Chapter 3 Lang Feng

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Translated by: Rancerqz

Edited by: Chanyah & SaberChan

Chapter 3 Lang Feng

I am surprised to find that Lang Feng am not one of those ordinary Joes. I clearly felt the feeling of being eyed by a beast. It looks like this Lang Feng is one of those geniuses with astounding innate talent. I cannot help but have this urge to subdue him just for a short moment as I have already thought of a brilliant plan. In fact, it is not, rather, a complicated idea at all. To defeat this Lang Feng, I just need to intimidate that Ouyang Liang. Haha …… 

At this moment, Lang Feng is astonished to discover that the third young master in front of him  unexpectedly remained the same, even when he releases his imposing aura. He feels uneasy thinking to himself, ”Could it be that this I am going to be defeated. No, I can’t. For my mother, I must defeat this third young master. Mother, I shall not be defeated.”

All of a sudden, Lang Feng abruptly discovers that his own inner part has this stream of air that is starting to show signs of liquefaction. His head suddenly feels a jolt as a bust of indescribable power coming from his body and it is overflowing to the entire place.

Of all of the children around, unexpectedly, there are some of the children that are frighten are actually lying on the ground. As Xiang Yu and Murong Xing(Ah Xing) are surprised to see that there are some children are lying down on the ground, their face show of a pale complexion while they are standing. Nevertheless, the two of them do not feel anything at all. That is of course due to the fact that I have blocked the imposing aura for the two of them. This Lang Feng is indeed a talented person. At a such a young age of six, he is able to rely on his innate talent to reach the level 6 expert realm. Sending out the aura to suppress is only what a Xiantian expert is capable of. This Lang Feng only by relying his own innate talent is already approaching the Xiantian realm. I have taken a liking in him as I see more into eye of him.    

At this moment. Ouyang Liang’s face pales in complexion. Although the coercion that is pressing onto him is what has recently be comprehended by Lang Feng will not bring that much of a damage onto the body. However, it may not be the same for Ouyang Liang whom is pampered since young as the coercion may be extremely effective on him. Ouyang Liang really wishes that he can order Lang Feng to retract back that horrible coercion. However, he himself is unable to speak out his words during this predicament. Just recently, it is said that they will fight it out but as of now, most of the other children have distant themselves. This, the other children’s faces only pale in complexion and feeling slightly unwell. Occasionally, there will be some of the unlucky ones that had stood nearer. Ouyang Liang which wanted to see the moment when Zhang Xing Feng to be defeated stood nearer and as of a result has leaded to such circumstances. All of this is indeed self-inflicted by himself.     

Lang Feng at this moment is filled with strength. It is indeed that since young till old, the most formidable form of oneself is when is filled with confidence. His eyes let out a glare that is fixtated at the opponent in front of him. But….   

Looking at his appearance, I laugh. I allow you have a taste what is called as strength. I suddenly straighten my body and then letting out an imposing force as I move towards Lang Feng.   

All of a sudden, the other kids are not able to perceive the slightest amount fear. They immediately run away only but, Ouyang Liang as he is somewhat given some care. Just like the few moments ago, his facial expression is still of the same.     

Of course, with my realm being higher, I easily counter the coercion as I move around freely without any coercion. Looking at Lang Feng panting for air as he is unable to persist any longer, I have to admit that this kid is certainly strong. I know that the longer he persists, it definitely be more helpful for his spiritual strength.

Lang Feng looking at the child in front of him, he starts to feel dreadful as he uses a part of imposing coercion to force himself to move the slightest part but nevertheless fail to do so. His own spiritual force is getting more and more weaken. In the end, all of this was entirely for his mother’s faith placed onto him as a support. Gradually, his kind starts to feel fuzzy. In his inner self, he himself knows that he is already defeated. Imagining his mother, although the pain is deep to the core, he brings himself to stand up again. In his eyes, flow out two streams of tears. His mind blank out and as of what has happened is unknown. Falling down to the ground as he has not even an ounce of energy.     

I look at the this persistent boy and then notice the two rows of tears. Looking at the two lines of tears, I am inexplicably startled as it appears that this one has hidden secrets. I slowly walk over to him. My right hand gently press onto his acupuncture point. Slowly channeling a portion of refined and pure Xiantian true qi. Ah, a high amount of Life Origin Power. I am quickly alerted as through my perception, I am able to feel that he has the triple amount of Life Origin Power compared to ordinary humans. No wonder he is able to rely on his own innate talent to reach all the way to this realm. Let me lend you a helping hand in assisting you. I then increase the output of my true chi. Using the secret martial art of the Yin Yang Tai Ji, I guide his internal force. My own Xiantian true qi starts to blend among the force to stimulate the rapid growth and strengthening……    

I raise my head up and looked at Ouyang Liang. Merely just the coercion pressing onto him, I take a look at his appearance. I laugh as as this child unexpectedly let Lang Feng played until to this state.      

