Chapter 10 I am Sword God Sui Yu

I was startled as I looked upon this purple clothed youth. He looked at me without any unease. He watched silently and quietly. I am his enemy, yet he does doesn’t even have the tiniest bit of fear of me killing him.

“Great hero, please accept us as disciplines. We will be very good disciples because we have great innate talent and determination. If you take us as your disciples, then you will surely be very pleased. We will bring honor to you.”

“Stop!” I loudly shouted, as I turned my head and was about to speak, but thought again and dared not to talk about these two bald youths. What is going on, these two want to make me their masters. Ha, he is actually not bad. I had not accepted any disciplines ever since I came to this world. (You are only six, who would ever take you as their master) Looking at these two youths’ fire element based body types, I can tell that they have more Life Origin Power than an average person. If I accept them, they will be able to bring honor to me, and I will have people serve me in the future. It’s not a bad deal to accept them.

“It is not entirely impossible for you two to enter Tianxin sect, but it mainly depends on your progress. Actually it depends on the quality of your mindset. For example it depends on whether you would respect and obey your master.” I stared at them as I put on the appearance of a great master.

“Yes, master, we will be very respectful. If master tells us to go east, then we will surely go east.  If master tells us to go west, then we will surely go west. When master needs to drink tea, we will pour it. When master sleeps, we will guard the door.” The bald heads of the two youths seemed to shine even more brightly under the sunshine. I suddenly found myself to take a great liking to these two youths. They fight straight without any hesitation. Looking at the way they treat me, I can tell that they are very hard working and they hold great respect towards me as their master. It’s definitely not a bad deal at all.    

“Yes, you guys are not bad, I will take you as my disciples. It is not an easy thing for me to take disciplines, you will be one of my first disciples. So you have to work hard to achieve great success, alright?” I said with a tone resembling of an elder teaching the young generation.

“Yes, master. Master, how people are in our Tianxin sect? Do we have more people than Shaolin?” asked my two disciplines as they carefully watched me. After they saw my martial arts, they assumed that my sect surely has to be a great one. They were already picking up the pride of belonging to a great sect.

Ahh, but this world does not have a Tianxin sect yet, so the Tianxin sect contains only me. Hey, if I start the Tianxin sect in this world, then wouldn’t I become the founder? It will not be a problem even if my elders in the Immortal realm found out, because I am spreading the greatness of the Tianxin sect!

“Well, right now the Tianxin sect has only me, I am the founder and in the future, you guys will be the elders of the Tianxin sect.” I stared at my two first disciplines, I do not want to see them disrespect me.

“Is that real master. we are the elders of the Tianxin sect. Haha, we can be elders as well. Haha,” My adorable disciplines seemed to be extremely happy.   

“Master, can I ask what your nickname is in martial arts world? We are known as the ‘Fist God Paragon’, but then he was defeated by this ‘Beyond the Heavens Immortal’. What are you called, are you even stronger than them?” My two disciplines started to collect more information on me.

“I, your master, is known as the Sword God—-Shatter Feather(Sui Yu). I am much stronger than those people. In fact, my strength is on par with the continent’s tn experts . Humph!” I had no choice but to use the nickname of my last life, the only difference was that I added the ‘Sword God’ part. Frankly, I have to admit that it does sound really cool.                           

“Master you are so strong. Master’s father must a great hero as well, of course a tiger father would have no dog children! Am I right, master!” said the slightly taller bald youth.

Father, father, haha he was a great hero, and he was not a typical hero.

My previous good mood due to these two youths immediately disappeared, My father, a hero. That is a statement that I can only smile bitterly upon. He abandoned me, his own blood-related son for the simple sake of petty gains for his family. He is said to be a great hero but one of the best heroes that there is.   

“Hahaha my father is great hero, he is definitely one of a kind for a great hero!” I howled towards the heavens with a stream of sword chi bursting into the skies then startling all the birds in the mountains to fly.

“Master, master” my taller disciple shouted lowly. He just realized that he had just mentioned a something wrong.

My mind slowly goes back to its tranquil state. I glanced at my two slightly frightened disciples and  I knew that sudden outburst of my sword chi has frightened them.

“I am alright, I just simply recalled some memories. It has nothing to do with you guys.” I glanced at my disciple as I reassured them. I didn’t want to create distance between me and my disciples due to such a thing.

“I still don’t know what your names are. What do you called yourselves?” I asked my two disciples.

“Master, I am called Li Da and he is my younger twin brother, Li Er. We have always wanted to learn profound martial arts but we have never met any good masters before. We have only martial arts from those household of the martial ministers. The teacher that we have learned under for the longest time span is the previous ‘Peerless God Fists’, who is already dead. We have been self-learning ever since his death. Then, together with little brother Xiao Yu and his father wandered around until they ended up at this mountain camp. In order to escape the pursue of our enemies for our lives, we decide to stay at here.” said the taller youth. It appears that the shorter one is Li Er.

