Chapter 9 Leaving Faraway

Father! It is father. My whole body gives off an indescribable shudder. I wanted to turn my head around and walk to the front door of the courtyard to have a look at him… However, I am unable to make a firm resolution to forgive him.  Why is he merely hiding at the outside and not coming in to see me? Haha! Father, you are, nevertheless, still insisting on the benefits of your clan.Haha…

“Young master, we are ready.  Are we going now?” Chun Yu spoke to me as she stood  at the front door of my room while holding onto a few things.

Looking at Chun Yu and the others, I really wanted to laugh for today I am to be driven out of the house. Yet, I have only an able bodied man in addition to a lady with children together with aunty being ill. I am in difficult situation. Yes, that is right. I am in a difficult situation. However, there will be one day where I will come out being glorious in front of the entire Zhang clan. I vow in my heart.

“Let’s go.” Taking the lead, I walk out.

Zhang Tian De watches his son leaving in silence then quietly moving towards the hall. At this moment, the family meeting is about to convene.


“The group of elders have unanimously decide that from today onwards, Zhang Xing Feng will not have any whatsoever relationship with the Zhang clan and all of the Xing Feng Pavilion’s servants are without exception to be fired after being given the money. Together with that, it is to be announced to the whole world.” Zhang chief manager standing straight as his announces it with clear sound. The first lady and the second lady of the Zhang mansion with the face of theirs being unable to contain their victorious smile. Zhang Tian De not saying any words at all and the third lady is also not showing up today.

Our five man party is split into two separate cart to be seated on. Big brother Lang Feng and me sitting on the front cart with brother Wang and sister Yu( which is Chun Yu. Since she is together with brother Wang, I will just address her like that) are sitting at the second cart together with aunty. for they can also properly take care of aunty.   

We are leaving the one of the nine prefectures under the whole world of the Yangzhou county within the Suzhou city then proceeding towards the heart of the entire Ming dynasty. Similar to the one of the nine prefectures, Shizhou county is therein the capital city of the entire Ming dynasty. We are precisely going to be at the most flourishing capital of the country to have a set of our living.

With these easy days, the entire body of mine wanting to go soft.   

“Young master, it is not good. It is not good for there is bandits. There is bandits!” The old man driving the cart for me is shivering as he is yelling out to me.  

I have long known about it for my spirit has long perceive it. Ha! I just recently sigh in sorrow for this body of mine rapidly going softer then immediately there is this group of bandits to allow me to adjust.

From the inside of the cart, I jumped out then looking at this group of bandits. Not bad for uptill now they have yet to release a trace of sound. I deeply admire their awfully strict and impartial discipline of theirs. Lang Feng is eager to give it a try with both of eyes giving of a dreadful look gazing at this group of bandits. This is because after he has entered the Xiantian realm, he has yet to have fight with anyone.    

Brother Wang and of the others have also exit out of the cart with sister Yu and aunty appearing to be slightly panicked. It is not surprising for they do not comprehend martial arts at all. Brother Wang’s martial arts is nevertheless still quite decent and he is almost entering the Xiantian realm. However, it is probable for an average person to be at this bottlenecks for ten plus years but by meeting me, brother Wang will enter the Xiantian realm at an exceptionally fast speed.  

One middle aged person wearing a white cloth is moving forward. His appearance is still decent. That person precisely with that extremely unmatched and feigned elegance of the fan showing in front of one’s eyes is an idiot.

“Haha! Zhang third young master! Oh! At the present, it is no longer the third young master anymore. Little brother Zhang, I know that your body is carrying hundred thousand taels of silver and it is estimated that your mother has given you not few right. I also do not want much. Hand over hundred and fifty thousand taels of silver and I will let you guys leave. How is it? I know that your martial arts is not bad but no matter how it is said, you are still a child. With my entire three hundred brothers here from the stronghold being here,it is better that you obediently hand over the money to me. Hahaha!…..” That middle aged man laughed savagely. This is not surprising at all for such a simple thing and he can obtain hundred and fifty thousand taels of silvers. Who will not laugh?” Furthermore, he himself has three famous general and even there is a Xiantian realm expert, it is all useless.    

“Zhang Yu, make a move”

A juvenile with his entire body wearing the purple cloth is standing behind and also on top of a rock. Looking indifferently at the shameless middle aged man and indifferently bellows, “Go close first and secondly encircles them.”  

Oh! The Twelve Heavenly Gate Array. I astonishly look at this purple cloth juvenile for he is truly difficult to be dealt with and of now, it is even more enjoyful. At this moment, Lang Feng looks at me anxiously. I nod my head and Lang Feng rushes into it excitedly.  