Ouyang raises his head and looks up at the third young master. His face could not help but once again pale in complexion. Just thinking of what have happen a few moments ago of his own conduct and deed, he once again turn and take a look to the already unconscious Lang Feng. His whole body shivers. Immediately, he crawls all the way to Zhang Xing Feng’s foot and suddenly kowtow then saying “Third young master, you are a magnanimous man. Please do forgive me and  hope that you can spare me. I will no longer dare to do it again. I will no longer dare to do it again. ……”   

I start to laugh out as I gently says,  “Ouyang young master, you do not have to be that nervous. How can I possibly blame you? Do quickly rise up. Do quickly rise up. Ah, do not be like this..” As I continue to talk, I lend him a hand as I provide him the support to stand up. Ouyang Liang trembles as he starts to stand up with him not daring to lift up his head. 

Sister Xiang Yu moves forward, “Foul Ouyang, you better be careful and if you are to behave like this afterwards, brother Feng will not trouble you but I may accidentally beat you. Humph. ”     

Ah Xing also steps forward and fiercely says, “Don’t forget about me. You be careful. “

“Yes! Yes! Yes!  …… ”  At this moment, Ouyang Liang really resembles of a young chick pecking onto the grain at the ground continuously. He has long ago been struck with fear by my coercion to the point where he can no longer ponder his thoughts anymore. All he is hoping is that I am willing to let him off the hook.

As of me, I am very clear of what is the thoughts of his mind. I then speak, “ Ouyang Liang, how is the condition of this Lang Feng’s mother?”

“His mother at this moment is at my own clan’s residence accepting the medical treatment.” Ouyang Liang immediately replies with is own face streaming with sweat for the fear that if he was to answer slowly, I will punish him.     

“Oh, so it’s like this. Then, you will send Lang Feng’s mother directly to Xing Fen pavilion of the my clan’s residence. Are you clear with it?” I say it indifferently.     

“Yes! When I’m back to my residence, I will immediately send the person. Please do rest assured the third young master.” Ouyang Liang in his inner mind is extremely happy for he is able to work for the third son. It seems like he will not be receiving hits. His mood starts to lift back up by a little bit .     

“That’s all. You can go back now.” I say indifferently as looked at him..     

Ouyang Liang’s inner self is extremely jubilant as he could not believe that the third young master just let him off the hook when he has done all of those actions. However, he still immediately replies, “Thank you, third young master! Thank you, third young master! I will immediately send Lang Feng’s mother all the way to your clan’s residence. I will bid my farewell for now.” Ouyang Liang immediately takes off in fear that I will change my decision.   

With the unenthusiastic look, I look at  Ouyang Liang’s silhouette leaving. While smiling, I turn around and take a look at the already collapsed Lang Feng on the floor. Lightly, I carry him up then walking back in the direction if leading me back to my residence. Of course at the same time, Xiang Yu and Ah Xing are conveniently brought back to home. The reason for why I am carrying him up back to my home is that at this moment, Lang Feng is advancing in his progress of the 6th layer of Yin Yang Tai Ji secret. the figure, and smiled. I am afraid that besides me, Zhang Xing Feng, there will no one in this world that has this grasp in in not disturbing the state Lang Feng in his current state. To know that Tai Ji Yin Yang secret art, is indeed, the most fundamental secret art that is learnt and cultivated in the Tian Xin sect.

In the entire Qinglong continent, there is a huge attachment of respect and value in the field of martial arts for all the 6 big nations. It can be seen through the establishment of alliance with formulation of the pact of the alliance. Its contents are such

It is compulsory for all martial artists to reach all of the nation’s cities of martial department to undergo a test to gauge one’s strength and one’s strength is graded as such, ninth grade, eighth grade, seventh grade, sixth grade, fifth grade, fourth grade, third grade, second grade, and first grade. Simultaneously, all of these grade are equivalent to the official rank. From the ninth grade to the sixth grade, all of them are Houtian experts. The fifth and fourth grade are for the First Light realm expert. The third and second grade are for Fusion realm expert. As for the first grade martial artist, it is nevertheless one has to attain Pigu realm. All of the martial artists from the entire continent are to receive the supervision of the respective country. If someone was to violate this pact, one will receive the whole continent hunt for his death.