“Then from now on you are the first disciple, and Li Er will be the second disciple.” I stated to them, then suddenly remembering about the purple clothed youth.

I turned my head, staring at the purple clothed youth who left a great impression on me. I was just about to say something, when my first discipline, Li Da, started speaking

“Master, he is our little brother Xiao Yu. Little brother Xiao Yu is extremely talented, he specialized in various weapons and fighting styles. His father, Uncle Zhang, used to be the chief sculptor this country’s best jade shop ‘Auspicious Precious Gems’. However, ‘Treasured Gems’ had an internal split and Uncle Zhang was supporting the first young master. Thus the second young master sent assassins to the first young master and this was discovered by Uncle Zhang by accident. So assassins were sent after Uncle Zhang as well. It is rumored that the first young master has already died but the second young master still continues to pursue Uncle Zhang and we could only stop here.”

I glanced towards the purple clothed youth, and smiled as I said: “You are that little brother Xiao Yu, right?”

“I am Zhang Yu.” Zhang Yu replied with the same cold, cool expression.

“Please take me as your disciple.” Zhang Yu who just carrying a cold expression was now on his knees, asking me to take him as my disciple. I could not fully interpret what was happening before me. I stared at him, his amptitude appears to be nothing great about it with his body attribute is of  water element meaning that he could only train in the Xuan Yin secret art. However, for some reason, I took a great liking towards him.

“Tell me why you want me to become your master. Your amplitude is so and so and it seems like you have not trained in any martial arts before. As of what your qualifications are you to make me to accept you as my disciple?” I asked indifferently as I watched Zhang Yu.

Zhang Yu stared back, at first without a voicing out his opinion but after a long while, he started, “For my father, because I want to protect my father. I have become a deadweight every time we needed to escape. I could only hope for my two big brothers to protect my father. It should be me who protects father but yet, I am always the one who gets protected instead. My father even got himself injured with his body used to accept the the sword attack to protect me during one of our escapes. I really do hate myself. Why do I not know martial arts, why can’t I protect my own father.” In this moment, tears were already falling down Zhang Yu’s face.

LI Da and Li Er who saw the usually strong willed little brother Xiao Yu in such a state also do felt extremely sad as well.

“Xiao Yu, don’t say such things. We already treat you like our own blood brother, thus your father is our father. Don’t be like this.” Li Da and Li Er started to comfort Zhang Yu.

To protect his father, his father who would sacrifice his life and use his body to accept the sword attack to protect him. Ha! Then, what about my father?

“Good, good, I will accept you as my disciple just because you said that you wanted to protect your father. You are now my third disciple.” I shouted.

“Thank you master.” Zhang Yu began to lower himself towards the ground and bow three times.

“You should get up now, follow me to see whether this king of the mountain has made his decision.” I flashed a big smile as I walked towards Li Si.

“So, Li Si, have you made up your mind, quickly tell me your decision.” I shouted fiercely at Li Si.

“Great hero, why are still asking me that? These few guys have accepted you as their master and they do know where I hid all my treasures.” Li Si says with the face was full of helplessness.

“How are we supposed to know the little gold safe that you have hidden in a private room under a bed?” Zhang Yu joked with Li Si as he stared at him with a smile.

“Ah, you, you, how did you know about my little gold safe. I have never told anyone before. Ah, my god, I really don’t any silver left. I beg of all you great elders to pity me and leave me with some silver.” Li Si started to cry.

“Master, there were a few soldiers who started to come back towards to the mountain camp. We have to hurry, so that we can avoid them taking everything first.” Zhang Yu reminded me.

I looked and realized that there were really a few guys are sneaking up the mountains. I laughed a bit, “Li Da, Li Er you two go with Zhang Yu first. I will follow in a short while.”

“Yes, master, we three will first go. Please have faith in us, we will not let those jerks take the money. “ Li Da replied loudly.

Looking at them leave, I started to move towards Sister Yu and the others.

“Sister Yu,” I immediately changed back to my original appearance, “In the couple days that I left the Zhang house, I met an Immortal who taught me a way to change my appearance. That’s why I did not return for seven days.”

“Oh, no wonder, that’s why you didn’t return till seven days later. Moreover, no one could find you even with the influence of the Zhang clan.” Sister Yu who gain a sudden realization began to nod her head. Brother Wang and the other also appears to show the expression of them understanding clearly. This was not because they were easy to trick, it was because the Zhang house’s influence is too great and yet they couldn’t find me even after searching for seven days.. My explanation seemed to fall right into place.

“Let’s go, go to get my first money, this is the first time I had earned money. Even if I earned it by robbing someone else, it’s still money. Go!” I shouted

“Let’s go, go get money!” Big brother Lang Feng was still only ten, unlike me whose mental age was much older, was already very mature for his age. But everyone was still very excited. Money that was obtained this easily, who wouldn’t be happy?

Then, a party consisting of five people started on the mountain path.

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