The first big group has a sum of hundred and twenty people then divided into twelve smaller group. Standing at the twelve positions with two gates ‘Si’ and ‘Mie’ which these two groups are leaded by the two bald head youngsters. Both of them practically looking the same but nevertheless both of them are exceedingly bold and powerful. The most important thing of all is that all of these the Twelve Heavenly Gate Array is that the heart of the Twelve Heavenly Gate Array which are precisely the ‘Mie’ and ‘Si’ which are indeed the the two guys and has at once raise the formidable power of the battle array by one times. Looks like big brother Lang Feng is to suffer from it. Letting him experience for one time is also good.

In the midst of entering the battle array, Lang Feng’s thoughts tremble. What is going on for he can no longer the see the people at the outside and only see a few people being deployed .

Suddenly, a bundle of momentum of chi rockets towards Lang Feng. Lang Feng turning his body then directly attacking with precisely both fist. The true qi is even more moving to the reaction. The momentum of qi halts only to be striking back with an even more powerful momentum of chi. Lang Feng’s actual target is the small squadron of the ‘Mie’ group. The leader of the group, Li Er has the capabilities of a merely eighth grade then relying on the battle array and the aid of eleven people only can he an immerse and formidable power.

Lang Feng like a blind person for once he has received menace, he immediately gives out a fist and the consumption of true qi is extremely terrible. Lang Feng is almost going mad as all the strikes up till now, he has never seen his enemy so he can only incessantly attack in such a way.     

Being the first time making use of the Xiantian true qi, Lang Feng is incapable of ineffectively in bringing out its might. The two smaller groups of people mutually performing a pincer attack which are Mie(Exterminate) and Si(Death/Impassable). With a great amount of true qi being used up, it is already appearing that he is bound to be defeated.

After looking for some time, I should make a move. How am I able not to allow other people to be aware of me being excessively profound in martial arts? I got a solution! There is this distinctive consummate skill that I have upon entering the golden core stage which is that I can alter my stature and appearance.

I walk till the back of the cart then using the true yuan power. My body makes the noise of crackling and rattling. My body gradually grows taller and continuously till approximately one meter and eighty centimetres. Then, I halt it. I should alter my appearance then moving the true yuan power going to the face section. The eyes is unable to alter but it should be okay so long that I send out a bit of true yuan power in my eyes. Those pair of eyebrows need not to be altered. As for the nose, it is nevertheless more cool to have the aquiline nose. It is good that the lips being slightly thicker.The entire body’s appearance has changed at once into an awfully grim appearance.       

Both brother Wang and sister Yu have their eyes straightly looking at me as they want blank upon seeing me like this. I cannot do anything about it and cannot allow them to perceive me as a devil.  

I worriedly say,”Please wait for a moment. Wait till I have saved big brother Lang Feng first then I tell you guys what is the cause of it.” I am still using the spiritual power to make their subconscious mind to approve of it. Seeing that they are starting to stable down and only carrying the curious expression, I laugh. I should handle this group of ignorant bandits.

I use shadowstep as I move. As if a sort of phantom momentarily arriving in front of the bandits, I indifferently narrate,”Stop!”

Putting use of the true yuan power in sending out in my voice at the center of the entire big mountain, it incessantly echoes, “Stop! Stop!….” It is marveled that the voice gets louder and louder. More and more echoes directing towards one group of bandits as its target. As for Sister Yu and the others, they do not feel uncomfortable at all.

Humph! Humph! It is not depending on them whether they are going to stop or not but if they are still not going to stop, their ears are going to be deaf.

“This hero, I am Li Si from the Pingding Mountain and friends from all around this country will give me a bit of face. As for this matter, it is nevertheless better that you do not get involved in. After this event, I will recognise you as my friend. Afterwards, if there is any matters that is unable to be settle anywhere around this country, say out my name,Li Si is nevertheless a bit useful.” That middle aged man is once again cranking his fan as he clearly narrate out.    

“Idiot!” That purple clothed juvenile’s voice is clear-headedly transmitted into the ears of mine. Facing him, I give a faint smile. Still, it is true that great mind thinks alike. No way! This idiot appears not to have heard it. Wanting to speak again again. This won’t do and so I speak first in advance.

“The one holding onto the fan, you better listen.Release this group of people then hand over hundred and fifty thousand taels of silver. Then, I will release this group of bandits.” I loudly speak as I look at this guy.

