am here to announce to you guys that I have finally 2 proofreader. Brian & Amaranth. We have discuss it out and we are going back to chapter one and start the cleaning process from chapter 1. Therefore, I do hope that the readers will patiently wait for us for I am trying to bring a better quality chapters.

With these comes the bad news, there will be no chapters for the next two weeks. So, the other two chapters that are guaranteed to be out this week will not be uploaded. I am sorry for all those readers. So, do wait for me coming back in 2 weeks time.

At the same time for those are fairly interested in my Patreon, I am  here to say that there is a major changes in my Patreon for the month of December. Due to me being inactive for half a month, I am changing my Patreon from $ per month to $ per chapters.

That’s all for now for Rancerqz.


I will try to release the next chapter tomorrow. I will try to release another 2 more chapters due to the lack of release last week. For those, who haven’t check out my Patreon, you can check it out now. Another thing is that I do hope that my fellow readers will visit RoyalRoad and do leave a review then rate it. This will allow me to know how the readers feel as a majority and allow me to improve better. That’s all for now.

News, Goals & Patreon

The bad news is that Watermelon has real life issue going on and has expressed that he/she might not continue. The good news are that I am going to release the next chapter in like after 8 hours (if nothing goes wrong) and I have created my patreon account. So do check out.

My Goals

  1. Hope that I can get two proofreader before I reach chapter 35.
  2. Hope that I can have my domain name before I reach chapter 20. (0/$30)

Proofreader and Miscellaneous

Hello, guys. For those out there who are wondering why there is like zero activity going on in this site, well around last week, I did put up a recruitment request for the proofreader position in RoyalRoad and Wuxiaworld forum. I manage to get one proofreader called Watermelon. He (probably) has helped me edit the next two chapters but somehow he has went inactive for some time (probably some real life issue going on). Therefore, I am in need of another proofreader. If you are interested, please send me a mail at rancerqz@gmail.com.

The next thing is that I am thinking that the donation thing is not working at all. Therefore, I am abolishing the sponsored chapter system and just putting the donation button for tipping purpose. I have created a Patreon account but I will not put the link first as the third chapter after the latest post is still not edited yet. Although it may seems like I am an a greedy person, I do hope that some kind souls can donate to me like $30. This will allow me to have a domain name and allow me to apply for Wordads. After all, I still need to support my life.