Chapter 11

For those who are not sure how the ads impression works, here is how it works. This is the answer of what the Wordads staff has given me. An impression is when an ad is fetched from its source and is countable whether or not it is clicked. Each time an ads is fetched, it is counted as one impression. So, those who have previously supported me and also clicked at here. This is good news for you as you don’t have to click anything here at this site. Just enjoy the content with no adblocks! That will do for me. [Only my wordpress site! For other wordpress site, I am not sure about them and I will not represent any of them but myself] 

As for those new comers, you can join me in supporting me in turning off your adblocks or put my site on the whitelist when viewing this site. For the will be an extra chapter when we hits the 60% ads impression for the month of January.

Do comment on the page for any mistakes. Let it be grammatical errors or typos. Thank You! Without a further ado, here is the chapter 11 served for you which is brought to you by me and the help of Chanyah.

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