“Haha…. I did not misheard right? It is just one youngster and it is just that your voice is slightly louder so what is there to be rampant about? Yet, still want from me hundred and fifty thousand taels of silver. Is whether or not  that my ear has something going wrong? Unexpectedly there is people demanding money towards me, Li Si from the Pingding Mountain. You should know that I am not exactly a good person to be provoked of. People, give me in slaughtering this big voiced youngster.” Li Si being angry to the point where even his fan is thrown away.

“Idiot, Big voice, humph…..” The purple clothed juvenile standing at the side crooning.

Indeed speaking according to the my mind. Unexpectedly saying that the usage of the consummate skill from the Tianxin sect is turning into big voiced, it is even more really enough of an idiocy.  

I helplessly gasp for one breath of air. Li Si, one good vulgar name. The man himself is even more vulgar. I single handedly brandish then using the Fu Yun Xiu [TL Note: I can’t name it. It is basically the martial art where when move quickly then tucking inside one’s sleeve then producing a cloud that brush one away] Although, I have not release any strength in it, they are not much of a difference from the ordinary people besides these two unexpectedly bald head youngster. As for the purple clothed juvenile, his face has nevertheless has the grim expression and it is just that in his eyes flashing past in shock. It has nevertheless run away from my eyes.

With two legs interlocking, the person is already sent flying over the group of the useless troops. I astonishingly discover that these two bald headed juvenile are completely not taking action upon my move on the middle aged man. It seems that this middle aged man’s relation with his people is not up to much.

Upon seeing my apex of vanishing qinggong(lightness skill), that middle aged man immediately retreat backwards at a fast speed. Seeing the speed of him retreating, he is also at least an expert and it is indeed that true people will not show its true colour. Eh! It appears that I have thought wrongly for one of the small soldier’s broadsword has unexpectedly cause him to tripped down. Aiyo! it is a pity for that piece of snow white cloth.      

With my forefinger and the middle finger amalgamate together, an approximately one meter long strand of the tip of the sword radiance is now flashing in between of the fingers. I voluntarily give a wave and without the need of any style. For their leader, the group of loyal soldiers extend out those unusually solid weaponry without hesitation. In a split of a second, like a knife slicing through a tofu in general, the tip of the sword passes through the weaponry and regarding this weaponry as air. The tip of the sword as if in a manner of cutting open the space then arriving in front of Li Si’s body.

Li Si is looking the tip of the blade that has indefinite extensibility at the present with his whole face covered with cold sweat. He has certainly became aware that this thing in before his eyes is not any of those extraordinary sword but rather it is rather the sword ray that signifies the last step of the sword art and one can be done for so long that if oneself is to touch onto it for a moment.        

“Chivalrous hero, so long that you let go of me, Pingding Mountain Li Si, I will right away give you hundred and fifty thousand taels of silver. How is it? In addition to that, you will be my boss afterwards. The boss of me, Pingding Mountain Li Si. Saying it out is also quite awe inspiring authority. How about it?” That stupid one adding onto his narcissism, Li Si letting out the expectation in his eyes at me.    

Not being able to restrain it, I use my gong to calm down my mood. I truly cannot clearly understand that how is that this kind of person to unexpectedly assume the position of the Great Mountain King. What more is the equally talented people which are the purple clothed juvenile and the two bald head juvenile.

“it is too late. I wanted hundred and fifty thousand taels just now but as of now, what I want is your whole possession of your family property. Quickly go and take me to take the money. Eh! Have you not heard it?” Looking at this guy, I cannot help but to yell out I am getting angry as I see the confused appearance of him for how is there this sort of people?    

“What? Giving you hundred and fifty thousand taels is already quite giving face to you. This youngster can don’t be shameless when given face. For I am Pingding Mountain Li Si and under my leadership there is three hundred brothers of mine. You have better be a little bit careful of me.” Li Si upon hearing that I want to have his entire family property, he goes mad at once and angered in his heart. ‘This is indeed althoughter approximately painstaking twenty years of accumulation of profit. How is it possible that I will give you just like that? Humph!’  

“Idiot!” The familiar voice once again echo. Turning my body, I take a gaze at the purple clothed juvenile and then laughing towards him for this youngster is indeed having the same thought as me. This Li Si. Ai! He is still truly enough of an idiot.

“Between your tiny little life and your property, you can only choose one.” Looking at this guy,I throw down the words lightly as a feather. I then walk towards the purple clothed juvenile for he has piqued my interest.  

As for Li Si at this moment, he is nevertheless in the middle of shaking his head and murmurs to himself, “All of the silver. No! My life. No! My painstaking silver of a lifetime. No! My own life, ah. No….”

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