The reason for why the continent is to act like this is that because of a few countries there have been some cases of some martial artists trying to rebel. The most important factor is that the Gold Nation and Ming Dynasty have ultimately depended on martial arts to overthrow the original regime then establishing their own respective regimes.

As for the second content if the agreement, there should be no such martial art league to be established. They also do not permit the spontaneous general assembly of martial arts and most importantly is that all of those who appear for those general assembly and the founder are too suffer death with no pardon.     

In this continent, there are ten experts with nine of them being the first grade martial artists. The ten powerhouses with four from Ming Dynasty’s Fist Emperor Lie Ba, Taoism Sage Yi Yuan Zi, Devil Lord Shi Yi, Monk Jing Yuan. Spear King Murong Sheng and Blade Emperor Tuo Ba Yuan of the Liao. The Golden Wheel King from Yuan Meng. The Wargod Wan Yan Lie.  From the Gao Li is Piao Xiu Shan, the originator of fencing. Form the state of Huang Yu are Song Xia Blade Saint, Song Xia Bin Yi.  Among all of the Spear King, Murong Sheng is the one and only second grade martial artist. From here, one is able to tell that at the present moment, Zhang Xing Feng has indeed reached the level of strengths of ten experts. This is but of course he himself the only one who knows about this fact. If other people were to know that a six year old child has already attained the realm of a first grade expert, it will indeed be so shameful that they will find a wall and bang into it. If not, they will mobilize the entire martial artist in their circle to capture Zhang Xing Feng to force him to speak out the secret practice he has been using. Zhang Xingfeng is convinced that not only the people from the martial arts circle will come to search for him but also fear that each nation will partake in this search to obtain this secret.

Before the reincarnation, I, Zhang Xing Feng belong to the Tianxin sect and in the world of cultivation, it is more a bigger sect in comparison. When ordinary people are to begin to cultivate, they start off by learning Tai Ji Yin Yang secret art, Xuan Yin secret art or Xuan Yang secret art. These Xuan Yin secret art and Xuan Yang secret art harmonizes together to form the Tai Ji Yin Yang secret art. Without a doubt that if a person was to have a fire attribute and gold attribute, cultivating the Xuan fire secret art proves to be able to show an immersive result. If one was to have water attribute, can immediately cultivate Xuan Yin secret art. As for the earth attribute and wood attribute, cultivating using the Tai Ji Yin Yang secret art is definitely more effective. All of these three techniques all have nine stages and they correspond to the nine grades of martial art title. Attaining the late stage of Bigu realm, only is one able to cultivate in the Tianxin sect’s protected treasure core laws. As of those who are qualified to look at the protected treasure laws can only be the the sect leader and the upcoming sect leader as well as the elders. As for those ordinary disciples that have attained the late stage of the Bigu realm, only are they qualified to refine the Heaven Spirit secret art. It is only natural that the Heaven Spirit secret art to be exceedingly top-notch of all the technique. Or else, how is capable of being popularized as the most major technique in the Tianxin sect?      

As of the entire martial art world, the most sacred place to study martial arts in every country are indeed the martial school and their places have more secret manuals compared to the Shaolin’s scripture. Among all of them, the Ming Dynasty has the most secret manuals in their national martial school. As for the national martial school, their annual tuition fee is fifty thousand silver. This is exactly not the usual rich family can afford. Only those of the extremely rich family and the sons will strive to go for it. It need to be know at this era, they more exceedingly powerful the martial art is, the more guarantee one’s life is. In the event of them earning money later but being unable to spend, isn’t t pitiful? Of course, they can hire bodyguards but would it be better to leave one’s life to someone’s hand? Wouldn’t it be better to rather to safeguard one’s life by itself and then hiring some bodyguards?

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  1. Ok, I am confused. Is first rate expert in this setting, more or less powerful than 9th rate? It’s really hard to tell, but it said there was only one 2nd, and I figured then that 2nd must be more powerful than 1st, since the rarer one should presumably be the more advanced stage. But like I said its hard to tell from the text here, halp pls.

    Also, it said Lang Feng was at level 6 expert realm, so is he waaay more powerful than those famous guys? Or is it just this unintuitive situation where there are more people at a higher stage, and only one at the lower stage somehow?? Like I said it’s confusing.


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